PDP New Yorker Diamond Drum Set Review

As there are many types of drums out there, choosing the right drum set can take some time. If you're a beginner that still wants good sound, a 4-piece kit can be of use. The 4-piece set also comes in handy if you want portability and to save on space.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 4-Piece Drum Kit

Similar to shopping for any instrument, your budget is an important factor. Drum kits can cost hundreds of dollars. However, 4-piece kits tend to be priced lower than their larger counterparts. It makes them an ideal choice if you are just starting out as they can help keep your budget in a respectable range and still provide you with good sounds. If transportation is crucial, then these drums can be carted around easier too.

The PDP New Yorker 4-Piece Shell Pack Diamond

The PDP New Yorker is a compact configuration that comes in a polished diamond finish. Its condensed size makes it easy to move, a feature traveling drummers whether working or students can appreciate. Its price is closer to mid-range compared to other 4-piece kits though, and as it doesn't include hardware or cymbals, not everyone sees the complete value in it.

Concerning its construction, the shells are all-poplar and grant you more freedom if played in an ensemble like with jazz. Since it's small, however, it may not work well if you're out for a greater tonal range for use in genres like heavy rock. Additionally, it isn't ready to be played out of the box. If you're thinking about protection, the manufacturer offers a limited 1-year warranty.

  • Travel-friendly
  • 1-year warranty
  • All-poplar shells
  • Minimal tone range
  • Initially lacks hardware/cymbals
  • Can require a lot of tuning

Features & Benefits

Lightweight & Compact Design

PDP New Yorker 4-Piece Shell Pack Diamond

One of the most favored features of the New Yorker is that it boasts a compact size. Not only that, but the all-poplar shells and low mass lugs contribute in making the kit light in weight. This can remove much of the stress that traditionally comes with moving a drum set place to place. Furthermore, it allows you to store the set easier without having to compromise room for additional hardware.


The PDP New Yorker makes use of decent-quality material considering the mid-to-low price range it falls under. To start with its configuration, it comes with a 14" x 18" bass drum, an 8" x 10" mounted tom, a 12" x 13" floor tom, and a 13" x 6" snare. The shells are 7-ply and made from solid poplar.

Included on the 4-piece New Yorker are standard Remo heads and low-mass, teardrop mini turret lugs. The bass comes equipped with additional features such as a full-sized mount with an auxiliary clamp, and it also comes with a lifter to better accommodate your pedal. This shell kit also has True-Pitch tuning rods to help aid with more precise tuning. However, it may take you some time and gigs to get this set completely tuned to your liking.

Sound Quality

Though the PDP New Yorker 4-piece may lack a lot of tonal range due to its size, you can still get some good sound out of this. Students and those working small gigs can perhaps see the best use of the kit. With the all-poplar shells, you can get a warmer, more punch-like tone. The Remo heads offer some classic sounds, while the teardrop mini lugs allow the shells to resonate more. As the kit is small, you want a way to get a big sound, and the lugs help do just that.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Pearl Roadshow 4-piece Drum Set

Pearl Roadshow 4-piece Drum Set

A good alternative to the New Yorker is the Pearl Roadshow 4-piece Drum Set. It is lower priced and comes with all the necessary pieces to be played out of the box. This is seen as an ideal beginner set as it's a good size and features some good sound. With its low price, however, some corners were cut in terms of quality. You can consider replacing the cymbals and the kit may not be best for travel as it may not hold up well in the long haul. It still serves as a good substitute to the New Yorker.

Compared to th​e PDP New Yorker:

  • Lower price
  • Includes hardware & cymbals
  • Some low-quality material

Ludwig Breakbeats 4-piece Shell Pack

Ludwig Breakbeats 4-piece Shell Pack

Breakbeats from Ludwig is another 4-piece that is designed for ease of travel. It even includes storage bags to help with the transportation. As it is only a shell pack, it lacks similar things that the New Yorker lacks such as cymbals and other hardware. It is sold at a lower price. However, that pricing can be seen in some of the quality like the snare drum. Tuning may be more difficult than the New Yorker too. Even so, the Breakbeats can be a good fit for those looking to play in an apartment or lug around to clubs and such.

Compared to the PDP New Yorker:

  • Lacks similar hardware/cymbals
  • Mediocre snare
  • Lower price

Sonor Drums 4-piece Drum Set

Sonor Drums 4-piece Drum Set

Lastly, the Sonor Drums 4-piece doesn't include the cymbals or hardware similar to the New Yorker, but it can provide just as open of a sound. It is super compact, a great choice for smaller gigs or frequent travelers. The Sonor Drums are not as expensive as the New Yorker either. It utilizes some high-quality material in spite of its lower cost, but many consider the snare needing replacing. Tuning it comes easy though, and you can still get a good tonal experience from this small kit.

Compared to the PDP New Yorker:

  • Less expensive
  • Easier to tune
  • Low-quality snare

Final Thoughts

Whether you're a beginner or working musician, the PDP New Yorker 4-piece is a good option. Not only is the diamond finish aesthetically pleasing, the kit delivers a warm, smooth sound that's still open despite its size. It can be transported with ease to just about anywhere too, and it's priced decently compared to larger kits. To see more of what we stored for your check out our review for the best drum set.

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