P. Mauriat PMSA-57GC Intermediate Alto Saxophone Review

Picking the right beginner saxophone from the multiple options in the market is a confusing task for most beginner hobbyist. Just like any beginner, I faced this challenge but my music tutor helped me purchase P. Mauriat PMSA-57GC Intermediate Alto Saxophone, an easy to play beginner saxophone with a pleasant sound. Below is my experience from using this saxophone.

Things to Consider before Buying a Beginner Saxophone

If you want a saxophone that will serve you through your entire student life, I suggest that you get one with a robust construction and free of dents and scratches. Most intermediate and beginner saxophones are constructed from a brass alloy.

Apart from the sturdy construction, you should shop around for a saxophone that comes with the necessary accessories like a cork grease, a storage case, a mouthpiece, and a cleaning swab. Such accessories help you maintain and use your sax as recommended. As a rule, you need to test the saxophone before you invest in it.

The P. Mauriat PMSA-57GC

Mauriat PMSA- 57GC is an excellent saxophone designed for saxophonists at the intermediary level of training. This intermediate alto saxophone is designed to last long, and its honey- gold lacquer finish gives it a professional appearance.

In addition to the construction and cosmetic value, this alto saxophone for beginners delivers a warm tone that gives you the freedom to play multiple music styles like jazz rock and blues. Mauriat PMSA- 57GC is available in the jazz accessory package and classical accessory package to let you pick a bundle that favors you.

  • Its robust construction can resist the wear and tear resulting from regular use
  • Mauriat PMSA- 57GC is light in weight.
  • It has an easy tone production
  • Comes with all accessories required for its maintenance
  • Mauriat PMSA- 57GC is quite expensive than competitor student models.
  • It is not intended for professional saxophonists
  • It does not come with cleaning accessories.

Features and benefits


P. Mauriat PMSA-57GC Intermediate Alto Saxophone

Mauriat PMSA- 57GC intermediate saxophone comes with a case to let you store and carry the saxophone and a professional neck strap that lets you support the intermediate saxophone using both your neck and hands.

Moreover, Mauriat PMSA- 57GC’s package contains a cork grease that lubricates the saxophone’s neck, a forestone premium synthetic reed, a mouthpiece, and a professional ligature.


Mauriat PMSA- 57GC student saxophone’s body is constructed from yellow brass, a resonant alloy that is virtually resistant to corrosion resulting from regular cleaning and normal handling.

Besides being resistant to corrosion, brass also has an excellent ability to withstand the wear and tear arising from normal use. Therefore, Mauriat PMSA- 57GC would be an ideal option if you have been looking for a saxophone that will last you through your intermediate level of training.


In reference to price, P. Mauriat PMSA- 57GC intermediate alto saxophone is quite expensive than most student saxophones sold out there. Despite the high price, this intermediate saxophone is amongst the few intermediate saxophones with an attractive sound quality and a robust frame. For this reason, it would be right to say that Mauriat PMSA has a reasonable price-quality relationship.

Sound quality

P. Mauriat PMSA- 57GC intermediate Alto saxophone’s resonant frame delivers a warm core tone and a professional- like projection. This is an excellent feature because it gives you the privilege to explore a broad range of music genres like jazz, pop music, blues, and rock.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Legacy AS750 Student Alto Saxophone

Legacy AS750 Student Alto Saxophone

Legacy AS750 is a step up alto saxophone carved from a standard yellow brass, a sturdy alloy that is resistant to humidity and extreme temperatures. In addition to the robust construction, this step-up alto saxophone delivers a superior tone, and it comes with a canvas case, a neck strap, cap, mouthpiece, cork grease, and cleaning accessories. It costs $299.99.

Comparison to P. Mauriat PMSA- 5​7GC

  • Both are step- up saxophones designed from yellow brass.
  • Legacy AS750 is cheaper than P. Mauriat PMSA 57GC.
  • Both come with the relevant accessories.
  • Both saxophones deliver a reasonable tone and superior tone.

Yamaha YAS- 480 Intermediate Alto Saxophone

Yamaha YAS- 480 Intermediate Alto Saxophone

Similar to its competitor above, Yamaha YAS- 480 intermediate saxophones is constructed from Yellow brass a sturdy alloy that can withstand regular wear and tear. You should invest in this intermediate level saxophone because it has a consistent playability and an excellent tone. It comes with a backpack case, mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, pivot screw, and ligature. Yamaha YAS- 480 costs $1999.00.

Comparison to P. Mauriat PMSA- 57GC

  • Yamaha YAS- 480 is expensive.
  • Both saxophones are constructed from yellow brass to last long.
  • They deliver an excellent tone
  • Both come with complete accessories.

Jean-Paul USA AS- 400 Alto saxophone

Jean-Paul USA AS- 400 Alto saxophone

Jean-Paul USA AS- 400 is specially designed for saxophonists at their beginner and intermediate level. It is constructed from sturdy yellow brass with a lacquer finish. To add to the bargain, Jean-Paul USA- 400 is factory tested for superior sound production. It comes with a mouthpiece, a set of reeds, a ligature, a neck strap, a cork grease, and a durable case. Jean-Paul AS- 400 costs $ 449.95.

Comparison to P. Mauriat PMSA- 57GC

  • Both are constructed from yellow brass
  • Jean-Paul AS- 400 is cheaper than P. Mauriat PMSA- 57Gc
  • Both produce superior tone

Final Thoughts

P. Mauriat PMSA- 57GC would be an exceptional investment if you have been looking for a saxophone that delivers a professional sound quality. The saxophone is constructed from brass to last long, and it comes with the necessary accessories that you would need to maintain and play the saxophone.

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