Thomastik Dominant Viola Strings Medium Gauge Review

Regardless of your proficiency level with viola, choosing viola strings that sound good is essential. Though it may not seem that way, a reliable set of strings can change the way you play and allow you to get the best sound out of your viola, good for beginners who are still understanding what it means to create a good sound.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Viola Strings

Viola strings (like many strings for classical instruments) tend to run expensive, though, and it just isn’t feasible to always treat myself to a high-end set of strings, especially when it is difficult to afford it. For me, finding a set of strings that is both affordable and efficient for a good sound has become necessary and something I am always thinking about.

That’s why I was surprised when I bought a set of Thomastik Dominant Viola strings, due to their versatility in sound and affordability in price. It acts as not only a compromise between high quality strings and affordable strings but rather a solid option that isn’t as spoken about as it should be amongst violists.

The Thomastik Dominant Viola Strings

With loop end D, G, and C strings and a Jargar ball end A string, Thomastik Dominant Viola strings allow you to get a quality, meaty sound with your instrument without breaking the bank.

  • Great sound, especially on C and G strings
  • Medium gauge strings
  • Price usually low (~$100)
  • Warranty not long (30 days)
  • Slightly fragile (A string may break)
  • Only ball end on A string

Benefits and Features

Quality Sound

Thomastik Dominant Viola Strings Medium Gauge

The most noticeable aspect of the Thomastik Dominant Viola strings is their sound. The upper strings (A, D) have a full-bodied quality to them and allow for flexibility, especially when playing in higher ranges. I heard few cracks (if any) while practicing on them, even in difficult passages.

Paired with this, the G and C strings have an incredibly thick sound, with not too much unnecessary crunch, especially when heavy pressure is applied. This keeps the string vibrating without much interference, allowing you to have a stronger, more consistent sound. This also made it easier to get the most out of my sound, not having to worry about being careful with specific articulations because I knew I would get the best sound possible out of it.

3 loop end strings and one Jargar ball end A string

Medium Gauge

The size of the Thomastik medium gauge strings provide fullness with clarity, allowing you to dig into their sound without much effort. Beginners won’t have a rough time, either, as they feel smooth underneath your fingers and don’t take much time to get used to, if at all.

There’s also a significant dynamic range as a result of playing on medium gauge strings so you don’t feel compelled to ever play only too soft or only too loud. Interpreting music like Bach’s solo cello suites doesn’t feel inhibited by the instrument or strings as they provide flexibility to allow you to interpret the music as you please.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Larsen Viola Strings

Larsen Viola Strings

The aforementioned Larsen strings are a good alternative to a set of Thomastik strings. They provide a high quality sound at all times and are very reliable, not being as susceptible to breaking easily. However, the price tag is very unreasonable even for their quality, typically running you more than the most expensive set of Thomastik strings.

  • They offer a bright and powerful tone
  • Larsen’s medium gauge viola string set delivers a higher pitch.
  • The strings stabilize immediately after installation

Generic Viola Strings

These generic viola strings may solve the problem of your budget, but will do little to satisfy your instrument or your sound. Though they are accessible, proceed with caution as they are known to not be as durable as a set of higher quality strings. Their sound is also flimsy in comparison to the aforementioned strings and pale in comparison to the Thomastik strings.

  • Very Affordable
  • Generic will may or may not give you the satisfaction
  • It can last long

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola Strings

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola Strings

A set of Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings provides you with an incredibly resonant sound for a reasonable price, not unlike a cheaper version of Larsen strings. However, these strings take time to break in and are known for not sounding the good the first few days after they are put on. This makes them not such a good pick in dire situations, but in a long-term plan they are to be considered for a solid performance.

  • Made from a synthetic core while S23 is designed from steel core
  • Both string sets have an excellent responsiveness
  • Evah Pirrazi is quite expensive than Thomastik- Infield S23 string set

Final Thoughts

Thomastik Dominant Viola Strings are definitely the most affordable way to get a solid sound on your viola. They are frequently spoken about amongst violists as an underrated, but reliable option to keep on you at all times, and this is not for no reason—they sound good, feel good to play on, and don’t require much effort to get used to and get a good sound out of. No matter your level of expertise their design provides a strong setup and are intuitive from the moment you remove them from the packaging. You might also want to check our guides and reviews for more best viola strings.

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