Top 5 Virtual Piano Games of the Year

Learning musical instruments may seem daunting, but it can be pretty rewarding when you get started. One of the most popular – and arguably the most fun – is the piano. After all, even in a declining industry, the US sees over 30 million pianos sold to players new and old [1].

This is possible thanks to advances in technology, where you can now gain access to lessons and tools easily. But, where should you start?

Why not mix learning and fun? We have a top 5 list of piano games that you can try out. These allow you to get a feel of the instrument and learn the basics without sacrificing fun or having to shell out cash for an expensive piano.

#1 Synthesia

Marked on top of our list of piano games is Synthesia, which is a mix of a rhythm game and a virtual piano. The layout will remind you similar games like O2Jam or Rayark’s bestseller Deemo.

This is due to its use of “falling notes” (falling colored bars that correspond to each piano key). This aspect of the program allows for an easier learning curve in positioning your hands on the piano.

Synthesia offers a lot of features for the player. You have the option to read sheet music, or you can simply enjoy the falling notes while playing. It also waits for you to play the correct note before proceeding, perfect for learning the timing of each note in a song.

This comes hand in hand when learning the song slowly (which you can slow down the song’s speed) while practicing. Upon getting this app, you can start with 150 songs to choose from, or you can import more. This widens the selection of both learning and playing.

The app is also compatible with use for lighted keyboards, perfect for finding the positioning for difficult chords and keys.

Synthesia is available for the PC, on Android via Google Play, and on the iOS.

Download: Android and iOS

#2 Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano is an online-based piano application, giving it the edge of being accessible anywhere [2]. You can use it as a piano that you can start up on the fly, and play with your keyboard. Or you can use it as a resource for getting music sheets.

In terms of playing it, Virtual Piano has mapped each key on your computer keyboard to a corresponding key on the piano. Lowercase characters are on the white keys; uppercase characters for the black keys.

It may take a learning curve or so to play but the experience and timing allow for both a fun and fruitful time.

You can also avail for piano lessons through it as well by checking on their Learn/Teach tab. Or end up locating a Piano Teacher near you.

Overall, Virtual Piano is an online resource that is simple to use, making it on our list of piano games that you can try out.

Play here:

#3 Perfect Piano

Added to our list of piano games is Perfect Piano. This app is perfectly designed for portability; geared for use with mobile devices. You can transform your smartphone or your tablet into a piano to practice and learn piano.

You can also get two phones and have them configured for each hand. Perfect Piano also has the option to change the sound when you play, giving you the option to go for the music box, pipe organ, synth bass, and other sounds.

Also, through a USB Interface, you can connect a MIDI Keyboard and use the app. This adds a dimension for further control and precision. This also allows you to record, learn, and play the piano in a better setup.

Available for the iOS and Android, you can download Perfect Piano for free.

#4 Virtual Piano Trainer

Our next entry in the list of piano games is solely for Android. Virtual Piano Trainer is an app that ensures that you get to enjoy learning piano without the annoyance of ads. It has the capability to display two to four different octaves of its staff.

You can see this while you touch the keys and match the notes, giving you a glimpse of how to go through sheet music. It also boasts 16 different key signatures and 10 different practice programs in three different difficulties.

Not only that but it also has a feature that makes it more than just a piano app to learn to play the piano. It has a screensaver with a built-in MIDI player, allowing you to play beautiful classical music pieces in the background while resting your fingers from a bout of piano lessons.

Overall, Virtual Piano Trainer offers a dedicated learning experience for free without the distractions. It’s ideal for dedicated students and for those aiming for proper piano fingering.

Download: Android only

#5 Pianist HD: Piano +

While it doesn’t roll off the tongue that well, Pianist HD: Piano + is a good choice for learning piano while having fun. It offers crisp sound and you can adjust your playing speed, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Another feature that this app boasts is the ability to load up MIDI or karaoke files, expanding your library of songs and pieces you can practice.

Download: Android Only

Honorable Mentions

The following that we’ll be putting in are more inclined towards the music software side.

The first is GarageBand, which comes free for Mac users. This music software allows for recording instruments but it also has a set of lessons that you can use to learn piano with among other instruments. With this, the ease and accessibility can help you practice while at home or wherever.

Another is this A73 Piano Station, which you can use on Windows. It’s inclined towards being more of an instrument that you can load on your PC as it has intuitive controls and layout that you can find in professional keyboards.

So, if ever you are lacking a keyboard to practice with, this can fit as an option for your device.

Have Fun with Virtual Piano Games and Learn to Play Today!

Thanks to the breakthroughs in technology, learning the piano is now made fun and easy. With these tools, consider learning this beautiful instrument and practice.

Aiming to buy a real piano in the future? Not sure which one suits you?

Visit us today! Feel free to check out our guide that helps you discover which piano brand is the right for you, and other tips and resources that we can offer.

Stephanie Su

Started learning music when she was four years old, Stephanie is a music teacher and a music therapist who is highly proficient in Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele. She likes to learn, teach, and share her music playing experiences.

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