Top 20 Relaxing Piano Music Pieces We Highly Suggest

Among the 25% of the population who can play the piano, there’s a lot of fo research showing that their brains are simply wired differently [1]. The way we relate to piano music can help to relax us or help us to find a peace that other pieces of music can’t give to us. Relaxing piano music can be just the thing for our restless feelings or exhaustion at the end of a long day. If this music is not enough you can try virtual piano games for entertainment.

Here are 13 pieces of relaxing piano music that you should listen to or even try to play.

1. The Goldberg Variations

J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations are one of the most beautiful collections of music for piano and keyboard. Bach created music that people still find immensely relaxing to this day. With so many fantastic recordings of this piece, it’s Glenn Gould’s version that stands above the rest.

Just about any version will do and if you learn to play it yourself, you might find yourself being overcome with relaxation.

2. Das Rheingold Prelude

This piece by Richard Wagner is a deeply focused piece that, at its core, contains several minutes of potentially relaxing music. Over the course of this piece, it might take you a while to realize that there’s just one chord that it’s focused on. Minute after minute, E flat is explored for all of its potential and depth.

This piece is as medid\tative as it is beautiful.

3. Serenade For Strings

There’s a long history of gorgeous Czech music that’s been created over the last couple of centuries. One incredible piece was written by Josef Suk. Its liveliness will be both inspiring and calming at the same time.

Josef Suk worked under Antonin Dvorak at the Prague Conservatory and his influence shines through in this work. When played on the piano, the beauty of this piece is still as overwhelming as when it’s played on strings.

4. Piano Quintet

If you’ve never heard Fibich’s music before, this one might take you by surprise. Fibich has a taste for creating orchestral sounding music that fits within the boundaries of 88 keys. If you’re looking for something to play with a friend, this piece is for you.

Zdenek Fibich is a master of chamber music and in this piano quintet, you can hear the way that he envisioned creating an entire orchestral sound from the piano.

5. Holberg Suite

Grieg is another one of the great composers who is often overlooked in lists of great composers. The Holberg Suite by Edvard Grieg is a classic and gorgeous piece. The mix of delicate and strong tones in this suite makes it a relaxing and calming piece as it is engaging to hear and play.

6. Calm Sea and Prosperous

Felix Mendelssohn creates powerful work of great economy. This is one piece that puts the epic beauty of his ideas on display. If you’re looking for a calm and prosperous journey through a piece of music, this piece from Mendelssohn is the one you’re looking for.

7. Die Moldau

If you hear one piece by Smetana, it’s got to be Die Moldau. Bedrich Smetana wrote this famous work about the river of Bohemia. If you’re looking for relaxing energy that still keeps your thoughts flowing, this is the work that you’re looking for.

8. Reverie

One of the greatest composers for piano has got to be Claude Debussy. Much of his work is dedicated to the calming peace and dramatic awe that you find in nature and in existence itself.

Debussy’s pieces are about daydreaming and the piece itself wanders beautifully up and down the scale with some themes repeating, just barely. Its tangential and strolling nature brings to mind the feeling of daydreaming.

9. Symphony No. 6 “Pastoral”

Beethoven is a master of creating gorgeous drones that stem from prolonged notes and holding harmonies. If you want to find relaxation, you need something to either focus on or something that’s difficult to focus on. A drone is a great example of something to bring you calmness by overwhelming you with a focused sound.

10. Silentium

If you think you’ve never heard Arvo Part, you’re probably wrong. His work is always slow and intense. While it’s still calming, you’ll find it hard not to feel some kind of emotional reaction.

With strings and piano that excites and overwhelms you, the slowness of the work actually bring on relaxation with all of the other emotions.

11. Bolero

Maurice Ravel is a master of creating beautiful repeating themes that can engage your ears and your mind at the same time. If you want to have a focused thought or to clear out your mind, Bolero is a perfect piece.

This piece is relaxing in that it moves along at a steady pace with purpose and whimsy. You’ll find that you can’t help but feel relaxed by the time it’s over.

12. Piano Sonatina No. 1

Lars-Erik Larsson’s work always has a great amount of beauty wrapped up in a relaxing melody.

Larsson loves epic beauty and anything that connects the listener to a higher power or to nature. This piece moves along like a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower in a garden.

13. Once Upon a Time in Paris

If the name Erik Satie sounds new to you, his music certainly will sound familiar [2]. This piece has been used in so many films and television shows as an example of beauty and relaxation. If you’re looking for one profoundly relaxing piece of piano music, this is the work for you.

Relaxing Piano Music Has Many Values

When you’re looking for relaxing piano music, there are so many potential pieces that have the ability to calm your soul and mind. However, it’s a rare piece of music that makes you want to hear it again and again. It’s those pieces of music that will stay with you for years to come.

If you like to learn and start playing the piano, you can try practicing with easy piano songs and music first.

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