Prelude FL711 Student Flute Review

In my first year as a band student, I found it hard to pick a beginner flute with an easy sound production as well as an ergonomic construction. I sought help from my band teacher who recommended Prelude FL711 Student Flute, an intelligently designed entry level instrument.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Beginner Flute

Buying your first student flute can be a daunting task since flutes are never created alike. Some flutes will inspire you, while others can make you doubt your skill. Below, are considerations that will help you purchase a beginner friendly flute.

• Shop around for a flute that is designed for your particular level of training.

• Purchase one manufactured by a reputable company.

• Avoid cheap flutes as they may be designed poorly.

• Test the sound quality before you buy.

The Prelude FL711 Student Flute

Prelude FL711 student flute is marketed as a beginner friendly flute thoughtfully designed to facilitate easy sound production. Besides the ease of sound production, Prelude FL711’s ergonomic design with an offset G Key that supports a comfortable hand position to let you use your musical instrument for an extended music session.

Similar to Mendini closed hole C flute, one of the market leaders, Prelude FL711 is constructed to last long, and it comes with a durable case to let you keep the flute when not in use. Since this is a student flute, it would not be suitable for pro flute players.

  • Care and maintenance instructions are provided
  • It is built to last long
  • It comes with all accessories
  • Its finish might fade after a period of use
  • The flute is not ideal for Pro flute players
  • It is expensive

Features and Benefits


Prelude FL711 Student Flute

Prelude FL711’s sturdy construction is the first reason why I would recommend it to any beginner band student. Like many top flutes, Prelude FL711 is constructed from a silver plated body and head joint. Therefore, the flute can withstand the wear and tear resulting from regular use alongside resisting elements like moisture that can reduce the flute’s life span.


Besides the sturdy construction, Prelude FL711 is also lightweight at just 1 pound. In my opinion, such a light weight might enhance your performance as it eliminates the unnecessary hand strain associated with heavy flutes. Therefore, this feature lets you practice for long sessions.

Cosmetic value

Another useful feature of this student flute is the shiny silver plating which makes the flute look great. Unlike those dull looking flutes, the silver plating maintains the polished appearance for long since it does not hold stains.

Ease of use

Most cheap flutes sold out there require you to spend a lot of effort to produce an excellent sound quality. Such flutes can make your practice strenuous, or at worse, they may make you give up. Prelude FL711 is different from these flutes as it requires little effort to produce decent sound.


In my opinion, Prelude FL711 student flute is one of student flutes with a well thought ergonomic design. This feature is great because it facilitates a comfortable hand positioning as well as enhancing smooth control. These functions let you play the flute for long hours.

Storage case

Lastly, I would recommend Prelude FL711 because it comes with a nice storage case which lets you store or carry your flute and other accessories. The case is light in weight, and it is easy to use.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Mendini Nickel Closed Hole C Flute

Mendini Nickel Closed Hole C Flute

Mendini is a best-selling closed hole C flute that comes in 14 colors to choose from. The flute’s standard package contains a pair of gloves for handling the flute, a cleaning cloth and rod, joint grease, and a durable storage case. Moreover, the flute comes with a foldable flute stand and a guide book. It is sold at $66.99.

How Mendini Compares with Prelude FL711:

  • It features the offset G key.
  • It comes with a sturdy storage case.
  • Mendini is beginner friendly.

Jean Paul FL- 220 student flute

Jean Paul FL- 220 student flute

Jean Paul is marketed as a beginner friendly flute that features the French style closed hole key system. It is designed from cupronickel material to last long, and it is nickel plated for enhanced looks. The flute’s standard kit contains a storage case, a cleaning rod, a pair of gloves, and cleaning cloth. It costs $179. 95.

How Jean Paul FL- 220 compares with Prelude FL711:

  • Jean Paul is beginner friendly.
  • Just like Prelude, Jean Paul features a closed hole system.
  • It comes with a stylish storage case.
  • Jean Paul has an excellent appearance.

Lezarro closed C flute

Lezarro closed C flute

Lezarro closed C flute is designed for beginners and those at the intermediary level of playing flutes. The student flute comes in 20 colors to let you choose your most favorite color, and it is designed from Cupronickel to last long. The flute’s standard package contains grease, a storage case, a pair of gloves, a cleaning cloth, and a cleaning rod. It costs $99.99.

How Lezarro compares with Prelude FL711:

  • It is beginner friendly
  • It lasts long.
  • It has a professional look.

Final Thoughts

Finding a student flute with an effortless sound production is a challenge to most beginners. Prelude FL711 is a beginner friendly flute with an easy sound production. Moreover, this flute is intelligently designed to support a comfortable hand positioning, it is built to last, and it has a professional look. For more information about flutes, brands and reviews, click here.

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