pBone PBONE2B Jiggs Mini Plastic Trombone Review

When you are looking at beginner trombones, it can be a challenge to know what size is best. This is especially true for young players. Usually, you want to find a size bore that requires the player to use less air to maintain a usable tone.

One of the best options to check out is the pBone Mini Plastic Trombone. It is a fully functioning trombone that is an inexpensive way to get a budding trombone player started on their musical career.

Things to consider before buying a Trombone

Before purchasing a mini plastic trombone, make sure that the trombone you are considering is lightweight, durable, and cost effective. A mini trombone is normally used for beginners, so you want to find an instrument that is easy to use, requires less air, and can be integrated into any ensemble or band easily. You also want to look for a design that is comfortable for a wide range of hand sizes and shapes, while also being durable enough to take on a few bumps, especially if it is being played by a young child.

The pBone Mini Plastic Trombone Review

The fully functioning pBone mini is an Eb alto trombone with a dual bore that is made of glass fiber and ABS. Featuring all the same advantages of the Jiggs pBone, the pBone mini is smaller, but just as durable withstanding all the bumps and knocks that a beginning trombone player will give it. Perfect for players that have a hard time with the balance and weight of a metal trombone, the pBone mini weighs half as much as a standard brass alto trombone.

  • Great instrument for smaller students that can reach all the positions
  • Great sound quality for the price
  • Easy to assemble and works well, good quality instrument
  • Music has to be transposed to Eb to use
  • A few notes in the upper end of the range can be compromised
  • Has a tiny mouthpiece, so you have to be careful to use less air or you will overblow it

Benefits and Features

pBone PBONE2B Jiggs Mini Plastic Trombone

The fully functioning mini pBone trombone has all the benefits of a Jiggs pBone but in a lighter and smaller version. This Eb alto trombone has a dual bore that is made of glass fibre and ABS.


Similar to its larger sibling, the pBone mini easily withstands bumps and knocks allowing someone just starting out the trombone to practice comfortably without worry.


Weighing less than a brass trombone, the pBone mini is perfect for a player that is having a hard time with the balance and weight of a regular metal trombone.


The slide gets better with use due to the composite slide tubes that lap in over time.


With a smaller diameter, pBone mini’s unique mouthpiece allows children the ability to play a variety of notes. This is also a great instrument for those trumpet players who need an easy to use trombone for teaching purposes.

Water key

The Jiggs pBone share its unique water key design with the pBone mini.

Lockable slide

With the lockable slide, the pBone utilizes a graphic that guarantees that the locking process is simple and easy for everyone.

Other features include:

• Bell measure 7 inches

• Weighs only 1.8 pounds

• Includes storage bag

• Features a lockable slide and water key

• Pitched in Eb








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Tromba TRB-SL Trombone

The silver BB tenor plastic trombone features contemporary brace styling and a high class appearance. Created with tough ABS plastic and a damage resistant finish, the Tromba TRB-SL is welded ultrasonically ensuring that the glue sticks together. Similar to the pBone mini, the Tromba TRB-SL is easy to balance for comfortable holding, plus it accepts all standard mouthpieces.


Tromba TRB-SL Tombone

Material – Plastic

Special Features – High class appearance and contemporary brace styling

pBone Mini Trombone

Material – Plastic

Special Features – Features a lockable slide and water key and is pitched in Eb

Moz Bb Mini Trombone

Moz Bb Mini Trombone

Perfect for a student, the stunning Moz gold lacquer finish Mini trombone provides an incredible concert level sound. The flawless gold lacquer finish features detailed craftsmanship with a durable, high-quality brass body unlike the blue plastic design of the pBone mini. The Moz Bb Mini trombone has a bore size of .469” and a bell size of 4.724” and is smaller than the pBone mini, but it includes both a mouth piece and a case which are nice additions.


Moz Bb Mini Trombone

Material – Brass

Special Features – Includes mouth piece and a case

pBone Mini Trombone

Material – Plastic

Special Features – Features a lockable slide and water key and is pitched in Eb

Jean Baptiste STP181 Slide Trumpet

Jean Baptiste STP181 Slide Trumpet

If you are looking for a unique instrument, the Jean Baptiste STP181 Slide Trumpet is sure to pique your interest. This is the ideal instrument for the tenor trombone player that wants to step up an octave or two. The STP181 enough freeblowing for a beginner, but also has enough resistance for higher level players. Similar to the pBone mini in size, the STP181 is a great travel size trombone.


Jean Baptiste STP181

Material – Yellow Brass

Special Features –

pBone Mini Trombone

Material – Plastic

Special Features – Features a lockable slide and water key and is pitched in Eb

Final Thoughts

When you first start out playing the trombone, it is a good idea to start small, especially for younger players. The size of the bore and the type of music you choose to play will influence your choice of instrument, so choosing the correct mini trombone will depend a lot on your skill level and the type of music you want to play. Make sure you take your time and do your research to ensure you choose the perfect instrument for your playing style.

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