Selmer TB711 Prelude Bb Student Tenor Trombone Review

As a music instructor I encounter a lot of students who want to play the trombone, so in this post I’m going to explain why you should add this beginner trombone to your list of considerations and the potential alternatives for beginner trombones.

Things to Consider before Buying a Student Trombone

Materials used to manufacture the instrument are important as the metal used in the trombone can affect its sound quality. While lacquer finish is considered lower quality it is also more durable, which you may find essential if your trombone purchase is for a young child. You also want to consider the bore size of the instrument as this affects the level of effort you have to expand to play the instrument. Finally, you’ll want to consider whether you want an F-attachment to extend the trombones low note ranges.

The Selmer TB711 Prelude 

Prelude student tenor trombones are manufactured by Conn & Selmer, a U.S. based manufacturer that specializes in higher-quality musical instruments for students. The trombone is manufactured with a 0.509 inch bore to allow easier play while ensuring that you develop a proper embouchure. Additionally, Selmer has manufactured this trombone with chrome-plated brass inner slides to provide smoother sliding action while reducing costs. Finally, the bell is a two-piece, hand hammered bell and the outer slide is made from nickel silver, with a lacquered finish to coat the entire instrument and reduce maintenance and cleaning. The TB711 comes with a Vincent Bach 12C mouthpiece, removable balance weight, hard shell case, and a jar of Bach slide cream.

  • Manufactured for beginning students
  • Medium bore for easier play
  • Includes required accessories
  • Lacquer finish is more susceptible to scratching
  • Introductory trombone that will need to be replaced as student advances
  • Will need to purchase a separate cleaning and tuning kit to care for the instrument

Features & Benefits

Metals and Construction

Selmer TB711 Prelude Trombone

The TB711 is made with an eight inch, two-piece yellow brass bell, nickel-silver outer hand slide, and chrome-plated, nickel silver inner hand slide, all of which add durability to the instrument. Additionally, the entire instrument is coated in yellow lacquer to add a professional appearance to the instrument while reducing its maintenance requirements. If you are purchasing this instrument for a young child, then you will appreciate the durable construction that can withstand drops and falls.

What you get

The trombone comes with everything you need to play the instrument. The TB711 comes with a hard-shell case that has backpack straps for easier transport while still protecting your instrument. Additionally, the trombone comes with a removable balance weight, jar of Bach slide cream, a care and maintenance guide, and a Vincent Bach 12C mouthpiece.


The TB711 is manufactured specifically for students, which means that it is made to be durable and withstand some abuse. The materials used to manufacture the instrument are of better quality than many student instruments, but still lend to a lower price point. Finally, the TB711 comes with all the accessories you need to get started, so you don’t have to go out and purchase anything before you can start your play.


This instrument is beginner friendly and comes with everything you need to get started, which has left users highly satisfied with the trombone. Users have commented on their overall satisfaction with its durability, sound and value when compared to other trombones on the market. Many users find satisfaction in the nickel silver and chrome slides as this reduces the likelihood that the instrument will dent should it fall. A few users also commented that the instrument has lasted them well beyond their beginning stages of play. You may find this beneficial if you are planning to play the instrument for many years to come.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Mendini by Cecilio MTB-L

​Mendini by Cecilio MTB-L

This trombone is manufactured with a 0.500 inch bore, eight inch one-piece bell, and a silver plated mouthpiece, which all lend to its lower price. The trombone comes with a nylon covered hard-shell case that has backpack straps for easier transport, a pair of gloves and a cleaning cloth. With all Mendini instruments, a chromatic tuner and metronome, and a pocket sized user’s manual are included to aide you in learning your new instrument.

Compared to the Selmer TB711:

  • Lower price point
  • Smaller bore
  • Generic mouthpiece
  • More accessories included

D’Luca 750L

D’Luca 750L

D’Luca is another U.S. based manufacturer that specializes in musical instruments specifically for children and for musical education. This 750L is manufactured with gold lacquer for easier care, and is made with a 7.99 inch two-piece bell and a 0.50 inch bore for easier play. The trombone comes in a canvas case for lighter carry by smaller students. Also included with the instrument is a swab, full cleaning kit that includes slide oil, polishing cloth, a cleaning snake, mouthpiece brush, tuning slide grease, spit corks, use and care instructions and a standard size mouthpiece.

Compared to the Selmer TB711

  • Lower price
  • Includes full cleaning kit
  • Canvas case for lighter carry

Yamaha YSL-354

Yamaha YSL-354

The Yamaha YSL-354 features a chrome-plated inner slide and a yellow brass outer slide in addition to the nickel-silver tubing that comprises the rest of the instrument. Yamaha guarantees an airtight slide construction due to a specialized pressure forming process for all of the trombones tubing. This pressure formation also reduces air turbulence and creates a smoother sound with less resistance. Finally, the instrument is manufactured with an 8 inch, two-piece, laser fused bell and a 0.500 inch bore. This trombone comes with a standard mouthpiece and carrying case.

Compared to the Selmer TB711

  • More expensive
  • Fewer accessories included
  • Backed by reputation of Yamaha Instruments

Final Thoughts

This trombone appears to have durable and solid construction for its price and comes with the standard accessories to get you started. In any purchase you make, it is always a good idea to compare products to find the one that meets your needs while offering the best value. If you are looking for a beginner trombone for yourself or your child, the TB711 could offer you a good alternative that should last for many years as you or your student advance. Click here for more guide and reviews of trombones for beginners.

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