Top 10 High Quality Free Music Archives

It goes without saying that everyone likes to kick it with some sweet beats, and thanks to technology, you can play music wherever you are, whenever you want to.

The problem is that listening to some tunes can get to be pretty expensive. In most cases, you either have to pay for each individual song or album, or you have to purchase a subscription to a music streaming service.

So what’s a music lover to do? Simple: Look into finding music in a free music archive.

There are a ton of music websites out there that play non-copyrighted music, and you don’t have to give them a penny for it.

The Top 10 Best Free Music Archives you Need in Your Life

Here’s a list of ten awesome music archives that are absolutely free for everyone to use. Take a look through the list and try a couple yourself.

Lorenzo’s Music

Everyone’s heard the whisper of Lorenzo’s Music at some point, and for good reason.

They specialize in alternative tracks and non-mainstream music, so they’re a great choice if you’re all about that hipster life, or if you’re tired of hearing the same songs on the radio every single day.


This is a different take on how music archives work. Thematic is a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows musicians to find and use songs by established artists.

This allows musicians to make covers from other tracks without having to pay a ton of money for them.

CC Hound

If you’re a content creator, you’ll definitely love CC Hound.

Everything about this site is simply incredible. The songs are hand-picked by genre, with new songs routinely added to the list. What’s more, you can take these songs and use them (for free!) to make your own musical creations.

What’s not to love?


This music website is a huge deal for filmmakers.

Upstarts in the movie industry know just how hard it is to get free music without it sounding like pure garbage. With Soundstripe, that doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.

Soundstripe allows you to download all kinds of movie-worthy scores without having to pay one penny to use it. It legitimately doesn’t get any better than that.

The Free Music Archive at is an awesome site for general free music that’ll suit all your needs.

This music library is full of music from multiple genres, with many of the songs being from upcoming artists or other non-mainstream categories.

If you’re ready to fill up your mp3 player with some new tunes, is the best way to go.


While you may not be able to download every song for free, there is no disputing that Soundcloud has one of the biggest music libraries period.

Everyone knows about these guys. It’s easy to find whatever you want on their site, no matter how old or how popular the track is, and in many cases, the song can be downloaded for free.

There’s also the fact that their selection spans across many genres, so no matter what you’re interested in you can be sure you’ll find something to fit your musical tastes.


First off, the name is just great. Secondly, this site is really good for indie artists.

Noisetrade is a free music platform that also serves to promote independent artists, and for a free music site, it is by all means quite impressive [1].

The user interface is simple and makes it easy for surfers to navigate the site. There’s also the factor of them making it easy for you to support artists that you like by linking you to their Facebook or Twitter pages.

Best of all, if you feel like donating, Noisetrade makes it possible to do just that. You can donate to an artist by sending money to their page directly from the site itself. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.


Bet you never thought you’d see this name up here.

Believe it or not, Amazon has an entire library dedicated to free music, and it’s actually really good. To get the music, simply get it like you would with regular music purchases on Amazon by throwing it into your cart sans payment.

If you already have the Amazon Music app, it just gets even better. When you download the music, you can save it straight to the app itself, so you can listen without filling up your phone space with the soundtracks.

Who said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too?


Classical lovers unite! If your heart moves to the sound of the orchestra, then Musopen is the only way to go.

This site is all about classical music and gives you a wider variety than any other musical site out there.

It’s easy for you to filter results by composer, performer, time period, and even the type of instrument.

Want to know the best part? Each song offers a background on the musical piece, and there’s even sheet music so you can play if you have an instrument of your own.


What would the world be like without hip-hop and rap music? Thankfully, we don’t have to answer that question.

Datpiff is a free music site specifically for rap and hip-hop music, so if you’re about that life then you should definitely check it out.

There are a ton of original compositions by aspiring artists, as well as freestyles over popular instrumentals.

And get this: it’s the only site that consistently offers free music from mainstream artists and lets you view release schedules for upcoming singles and albums [2].

When it comes to free music, there’s no mistaking that Datpiff does it right.

The Only Way to Make Music

You have access to free music archives for all kinds of sweet soundtracks. How about learning to play the songs yourself?

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