Roland TD1KV V-Drum Compact Electronic Drum Kit Review

If you’re looking for a great practice tool, a unique addition to your acoustic set, or, like me, a less noisy alternative for apartment living, an Electronic Drum Set is a great option well worth considering. Also, the versatility of an e-kit is not limited to what I mentioned above.

Things To Consider Before Buying an Electronic Drum

When thinking over your options, it’s important to get a better understanding of what features are most beneficial to you. Some e-kits offer training options as well as play-along drum-less tracks which could prove useful for those interested in working on getting their timing down. Or, if you’re looking to add some spice to your acoustic kit by incorporating an e-kit, you have to look at the sound options available. Some will give you options to further modify existing sounds to better suit your needs. The fact that e-kits are a less noisy alternative helps me keep up with my practice without bothering the neighbors.

The Roland TD1KV

Roland has been in the electronic drumming industry for decades and has become known for producing quality equipment. They have been quoted saying, "Inspire the Enjoyment of Creativity," and that is something they seem to have done with this product. The Roland TD1KV V-drum is crafted with quality materials that are made to be durable and the included software creates a very realistic experience for you as a player. Using my Roland e-kit has really allowed me to be innovative and come up with new ideas, especially since it is quiet and I am limited on how much noice I can produce.

  • Moderately priced
  • 15 Drum presets
  • Training and recording options
  • Convenient device hookup
  • Economical size
  • Can’t incorporate double bass
  • Pads may eventually need to be replaced
  • Can’t make custom kits

Features and Benefits

Roland TD1KV V-Drum Compact Electronic Drum Kit

The Roland TD1KV V-Drum Compact Electronic Drum Kit with Silent Kick and Mesh Snare Drum Head is a great option to consider, whether you are a beginner that is just learning, or at someone who is at a more advanced level that is looking for a great practice kit. This kit includes a mesh snare, 3 rubber tom pads, three cymbal pads, a hi-hat pedal, and a beater-less kick pedal.

Overall Feel

Roland products are known to be exceptional. This V-Drum model is no different, incorporating a high degree of pad responsiveness. This is great for your dynamics. I was worried, at first, making my first V-Drum purchase. My concern was that it wouldn’t play the same as my acoustic. I was surprised by the dynamic depth the kit offers. Cymbal chokes and rim shots are a possibility. Roland guarantees an authentic drumming experience with any one of their TD e-kits.

Small Footprint

The Roland TD1KV takes up very little space, which is convenient when you’re not working with a lot of room. The frame is made of a lightweight, sturdy metal alloy making it easy to move around. Compared to an acoustic setup, this e-kit takes no time at all to transport and set up.

Quiet Jams

One of the greatest features, in my opinion, is the reduced noise output. Living in an apartment limits how loud I can be. An e-kit helps keep my neighbors happy. Getting a nice set of noise cancelling headphones with the TD1KV will enhance the experience. The mesh snare pad is the most quiet of the pads and you can adjust the head tension with a drum key. The beater-less bass is much quieter compared to other models that use a bass pad.

Time Training

The drum brain offers a variety of time training tools, from a metronome to programed exercises in Coach Mode. Some of these features offer feedback on your performance. You could take advantage of the included songs to play along to, or you could plug your phone in and play a favorite song, or even a practice track you made with your band.

Easy Recording Setup

Setting up the TD1KV to record on your computer is easy. All you need is a USB cable and recording software of your choice. Using your computer with the TD1KV gives you access to other cool features, like additional jam tracks which are included in Roland’s free V-Drums Friend Jam series.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Depending on how much money you’re willing to spend, there are a few alternatives to consider.

Alesis Forge Kit

Alesis Forge Kit

The Alesis Forge Kit, an eight-piece electronic drum set, is a slightly cheaper option and has many more sounds to play with. This kit’s frame is larger than Roland’s TD1KV and also utilizes a bass pad which means it will be a little louder, but an added benefit is that you can hookup your favorite drum pedals. You have the option of spending more and upgrading the snare pad to a mesh model. Without the upgrade, this kit is fairly cheap, has more options than most in its price range and I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Compared to Roland TD1KV

  • It is a Cheaper model
  • It has great options and upgrades available
  • It is larger in size
  • The bass makes more noise

Roland’s TD11KV Electronic Drum Set

Roland’s TD11KV Electronic Drum Set

If you’re looking to spend a little more, Roland’s TD11KV electronic drum set is worth taking a look at. It is a little more expensive then the models we’ve talked about. This is also an eight piece set that utilizes a bass pad. The bass pad is bigger than in the Alesis Forge model making it easier to attach double-bass pedals. The kit presets the drum brain comes with can be extensively modified. Each drum’s tuning can be adjusted, along with the amount of ring.

Compared to Roland TD1KV

  • It is more expensive
  • It has larger bass pad
  • Presets can be modified
  • Customs kits can be made

TD-30K V-Pro Series E-Kit

TD-30K V-Pro Series E-Kit

One of the most realistic sounding and feeling electronic drum sets is made by Roland. Their TD-30K V-Pro Series e-kit is expensive, but not the most expensive, and comes with a state-of-the-art drum brain. If price isn’t too much of an issue, this electronic drum set would be worth considering. The TD-30K V-Pro includes all mesh pads for the drums and advanced e-cymbals giving you one of the most natural experiences. This is a bulkier e-kit and would take up about as much room as an acoustic. It would be a great option if you were looking for pro level gear.

Compared to Roland TD1KV

  • It is professional grade gear
  • It is a little pricey
  • It provides the most natural experience
  • It is a bulkier model

Final Thoughts

The playability, portability, and price, I think, makes Roland’s TD1KV e-kit one of the best options. Roland has been around for some time now and has become known for their quality. This kit can help you to play and practice quietly. If you live on the second floor like me, you understand how convenient can be. You may still want to check out our homepage for more best electronic drum set guide and review.

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