Nagoya Suzuki #220 Violin Outfit , 4/4 Review

If you've ever thought about taking violin lessons and maybe even dreamed of someday playing in a small ensemble or a community orchestra, this might be a great time for you to begin. Your best bet might be to look into buying a beginner violin. There are a lot of good choices for you to explore.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Beginner Violin

You need to decide what kind of budget you will have for this violin. If this is your first instrument, you probably won't know if this will be something you'll continue to play for years to come. Thus, you may not want to invest a large amount of money until you've had a few years of lessons behind you.

Also, you will need to consider the size of the instrument. This is something people primarily think about when purchasing an instrument for a younger person. However, anyone who is petite may want to ask about a smaller option.

The Nagoya Suzuki 220 Violin Outfit

Imported from Japan, the Nagoya Suzuki 220 is made by the world-famous Suzuki Violin Company. This particular violin is one of the primary choices among Suzuki educators. The Suzuki 220 is responsive to the player and comes at an affordable price. The complete outfit includes the violin, a brazilwood bow and a nice case. The instrument comes fitted with Nagoya Suzuki steel core strings. The pegs, fingerboard and chinrest are genuine ebony. It also comes fitted with fine tuners. This instrument will arrive shop-adjusted.

  • The Nagoya Suzuki produces a deep, rich sound
  • It is reasonably priced as a beginner violin kit
  • This instrument is responsive and resonant
  • The scroll has a plastic top.
  • The purfling is painted onto the instrument.
  • The violin doesn't come set up and ready to play.

Features and Benefits

Manufactured by the Suzuki Violin Company

Nagoya Suzuki 220 Violin Outfit

It's a genuine Suzuki violin, imported from Japan and produced by a company renown as a top manufacturer of instruments and its global contributions to musical education. The Suzuki 220 is considered the standard to which other beginner violins are compared. It is a well-loved and respected violin that doesn't lose its value. Often, the Suzuki 220 can be played for many years, beyond just the early months of learning.

Ebony Fittings

Ebony is a strong wood. The fingerboard will be able to withstand all the pressure of being pressed down and rubbed by vibrating steel strings. Both the fingerboard and the chinrest will also handle the temperature changes of having fingers and a chin placed on them. The ebony pegs will be turned daily to tune your violin. The wood will remain strong and if they ever need any adjustment, the wood will keep its resilience.


Besides the violin itself, the outfit includes a wooden bow with genuine horsehair. It also comes with a sturdy yet light-weight violin case with an area for the bow and a compartment where you can store your rosin.

Brazilwood Bow

The right bow will complement your violin and its strings. Brazilwood is strong, although light-weight and nicely balanced wood. You should be able to control this bow easily and achieve the type of pressure you will need while playing. It is strung with genuine horsehair.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Stentor 1550

Stentor 1550

The Stentor 1500 is hand-crafted, made with a fine-grained spruce for the top and solid maple for the back and sides. Its purfling is ornate and inlaid. The pegs and fingerboard are ebony. The chinrest is made of an unspecified hardwood while the tailpiece is alloy and has fine tuners for each string. The complete outfit includes a wooden bow strung with real horsehair and an oblong violin case. This instrument is meant to be used by beginning players. It would probably be best to upgrade to a different violin if you continue to play beyond two or three years. 

Stentor 1500
  • Some have reported that this violin does not come already set up, so you may need to take it to a shop to have this done.
  • Strings: Red Label, metal
  • Price: $372.52
Nagoya Suzuki 220
  • Although shop-adjusted, it seems you may need to have the bridge placed before you can begin playing your violin.
  • Strings: Nagoya Suzuki Steel Core
  • Price: $399.00

DZ Strad Model LC101 

DZ Strad Model LC101 $399.00

This DZ Strad Violin LC101 is considered a favorite alternative to the Nagoya by some private teachers, including some Suzuki teachers. Priced the same as the Suzuki 220, the DZ Strad is a handmade instrument. The sound is warm and rich. Students have found this violin to be dependable and are pleased with the consistency of the instrument and with its sound. While this is sold as a beginner violin, it should be thought of as high-end and could be played well into a higher level of studies. 

DZ Strad LC101
  • Great playability; the instrument comes completely set up and ready to play.
  • Strings: unspecified
  • Price: $399.00
Nagoya Suzuki 220
  • Although shop-adjusted, it seems you may need to have the bridge placed before you can begin playing your violin.
  • Strings: Nagoya Suzuki Steel Core
  • Price: $399.00

Fiddlerman OB 1 Violin-Outfit

Fiddlerman OB 1 Violin-Outfit

The Fiddlerman-OB1 is a hand-carved violin. The top is made from spruce and the back is maple wood. All of the wood used to make this instrument has been aged for at least four years. Ebony was used in the making of the chinrest, the pegs and the fingerboard. It has a Wittner-style tailpiece that has four built-in fine tuners. This is a beginner violin but it could probably carry the player beyond the very beginning years of learning. Check on the details of the Fiddlerman-OB1 by clicking below.

  • The instrument undergoes a 10-point adjustment before being shipped and comes completely set up, ready to play.
  • Strings: Prelude steel core strings
  • Price: 299.00
Nagoya Suzuki 220
  • Although shop-adjusted, it seems you may need to have the bridge placed before you can begin playing your violin.
  • Strings: Nagoya Suzuki Steel Core
  • Price: $399.00

Final Thoughts

The Nagoya Suzuki 220 is a beautiful violin and is manufactured to a high standard as a beginner instrument. Students and instructors alike have a very high regard for this violin's structure and durability. It should last beyond the beginning stages of play. It is well worth your time and energy to look into purchasing the Nagoya Suzuki 220 Violin Outfit. If you want to spend more or you prefer to spend less, you can check out our beginner violin review for more tips.

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