Yamaha YFL-421 Intermediate Flute Review

The market offers several good looking flutes that may deceive you into buying a substandard flute. Like most students, I could not differentiate the best beginner flute from the rest until I decided to invest in the Yamaha YFL- 222 intermediate flute, which came highly recommended by my music teacher. Herein, I examine how the flute served me.

Things to Consider before Buying a Beginner Flute

A flute’s quality of construction is the first thing you need to consider when shopping around for a beginner flute. To enjoy the classes, you have to avoid substandard flutes constructed from soft metals.

Besides reviewing a flute’s construction, I suggest that you also shop around for a flute backed by a generous manufacturer warranty to cover your investment against defects that may occur shortly after buying the flute. In the bottom line, you should spend some time to learn about the various flutes offered in the market.

The Yamaha YFL- 222 intermediate Flute for Student

Yamaha YFL-222 is marketed as a durable flute that comes with an accurate and consistent pitch and a student-friendly playability. Unlike most intermediate flutes, this flute features a stylish finish, a sturdy head joint, and it features an ergonomic design that facilitates comfort and ease of handling.

The flute also comes with a standard plastic flute case for storage and transportation and a user manual to help you operate the flute. Moreover, the flute comes with a polishing gauze, a cleaning rod, and a cloth to help you clean the flute after practice.

  • Yamaha YFL-222’s screws are easy to adjust
  • The flute has a quick response
  • It has an excellent sound quality
  • The flute comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty
  • Its sturdy construction lasts long
  • It is not suitable for professional music players
  • The warranty is limited to some sellers only
  • It is not the cheapest beginner flute in the market

Features and Benefits

Sturdy construction

Yamaha YFL-421 Intermediate Flute

Yamaha YFL – 222 is constructed from Nickel Silver, a sturdy material that can resist corrosion for a longer time than common materials like brass. Besides its sturdy frame construction, the flute’s key bumpers are designed from neoprene, which is more durable than cork.

It is beginner friendly

Yamaha YFL- 222 comes with multiple features that are specifically put in place for the learner. Some of the beginner-friendly features found on this flute include the screw resistant inserts that facilitate a hassle-free adjustment and a foot joint with alignment marks that take off guesswork from fitting.

Other beginner-friendly features on this flute include European style keys for a comfortable tuning and a CY head joint with a student-friendly embouchure hole for an excellent and easy sound production.

Stylish appearance

If you value aesthetics, then Yamaha YFL- 222 would not be a disappointment. This flute features an elegant silver plating that gives it a professional look. The silver plating will last for long before it starts to chip off.


In regards to sound quality, this beginner flute features a uniquely designed undercut embouchure hole that provides a consistent response and a warm, rich tone. Yamaha YFL- 222’s excellent intonation makes it a good flute for practice as well as for performance.


Yamaha YFL- 222 costs $463.25. In my opinion, this is a reasonable price for a student flute with a durable construction, a beginner-friendly ergonomic design, easy playability, and quality sound production. However, Yamaha YFL- 222 is not the cheapest flute with a plethora of beginner-friendly features.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Other good options that you ought to consider are Etude EFL- 100 students, Gemeinhardt 1SP student flute, and Mendini Closed Hole Flute with Stand.

Etude EFL- 100 student flute

Etude EFL- 100 student flute

Etude EFL- 100 student flute is constructed from a silver plated body and keys for enhanced cosmetic value and durability. Besides the sturdy construction, the flute also features an ergonomic design whereby the offset- G and C foot key are comfortable to hold even for students with small hands.

Furthermore, the student flute's other keys are conveniently positioned for easy access. The flute comes with a cleaning rod, cloth, and storage case. It costs $99.99.

Comparison with Yamaha YFL- 222

  • Etude EFL- 100 is cheaper than YFL- 222.
  • Both flutes are beginner friendly.
  • Both flutes feature a stylish silver plate finish.

Gemeinhardt 1SP student flute

Gemeinhardt 1SP student flute

Gemeinhardt is marketed as a reliable recorder for budget-minded students. Some of the notable features that make up this flute include the silver plated head joint, body, and keys. The finish makes the flute attractive and durable. You may also want to buy it because of its excellent intonation and consistent response. The flute comes with a storage case and a plastic cleaning rod. It costs $ 259.00.

Comparison with Yamaha YFL-222

  • Gemeinhardt 1SP student flute comes with a three-year warranty while Yamaha YFL-200 has a one year warranty.
  • Both are silver plated to last long.
  • It is cheaper than Yamaha YFL- 222.

Mendini Closed Hole Flute 

Mendini Closed Hole Flute

Mendini’s Closed Hole Flute is an affordable student flute that comes with a stand, a flute pocketbook, a cleaning cloth, a hard case, a joint grease, and a cleaning rod at the cost of $66. 99. It features a durable nickel-plated body and an undercut beveled embouchure for natural and quality sound production.

Comparison with Yamaha YFL-222

  • Both flutes have a one year warranty.
  • Mendini’s Closed Hole Flute is more affordable than Yamaha YFL- 222.
  • Both flutes have a flawless finish.

Final Thoughts

Evidently, Yamaha YFL- 222 is an excellent beginner friendly flute. Most students buy the flute because it is durable, ergonomically designed, and it has unique student-friendly features. Furthermore, this student flute has a flawless finish, a generous warranty, and quality sound production. Check out some of our best intermediate flutes guide and reviews.

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Started learning music when she was four years old, Stephanie is a music teacher and a music therapist who is highly proficient in Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele. She likes to learn, teach, and share her music playing experiences.

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