Yamaha YCL-255 Standard Bb Clarinet Review

Playing Clarinet is among the most enjoyable things for most individuals. However, the act of choosing a new professional or intermediate level instrument can prove to be a hard task for most people. It is thus imperative to consider some element when choosing any instruments like a beginner clarinets, for your music career.

Considerations in selecting the Beginner Clarinets

The key considerations before you purchase any clarinet involve the tuning of the instrument, resistance, materials as well as stability and flexibility among many other factors. As you search for your best tool in this venture, such factors must be examined. This will ensure that you avoid buying any poorly made instrument for your music career. The considerations also ensure that you are buying the best quality of the device that best fits your type of music.

The Yamaha YCL-255 Standard

The Yamaha YCL-255 Standard Bb Clarinet is known for its combined state-of-art production expertise. It also features incredible high-end Yamaha features. The Yamaha YCL-255 is also an outstanding entry-level instrument that gives the most resonant, warm tone remarkably similar to the wood clarinet. The device features an ABS resin body not mentioning the matte finish which imitates the finishing for the wood clarinet. However, the finishes and colors of this device could differ to match the preferences of different clients.

The instrument is useful and might be a better option for a professional and intermediate music player. This device also has several advantages as well as some disadvantages. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Has a focused, solid sound
  • The resonance chamber featured in the best assist to improve intonation
  • The thumb-rest can accommodate different hand sizes
  • The instrument may be hard to play if you are a beginner
  • It may be less accurate
  • It might not be easy at a high velocity

Features and Benefits 

Yamaha YCL-255 Standard Bb Clarinet

The features of this device could be impressive to most buyers since they give the clients the taste of production they need. Some of the features alongside benefits are discussed below.

New Adjustable Thumb-Rest and a strap ring

The instrument comes with a newly adjustable thumb-rest along with a belt ring to enable the player use the appropriate playing techniques they desire. The strap helps in playing the device without using much effort. The player thus gains comfortable experience with this instrument. The solid silver soldered ring and screws give the device the device incredible durability.

Newly re-designed bell

The instrument features a new bell that is made of a solid ABS resin plastic resulting in a lighter, durable and responsive device. The resonance chamber featured in the bell assist in the project and improvement in intonation, especially during lower notes.

The designing and finishing

The device comes with a unique design that featuring a 65mm barrel intended to give the YCL-255 focused tone. The matte finishing of this device is also beyond doubt. In fact, the matte finishing of such an instrument provides an added durability to the ABS resin plastic featured in it. Yamaha engineers also featured Valentine pads on this product to give it some durability as well as making the device less sensitive to temperature changes.

Flexibility and stability

This model comes with different types of colors as well as the tune. The player is also able to set the instrument according to the way he or she would like to play it to give the best-desired results. The various features also enable the player to provide a stable music that has the best tone to fit the desired audience.

The additional features found in this amazing device include a nickel-plated ligature, stainless steel springs, and threaded posts, along with straight tone holes with some tapered undercut.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Buffet B12 Student Clarinet

Buffet B12 Student Clarinet

The buffet is a great instrument that can be used on different platforms. The only difference between this device and the Yamaha 255 it is more appropriate to trainer rather than professionals. This device is considered one of the best student instruments. Just like the Yamaha clarinets, the device is easy to use, standard and durable. It is made from synthetic material and from Germany.

Compared to Yamaha YCL:

  • Price - $400
  • Lighter

Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet

Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet

This device is the top rated clarinet brands in the market of today. Just as the Buffet, most of the products of this brand are designed to fit trainers in the music industry. However, this device may not be as durable as the Yamaha YCL-225. This device remains a competitive device to the Yamaha brands and has been rated among the best devices you can get in this industry. 

Compared to Yamaha YCL:

  • Price - $179.95
  • Lighter

Mendini MCT-E+SD+PB Black Ebonite B Flat Clarinet 

Mendini MCT-E+SD+PB Black Ebonite B Flat Clarinet

The Mendini is considered a cost-accessible device that is well rounded. The MCT-30 model, for instance, is made of wood and may not have more advanced components compared to the Yamaha YCL-225. The major drawback of the Mendini device is that it may have an inappropriate mouthpiece that may require the buyer to purchase a new mouthpiece especially if they are not comfortable with its mouthpiece.

Compared to Yamaha YCL:

  • Price - $69.99
  • Lighter

Final Thoughts

It is significant to understand that most of the Clarinet instruments are made from a Granadilla wood. However, it would be great to choose the right device that will serve you according to your needs. The Yamaha YCL-225 has some outstanding features, which sets it aside from its competitors in this market. The Yamaha manufacturers are also trying to bring innovations to this device and meet the different client preferences. You can check out our best beginner clarinets guide to help you decide what's best suit your needs.

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