Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case Review

Whether you buy a used violin or you have had your violin for awhile, it will eventually need a case replacement as both the inside liners and outside cover becomes frayed. There are a variety of violin cases on the market, but Protec, maker of the Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Case is one of the most well-known case companies.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Violin Case

There are two different types of violin cases: shaped cases, which are in the general shape of a violin, and rectangular cases that are box-like. A good violin case will have a hard shell, either inside or out, to prevent crushing. It will also fit your violin snugly to prevent the instrument from moving around or shifting when its carried. You’ll also want a safe place to store your bow without it being damaged, and pockets on the outside for your extra things.

The Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case

Protec is one of the most well-known case brands in the instrument world. They’re known for their solid and affordable construction. The outside of the case is soft, but on the inside there is a hard shell. A zipper holds the case shut and inside is a hard plastic, molded compartment lined with a non-abrasive lining. This case is available in four colors and two different shapes. There are two bow clips and a soft violin blanket overlay.

The outside of the case consists of a large front zippered pocket and a smaller zippered pouch to hold all of your accessories. A front handle is sewn solidly into the stitching both on the center of the case and the top, and there is an included strap that is removable. The removable strap can be used as a shoulder strap.

  • Variety of colors and shapes
  • Inside neck strap and violin blanket for instrument security
  • Large pockets
  • Multiple carrying straps
  • Fits some violin models better than others
  • Accessory pockets make the case bulky
  • Outside cloth cover can collect dust and hair

Features & Benefits

Multiple Colors and Shapes

Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case

This case comes in either shaped or rectangular. Each shape is made in four different colors: black, purple, pink, and teal. The oblong cases are a single color with black straps, while the rectangular cases have a solid body with black pockets and straps.

Space for Violin Accessories

This case comes with plenty of space for violin accessories. There’s a large, oversized pocket on the front to store music, books, rosin, and other accessories. A smaller accessory zippered pouch is also located on the front. The rectangular case has an extra pocket on the back.

Quality Instrument Protection

Protec is known for its lightweight and shock absorbent foam frame. The outside is nylon that resists scratching, but the inside materials are sturdy to prevent crushing. Inside, the lining suspension padded, meaning that the violin is kept held by the soft lining instead of the harder foam and plastic underneath.

Multiple Carry Options

Cases have both center carry handles as well as a carry handle on top. The back of the case has detachable backpack straps for easier carrying. An attachable shoulder strap also comes with the case.

Interior Stability

Suspended lining keeps the violin from resting directly on the wood or plastic. A neck strap is sewn into the interior to keep the violin solidly in place. A blanket is included to rest over the instrument while the case is closed. Two bow clips keep the bows safely secure.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



ADM 4/4 Professional Deluxe Violin Case

ADM 4/4 Professional Deluxe Violin Case

This is a rectangular case with a soft cloth outside and a study plywood shell. The interior lining is a paisley silk with suspension cushioning and an included padding blanket. A secure neck strap keeps the instrument from moving around. There are four bow clips inside as well as a hygrometer set right inside the case. A cubby with a flap at the top leaves space for articles such as a chin rest. The outside of the case offers a handle and a clip on shoulder strap. A large zipped pocket is on the front. 

Compared to the Protec:

  • Four bow clips instead of three
  • Also has front pocket
  • Larger inside cubby with flap
  • More expensive
  • Available only in oblong black

Baker Street BK-4030 Luxury Violin Case 

Baker Street BK-4030 Luxury Violin Case

This case has a black outside cloth cover with an interior plywood shell. A large zippered pocket sits on the top. The forest green interior has suspension padding and soft material with an interior blanket to cover the instrument to prevent damage. Four bow clips rest on top, and a neck strap is included for security. Two cubbies with flaps can hold on to smaller accessories. A string tube and hygrometer are included. 

Compared to the Protec:

  • Also has cloth covering and front pocket
  • Two larger cubbies inside case
  • More expensive
  • Only comes in oblong black.

Featherweight C-3960 Deluxe Violin Case

Featherweight C-3960 Deluxe Violin Case

This case comes in oblong black. It has a cloth covering over rigid foam and a wooden frame. The padded and molded interior provide neck support and a snug fit. Two bow clips are included inside and there is an interior cubby for the shoulder rest. Other accessories can fit in the large, zippered pocket on the outside. 

Compared to the Protec:

  • Two bow clips
  • Also has cloth covering and outside pocket
  • Slightly less expensive
  • Only available in oblong black

Final Thoughts

It is imperative that violins are protected with a case to prevent breaking, crushing, or scratching. Since cases usually don't last as long as the violin does, you will likely have to replace your instrument's case at some point. This case has a soft lining and rigid structure to protect against drops and other damaging incidents. For more other design and tips in choosing a violin case check it here.

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