Tama HP200P Iron Cobra 200 Single Pedal Review

The Tama HP200P Iron Cobra drum pedal is rapidly becoming the go-to favorite for hard playing drummers the world over. Tama has created a high functioning pedal for a surprisingly low price that will keep you in the pocket, without being out-of-pocket. Built to last, this pedal is designed to keep the beat song after song and gig after gig.

Things to Consider before Buying a Drum Pedal

Drum pedals take a real beating, and it is important to seek out the one you can count on regardless of how hard you play. Every other musician that you will be playing with will also be relying on that pedal to nail the beat down and making the right choice in your equipment can make or break a session. The Tama HP200P Iron Cobra 200 will be the solid foundation that your drum kit rests on, seamlessly translating the motion of your foot to the kick of the mallet time and time again. You need a responsive and reliable pedal on the floor, and Tama can provide it.

The Tama HP200P Iron Cobra 200 

Tama's team have built a sleek, simple and strong pedal with the Iron Cobra 200. The single chain construction is not only durable, but hyper-responsive to the ever-changing pressure of your foot. Tama's Power Glide Cam technology translates that motion into a mallet strike whose pressure you can control with surgical levels of precision. The power and rebound of this beater, along with the new foot board design, will keep this pedal glued to your foot and feeling like an extension to your entire leg. The dual-sided beater technology can switch your sound up by producing a softer, alternate tone from your kick drum. From novice to sage, no matter what style you play, this pedal delivers in a big way:

  • Durable
  • Extremely responsive
  • Powerful
  • Affordable
  • Lighter weight than some more expensive counterparts
  • Simple, no flash aesthetics

Features and Benefits

Single Chain Design

Tama HP200P Iron Cobra 200

Tama uses only high-quality hardware when building the Iron Cobra drum pedals. From the wood, rubber and felt of our beaters to the aluminum and steel of the pedal, their goal is to build gear that lasts without suffering a decrease in performance. The single chain construction of the HP200P Iron Cobra is a tried and true design that Tama has perfected over its 43 years in the business. As a drummer, you can rest easy knowing that this pedal will respond in just the way you expect it to without any unwanted surprises.

Dual Sided Beater

Simply rotate the beater 180 degrees to deliver a softer sound from your kick drum. Our dual sided beater is meant to be easy to use and effective in delivering the right tone at the right time. From Jazz to Rock and everything in between, this system allows you to better dial in the tone that you need. Combining this with the hyper-responsive touch of the pedal itself, and you have an entire palette of tones at your feet, ready to help you lay down the right sounds at the right time.

Power Glide Cam

Another tried and true component of the Tama drum family, this technology produces fluid translation of your foot's motion into the movement of the beater. With incredible amounts of responsiveness and power, this system gives you a maximum amount of control over your kick. From nuanced touches to balls out rocking, this pedal responds quickly and decisively to whatever input you provide. Like an accelerator in a high end sports car, the Tama HP200P feels as though it is anticipating your each and every move.

Para-clamp Mounting

The Para-Clamp connector offers easy hoop connection to make set up and break down a breeze, all while keeping the pedal where you want it. Solid anchoring helps to improve the responsiveness and rebound of the beater, keeping your sound tight and on time.

New Foot Board Design

A new design makes for better grip, translating into more fluid contact between your body and your kit.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



DW 5000 Turbo Single Bass Pedal

DW 5000 Turbo Single Bass Pedal

The DW 5000 Turbo Single Pedal: A fine pedal in its own right, but while the performance is very good, the price increase relative to the Iron Cobra is out of proportion, as the performance is not three times higher than the Iron Cobra. The responsiveness if good, but when comparing it side by side to the Iron Cobra, you get essentially the same performance for a much lower price with the Tama. In terms of construction it is the same story; This is a well built pedal, but it is not built three times better than the Iron Cobra.

Compared to the Iron Cobra:

  • Higher price
  • Increase in quality is not proportional to increase in price

DW 9000 Single Bass Pedal

DW 9000 Single Bass Pedal

The DW 9000 Series Single Pedal: This pedal is a real workhorse and definitely aimed at the more serious professional musician. It has outstanding response and power along with very high quality construction. At $330.00 though, it is certainly in a very different cost bracket than the Iron Cobra. It is a joy to play, and it feels like it is built to last, but the significantly higher price tag puts it further out of reach for many players like myself.

Compared to the Iron Cobra:

  • Significantly higher price
  • Outstanding performance

Yamaha 7210 Single Foot Pedal 

Yamaha 7210 Single Foot Pedal

Yamaha 7210 Single foot Pedal: Another single chain drive that is less expensive than the Iron Cobra. While this pedal is decent, and certainly affordable, the construction does not compare to Tama's offering, and you can really feel it when you have your foot on it. Lighter and not as responsive means that you are far better off spending slightly more money and getting a far more professional piece of equipment with the Iron Cobra.

Compared to the Iron Cobra:

  • Less expensive
  • Significantly lower quality

Final Thoughts

The Tama HP200P Iron Cobra has held its own when played side by side with the competition. In short:

  • Highest performance to cost ratio
  • High quality, built to last constructio
  • Excellent playability and responsiveness

Whether you play Jazz, Metal, Country or anything else, the Iron Cobra delivers big performance for a reasonable price. You will not worry about malfunctions given its top construction, nor will you have to second guess what sort of response you will get when you engage it. This is an outstanding pedal on many levels which has definitely delivered on its claims. For more information, check out our guide of pedals for drum to help you choose and decide.

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