Windsor MI-1001 Student Bb Trumpet Outfit Review

Buying a new instrument can be difficult for a beginner trumpet player. Both the player and the parents may know very little about different types of trumpet equipment. As a professional trumpet player and teacher, I often set up students on new horns. While there are several things to consider, this product is solid choice for a beginner.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Trumpet

This trumpet is an inexpensive way to get a beginner set up to play. If the student wants to join band, they are going to need an instrument. This product is ideal because it allows them to learn on an inexpensive student model. If they pursue the activity, other horns may become better options. When purchasing a student model of trumpet, the student's size, experience, and financial situation should all be taken into account. This horn does all of that.

The Windsor MI-1001 Student Trumpet

The Windsor MI-1001 Student Trumpet promises to give beginning students a quality experience. It may not be the flashiest brand of trumpet. After the first few years, it will be appropriate to step up the level of trumpet. My experience, however, is that having an expensive instrument makes no difference in the beginning. As long as the student has a trumpet that plays as intended, it constitutes an adequate tool for learning.

  • All necessary products included
  • Low price point
  • Adjustable third valve ring
  • lacquer finish easy to clean
  • Not good long-term horn
  • Possible intonation issues
  • Lacquer may peel with sweat

Features & Benefits

Movable Third Valve Ring

Windsor MI-1001 Student Bb Trumpet Outfit

This product has several features. First, the trumpet has a movable third valve ring. I really like this for beginner students. A lot of my beginners have small hands. The ring helps the student with proper hand placement. Learning to hold the instrument correctly is vital for proper performance. If the student does not hold the horn properly, they will likely have the horn in an improper position on the mouth. This can make playing impossible. This small ring helps a lot.

Lacquor Finish

The finish of the horn makes the product much easier to clean. Trumpets traditionally come in lacquor, silver, or even raw brass. These different finishes have different levels of maintainence. Lacquor is the absolute easiest to maintain. Simply wiping the horn with a soft cloth is generally all it takes to keep the horn from tarnish. Personally, I have had lacquer and silver horns. The lacquer is definitely the best for students.

Proper Equipment 

This horn comes with all of the equipment the student will need at first. The trumpet comes in an adequate case with a hard shell. This shell can protect the horn from most things. I always recommend that beginners have a quality case. The trumpet also comes with a bottle of valve oil. This oil helps the valves to move. This is a vital part of playing. Most students will need to oil their valves every day or every other day. The last necessary part of this horn is a mouthpiece. This is the detachable part of the trumpet that the student's mouth goes on. All of these parts are necessary tools to get the student started.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Etude ETR-100 Student Trumpet

Etude ETR-100 Student Trumpet

This horn is around the same price point as the Windsor horn. This horn has a slightly bigger bore. This allows for a slightly more mellow sound than the Windsor horn. The larger bore size also allows the student to find notes slightly easier. It can help the student have a better tone than the Windsor instrument. It may also help with better intonation than the Windsor horn. I like this horn because it lets my students have a better sound from the very beginning. It is still not a professional horn, but the value for the money is excellent.

Compared to Windsor:

  • Same price range
  • Larger bore
  • Better intonation
  • More mellow sound

Mendini MTT-30CN Trumpet

Mendini MTT-30CN Trumpet

This trumpet is actually an intermediate trumpet. However, it shares all of he benefits of the Windsor trumpet. As such, this would be a fine horn to start on. Additionally, it may last the student a few years longer than the Windsor trumpet since it is an intermediate model. The bore size is a better quality for intonation. The silver and rose brass plating is beautiful. This finish is more difficult to maintain than the Windsor trumpet, but the look is very pretty. With proper cleaning, the horn would still stay nice. I like this horn because the valve action is slightly better than the Windsor trumpet. This allows students to play fast passages that have difficult fingerlings more easily than with the Windsor trumpet.

Compared to Windsor:

  • Intermediate model
  • May last longer
  • Different finish
  • Better intonation
  • Same price range

Bach TR500 Student's Trumpet with case

Bach TR500 Student's Trumpet with case

This student Bach model is the horn I would personally recommend for any student. It is one of the highest quality brands for student models of horns. The downside is that it is much more expensive than the Windsor trumpet. Bach, however, is a name that means quality. I'm general, foreign-made horns like the Windsor trumpet do not last all that long. This is why they are cheaper. The Bach horn will be assured to serve the needs of the student. A higher cost also means a higher resale value. I like this horn because the quality materials used by this company could make the horn last for decades.

Compared to Windsor:

  • Better overall quality
  • Known to last for years
  • More expensive
  • Best intonation possible
  • Better resale value

Final Thoughts

The Windsor MI-1001 student Bb trumpet is an overall good quality for the money. It will get students through the first days of band or lessons with all of the equiptment needed to get started. The reasonable price point makes this product especially appealing. This student model is ideal for accommodating the size and the playing ability of beginner trumpet students.

Stephanie Su

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