Ricard Bunnel 4/4 G2 Violin Outfit Review

If you are longing to join a violin band, you should get ready to acquire an excellent beginner violin. Having traveled on a similar path, I have reviewed Ricard Bunnel’s G2 violin, one of the best violins for students to help you gauge if it is worth the investment.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Beginner Violin

Size is the first consideration when looking for a good student violin. Therefore, you should find a reasonably sized violin to protect you from arm and neck strain. Besides size, you ought to shop around for one constructed from hardwood to withstand regular bowing.

In the bottom line, you should ask for recommendations from trusted music experts or even violin artisans before you start shopping. As a rule, you would want to test the violin before you buy it.

The Ricard Bunnel G2 Violin Outfit

Ricard Bunnel G2 violin is one of the high rated beginner violins in the market. Its high rating is due to its superior sound quality and sturdy hardwood construction that can resist the regular wear and tear resulting from normal use. In addition to durable hardwood construction the fittings, pegs, and fingerboard are constructed from genuine ebony to last. Like most beginner violin bows, this type bow uses genuine horsehair, ebony frog, and genuine mother- of- pearl access to generate a smooth and consistent tone.

  • It has an elegant finish.
  • The student violin has a comfortable shoulder rest.
  • It comes with a humidity gauge.
  • The student violin comes fully assembled.
  • Its full size is not intended for young students with small arms.
  • Some users complain that the pegs keep slipping.
  • It is quite expensive.

Features and Benefits


Ricard Bunnel 4/4 G2 Violin Outfit

Ricard Bunnel G2 violin outfit 4/4 is handcrafted from a tight grain spruce and maple to last long. Besides their durable nature, the maple and spruce tonewoods are cured to resist the wear and tear resulting from weather elements like humidity. In addition to the sturdy frame, the violin's fittings are made of ebony to resist wear and tear arising from regular practice.


Another great feature that I like on this beginner violin is its elegant finish. Different from the shabby looking beginner violins out there, Ricard Bunnel G2 violin features an oil finish that makes it look like high-end violins. On that account, this would be an excellent option If you love the style.


In regards to weight, I can say that Ricard Bunnel G2 violin is neither too heavy nor too light. This feature eliminates you from the shoulder and arm strain resulting from the use of heavy violins for a long time. It comes with a durable shoulder rest to let you carry it comfortably while practicing.

Sound quality

Some people regard student violins as having a low-quality tone. In my opinion, Ricard Bunnel G2 violin goes against the norm since it has an excellent sound, a reasonable level of volume, and it is responsive.


Ricard Bunnel G2 violin outfit has a lifetime warranty and a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. As such, you can return the violin for a refund just in case it does not meet your expectations. On the other hand, the manufacturer will repair it for free whenever it fails as a result of manufacturer defects.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Other great options that you would consider when shopping for beginner violins include ADM acoustic handmade violin, Kaizer violin 1000 series, and Cremona SV- 17 student violin outfit.

ADM Acoustic handmade violin

ADM Acoustic handmade violin

Similar to Ricard Bunnel G2 violin, ADM acoustic handmade violin is specially designed for students. ADM acoustic violin is created from a spruce top, and maple back and sides. Its pegs and chinrest are designed from ebony. These features make it a sturdy Ricard Bunnel G2 violin that can withstand regular use. The violin comes with an E- tuner, a lightweight foam case, rosin, and a Brazilwood bow. It costs $89.99.

How ADM acoustic violin compares​ with Ricard Bunnel G2 Violin

  • Both are designed from tonewood to last long.
  • Both are full sized beginner violins
  • ADM acoustic violin is cheaper than Ricard Bunnel G2 violin.

Kaizer Violin 1000 series

Kaizer Violin 1000 series

Kaizer Violin 1000 series’ student violin is available in Pink- Cam, Satin- Cam, varnished, and vanished- cam finishes. Like its competitor above, this violin is designed from a spruce top, and a hand-carved maple back. You might want to buy it because it is light in weight, and it has a 45-day free trial. It comes with a molded carry case, a comfortable shoulder rest, rosin, and a Brazilwood bow. It costs $ 67.70

How it compares with Ricard​ Bunnel G2 violin ​outfit

  • Both have a 45-day free trial.
  • Both are student friendly violins built to last.
  • Kaizer Violin 1000 series is cheaper than Ricard Bunnel G2 violin outfit.

Cremona SV- 17 student violin outfit

Cremona SV- 17 student violin outfit

Cremona SV – 17 is designed for beginning students as well as advancing students. Similar to most student violin outfits, this type is designed from select tonewoods to resist elements while producing an excellent tone. You may want to buy this violin outfit because it is easy to tune, and light in weight. The student violin comes with free Prelude strings. It costs $199.79.

How it compares with Ricard Bunnel G2 Violin

  • Cremona’s student violin lacks a carry case.
  • Both violas come with bonus strings.
  • Cremona’s student violin is cheaper than Ricard Bunnel G2 violin.

Final Thoughts

Ricard- Bunnel is a high rated student violin with a sturdy construction, stylish finish, and an excellent sound quality. Different from most beginner violins, Ricard Bunnel G2 violin has a lifetime warranty, and it comes with a shoulder rest, Portland strings, user guide, and a carry case. You can also check our top five violin brands for beginners along with some tips and tricks on how to successfully purchase a violin.

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