Thomastik-Infeld S23 Spirocore Viola Strings Review

When my viola’s strings wore out, I encountered an uphill task in finding replacement viola strings that would deliver a similar performance as my viola’s original ones. Most of the strings I tried could hardly produce quality tone, and they were less responsive. Fortunately, a friend suggested Thomastik- Infeld S23 medium gauge strings, which I have scrutinized below.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Viola Strings

When shopping around for viola strings, I recommend that you get a type that favors your music needs. The common types include gut core strings that deliver a warm sound with rich overtones, steel core strings that have a firm tone, and synthetic core strings that provide a fast response and stable pitch. Since the market offers a large number of viola string sets, it would be wise to ask an experienced violist to recommend the right set for your viola 

The Thomastik-Infeld S23 Spirocore 

Manufactured by Thomastik- Infeld, an industry leader in designing innovative viola strings, S23 Spirocore medium gauge viola strings are developed from a spiral steel core, a sturdy material that produces a well- balanced sound.

S23 Spirocore viola string set contains chrome or aluminum wound A & D strings, and chrome or steel wound G & C strings. I like the set of strings because they support multiple playing styles like arco and pizzicato, and they have a higher elasticity than the conventional strings.

  • Spirocore strings deliver a bright tone
  • They strings stabilize quickly after installation
  • They support arco and pizzicato playing styles
  • They are available in light and heavy gauges.
  • They are durable
  • They are highly responsive
  • The strings may not be an excellent option for professional violists.
  • S23 Spirocore set is not the cheapest in the market.
  • The strings have fewer overtones as compared to synthetic core strings.

Features and Benefits

Sound quality

Thomastik-Infeld S23 Spirocore

The first reason why I would recommend this string set is its superior sound quality. Thomastik- Infield S23’s spiral core design delivers more sustained vibrations that would let you play arco and pizzicato music styles. In addition to the sustained oscillations, the multiwire spiral strings support a well- balanced and voluminous tone.


Thomastik- Infeld S23 Spirocore strings stabilize immediately after you have installed them onto your viola. Unique from gut core strings whose pitch stability varies depending on the changes in weather, the spirocore strings maintain their pitch stability even when exposed to unfavorable humidity and temperature. This is a useful feature because it lets you play your favorite tunes anywhere.


Thomastik- Infield S23 Spirocore strings are calibrated to help you produce an effective pizzicato or arco. In addition to the calibrations, the strings’ spiral core supports effortless fingering to let you play as well as a responsive bowing.


If you are tired of replacing your viola’s strings after every short use, then Thomastik- Infield S23 would be an excellent choice to consider since the steel core can withstand the wear and tear resulting from regular fingering and bowing than gut core strings.


Regarding its price, I would say that Thomastik- Infield S23 string set is quite expensive, but still, it has a reasonable price- quality relationship. As such, if you are on a tight budget, you would want to shop around for cheaper steel core strings.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Super- Sensitive 4107 Viola String Set

Super- Sensitive 4107 Viola String Set

Super- Sensitive’s 4107 viola string set is designed from solid steel core with a flat nickel winding that delivers an excellent tuning stability as well as an outstanding tonal quality. Just like any other string set sold out there, Super- Sensitive’s set comes with all four strings. It comes in all full and fractional sizes to fit all violas, and it costs $22.95.

Comparison with Thomastik- Infield S23 string set

  • Both strings deliver an excellent tone
  • Super- Sensitive’s 4107 viola string set is cheaper than Thomastik- Infield S23 string set
  • Both offer a superb tuning stability.

D’Addario Viola String Set

D’Addario Viola String Set

This medium gauge steel core string is intended for violas whose body length ranges between 15- 16 inches. You would want to purchase this string set because it is manufactured following the strict quality controls, and it delivers a warm tone. Moreover, the steel core strings can withstand temperature and humidity variations, and they last longer. The set costs $21.51.

Comparison with Thomastik- Infield S23 string set

  • Both sets deliver an excellent responsiveness.
  • D’Addario viola string set is less expensive
  • Both are designed from solid steel core to last long.

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola String Set

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola String Set

Different from Thomastik- Infield S23 string set, Evah Pirrazi is designed from a synthetic multifilament fiber which delivers a full-bodied golden tone with multiple tone colors. The set contains four viola strings, and they are suitable for skilled violists. Evah Pirrazi’s medium gauge string set costs $114.83.

Comparison with Thomastik- Infield S23 string set

  • Made from a synthetic core while S23 is designed from steel core
  • Both string sets have an excellent responsiveness
  • Evah Pirrazi is quite expensive than Thomastik- Infield S23 string set
  • Both string sets cannot be affected by humidity and temperature variations.

Final Thoughts

Thomastik- Infeld S23 is a medium gauge steel core string set with a bright tone and excellent responsiveness. Moreover, these strings provide a stable pitch, and they stabilize immediately after installation. Different from gut core strings, Thomastik- Infeld S23's responsiveness cannot be affected by temperature and humidity changes. There are a lot of options of strings that will help you select some starting varieties of best viola strings that can let you experiment with your viola.

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