Pirastro Passione Viola String Set Review (Medium)

Finding a viola string set with an excellent tuning stability and sound quality to upgrade a viola may be an overwhelming task to many people. Just like most of them, I encountered this problem, but fortunately, it was solved when I purchased the Pirastro Passione medium, a viola strings set with most qualities that define a good viola string set.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Viola String Set

The market offers a variety of Viola string sets that differ depending on sound quality, playability, and material. Therefore, selecting a good viola string set just by appearance is a real hassle. The considerations below might help you make an informed decision.

  • Shop around for a string set with the right gauge and tension.
  • Request for recommendations from an expert.
  • Test for responsiveness before you buy.
  • Buy a string set that fits the length of your viola.

The Pirastro Passione’s Viola String Set Medium

As advertised, Pirastro Passione medium viola strings are crafted to offer the best in class projection, balanced tone, and a stabilized gut core. The first reason why I like this viola string set is that its high-quality strings can be altered to produce a complex overtone spectrum. I love this feature since it provides an excellent opportunity to compose a great tune.

Other reasons why I would recommend it include the little bow pressure required to produce sound, an excellent tuning stability, and reduced playing-in time.

  • Well-balanced set harmony
  • The strings are used and recommended by top artists like Genevieve Strosser and Robin Ashwell.
  • Powerful and brilliant sound
  • The strings maintain their sound quality even in a hot and humid setting.
  • ​The gut strings need regular maintenance than synthetic strings
  • You need some time to get used to the gut strings
  • They take longer to settle in.
  • Features and Benefits

    • Performance

    Pirastro Passione Viola String Set

    Performance wise, Pirastro Passione might be the only gut strings that would give you the best in class performance, similar to that of using steel core or synthetic core strings. I say this because the viola strings are balanced to offer an excellent tension and sound quality.

    • Reasonable pricing

    Price is another reason why I would recommend Pirastro Passione viola string. Unlike most gut viola string sets sold at a lower price at the sacrifice of quality, Pirastro Passione has a reasonable price to quality ratio. Nonetheless, this price is a little higher when compared to that of string sets manufactured from synthetic core.

    • Durability

    Ideally, Pirastro Passione's medium viola string is handcrafted and wound with chrome steel to last long. On average, the string can last for more than a year before it wears out. However, the gut string may not be as durable as the standard synthetic viola strings or steel core strings.

    • Pitch stability

    Pitch instability is one of the main downsides associated with most gut viola string sets. Unlike the cheap gut string sets with unreliable pitch stability, Pirastro Passione’s gut core is stabilized to maintain excellent pitch stability even when exposed to unfavorable conditions like high temperature and humidity. Based on this reason, I would recommend the medium string set for beginners as well as professional violists.








    Value for the Money


    User Satisfaction



    Thomastik Dominant Medium Gauge Viola String

    Thomastik Dominant Medium Gauge Viola String

    Thomastik Dominant’s medium gauge viola string is an affordable alternative to Pirastro Passione string set. Sold at a price of $88.99, these medium gauge viola strings come as a full set suitable for violas measuring up to 16.5 inches.

    Unlike Pirastro Passione, the string set is made of a synthetic material. Based on its quality, I would recommend it for beginners and intermediate players rather than professional violists.

    How the Thomastik Dominant viola string set compares to Pirastro passionate:

    • Thomastik Dominant string set offers a robust sound quality.
    • Thomastick’s medium viola strings have positive pitch stability.
    • They have a fast response.
    • The string set is durable.

    Pirastro Evah Pirrazi medium string set

    Pirastro Evah Pirrazi medium string set

    Pirastro Evah Pirrazzi is another excellent medium viola string set that you might want to consider as an alternative to Pirastro Passionate. Unlike Pirastro Passionate, this string set is designed from a synthetic core, it lasts long and it has a short break in time. It costs $111.47, and I would recommend it to professional violists.

    Compared to Pirastro Passionate:

    • The string set has an excellent overtone
    • Evah Pirrazzi can maintain its pitch stability even when exposed to unfavorable temperature and humidity.
    • The viola string set has an excellent tuning stability.

    D’Addario Prelude Viola string set

    D’Addario Prelude Viola string set

    D’Addario Prelude Viola string set might be a good alternative if you are looking for an affordable viola string set. Despite its low price, the string set is designed from a solid steel core to last long, and they can fit on 16.5-inch violas. Based on its sound quality, I would recommend it to student violists. The set costs $27.29.

    Compared to Pirastro passionate:

    • The string set is durable
    • D’Addario Prelude Viola string set is optimized to provide a reasonable sound quality.

    Final thoughts

    Investing in an excellent viola string set is a genius way to improve your performance. Pirastro Passione is one of the best viola string sets as it comes with an excellent pitch stability, performance, and it is sold at a reasonable price. We also have some helpful and interesting links about individual brands of string for viola.

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