Pearl 765RBE1RB Quantz Series Flute Review

When I was graduating from the beginner level to a step up level, I found it hard to differentiate a beginner flute from an intermediate flute since they both looked similar. After consulting with professional flutists, I settled on Pearl 765RBE1RB flute, which I have examined to let you gauge if it is right for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Intermediate Flute

Quality of the headjoint is the first thing to consider when looking for an intermediate flute. A solid headjoint is essential because it delivers a rich tone and it is more responsive. A silver headjoint is the standard for intermediate flutes.

Each flute sold out there has a distinctive quality that makes it unique from competitors. For this reason, you would want to compare as many flutes as possible before you settle on one that makes the most sense of your situation.

The Pearl 765RBE1RB Quantz Series Flute

Pearl 765RBE1RB Quantz is innovatively designed for the student or amateur hobbyists. Like most Pearl Quantz flutes, this intermediate flute features a pinless mechanism, French pointed arms, and a one-piece core- bar. The three elements collaborate to deliver a rich tone and an easy playability.

Pearl 765RBE1RB Quantz series flute’s headjoint, body, and footjoint are designed from sterling silver, a solid material that can resist the wear and tear resulting from regular cleaning and use. This solid construction would be an excellent feature if you want a flute that will serve you through your entire student life.

  • The flute delivers a rock solid intonation
  • Its offset G makes it an ideal option if you have small hands.
  • Pearl 765RBE1RB offers a smooth key action.
  • It comes with a bonus case and care accessories.
  • It is quite pricey as compared to most intermediary flutes
  • It might not be an option for professional flutists.
  • The flute is available in one color finish.

Features and Benefits

Sound quality

Pearl 765RBE1RB Quantz Series Flute

In regards to sound quality, I would say that this intermediate flute has several features that collaborate to give you an excellent tone and response. Some of the features include the silver headjoint and the one- piece core bar that support the production of a warmer and deeper sound.

Pinless construction

Different from those flutes whose protruding pins snag clothes to make your practice session challenging, this intermediate flute’s pinless mechanism eliminates such problems giving you the freedom to focus on perfecting your practice.


Pearl 765RBE1RB is constructed from sterling silver, an alloy composed of 92.5 percent silver. This alloy is considered as one of the best standard materials used in making intermediary flutes due to its ability to withstand tarnishing resulting from regular use and exposure to weather elements. Therefore, the flute will hold its new looks for a longer period.

However, if you want the flute to maintain its new looks, I would suggest that you wipe it clean after every use, and store it away from direct sunlight, humidity, and high temperature.


In my opinion, Pearl 765RBE1RB flute is worth its price since it is constructed to last, easy to use, and it produces an excellent sound quality. Many cheaper models have either a poor construction or a challenging playability. As such, this flute will be worth the investment if you are looking for one that will inspire rather than discourage you.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Gemeinhardt 30B Flute

Gemeinhardt 30B Flute

Gemeinhardt's intermediate level flute is designed from silver- plated construction to last long. In addition to the robust construction, this intermediate level flute features a four-post footjoint, well-proportioned tone holes, superior key mechanisms, and a uniquely designed embouchure hole. These features collaborate to deliver an even response and reasonable tone. The flute comes with a case for storage and a cleaning rod. It costs $ 682. 31.

Comparison with Pearl 765RBE1RB Quantz flute

  • Both flutes come with a storage case and a cleaning rod.
  • They both feature the offset G
  • Gemeinhardt 30B flute is less expensive than Pearl 765RBE1RB

Yamaha YFL- 382H intermediate flute

Yamaha YFL- 382H intermediate flute

Yamaha YFL- 382H is another great option that I would recommend to flutists at their intermediate level. This flute is designed from a sterling silver headjoint and a nickel silver body to last long. The flute delivers an accurate intonation and a sensitive response. It costs $463.00.

How it compares with Pearl 765RBE1RB Quantz flute

  • Yamaha YFL- 222 and Pearl 765RBE1RB Quantz flute features closed hole keys
  • Pearl 765RBE1RB Quantz flute is sturdier than YFL- 222 since its entire frame is constructed from sterling silver.
  • Both come with a case and a cleaning rod.

Jupiter 611RBSO Intermediate flute

Jupiter 611RBSO Intermediate flute

Jupiter 611RBSO is an intermediate sterling silver headjoint and silver – plated nickel body to last long as well as produce a rich tone. Jupiter's intermediate flute features open hole keys and a B foot joint, functions that provide a quick response and precise intonation. The intermediate flute comes with a French case and cover. It costs $999.00.

Comparison with Pearl 765RBE1RB Quantz flute

  • Jupiter 611RBSO is cheaper than Pearl 765RBE1RB.
  • Both flutes have a sterling silver headjoint
  • Both instruments have open whole keys.
  • The two flutes feature an offset key
  • Pearl 765RBE1RB might be sturdier than Jupiter 611RBSO since its entire frame is designed from sterling silver.

Final Thoughts

Pearl 765RBE1RB flute is an intermediate flute designed from a sterling silver plate to last long. Some of the excellent features that define this intermediate flute include the offset G that promotes a comfortable grip and sterling silver headjoint for good tone production. We have listed some of the best flutes available today based on quality and price, you may check it.

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