Mendini MCT-30 Intermediate B Flat Clarinet Review

From personal experience, I can attest to the fact that finding a good intermediate clarinet in the market is quite a stressful task. This is because there are numerous brands in the market, diverse qualities, and all have different price lists. Being a novice player, I was in luck to find a good intermediate clarinet, the Mendini MCT – 30 Intermediate Solid Rosewood B Flat clarinet.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Clarinet

A novice player often goes through immense trouble to find a good clarinet that works for him/her. You will find that there is a big range of models and technical specifications alike, and if you do not know what to go for, you can purchase a low quality intermediate clarinet that will end up disappointing you. Before you purchase one, you should consider a number of things.

Some of them are:

  • The size
  • Your budget limits
  • The brand
  • The material- plastic or wood
  • Do you want to purchase a clarinet, or do you want a rental?

The Mendini MCT – 30 Intermediate B Flat 

Cecilio did a good job once again in making the Mendini MCT – 30 Intermediate Solid Rosewood B Flat clarinet, an instrument made for a beginner clarinet student. This instrument features a premium-quality rosewood body and durable silver plated keys. The Mendini MCT – 30 also comes with quality pads, and is in key of Bb (B Flat).

I personally vouch for this clarinet because it enables easy playability. The playability is enhanced by the inline trill keys that have an adjustable thumb rest. The instrument also comes equipped with accessories that include a hard-shell case, a box of 10 reeds, a mouthpiece, a cleaning cloth, a cork grease, and a pair of gloves. Cecilio goes a step further to offer an incentive of 1-year warranty against all manufacturer’s defects.

  • Offers great sound
  • Has a good price for its value
  • Suitable for novice students
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Produces flat notes
  • Unsuitable for pro players

Features and Benefits


Mendini MCT-30 Intermediate B Flat Clarinet

When looking for a clarinet, the construction matters a lot. Unlike other clarinets made of plastic, the Mendini MCT – 30 has a rosewood body construction, which is a high quality construction for most instruments. Moreover, the manufacturer play tests every instrument at their overseas factory, and then retests it at their distribution center in Los Angeles to ensure that it meets the expected standards.

Economically priced

The value of an intermediate clarinet means a lot to a student. As such, I would advise novice players to purchase an instrument that does not need replacing or upgrading after a short time of use and is equally affordable. This reduces your financial burden as you learn how to play the instrument. Luckily, the Mendini MCT – 30 meets this threshold, and if you have saved up about $229.99, you can acquire it.


As a beginner, you need a reliable clarinet so that learning how to play it does not become a strenuous task. The Mendini MCT – 30 Intermediate Solid Rosewood B Flat clarinet is an instrument you can depend on because it is specially designed to deliver comfortable playability. Moreover, it comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


Learning how to play the clarinet requires you to have an excellent intermediate instrument that features all the necessary accessories to favor easy playability. The Mendini MCT – 30 come with accessories such as a hard-shell case, a box of 10 reeds, a mouthpiece, a pair of gloves, a cork grease, and a cleaning cloth.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Other clarinets in the market may be comparable to the Mendini MCT – 30 Intermediate Solid Rosewood B Flat clarinet. Some of these clarinets include:

Cecilio 3Series CT-380 BB Intermediate B-Flat Clarinet

Cecilio 3Series CT-380 BB Intermediate B-Flat Clarinet

The Cecilio CT-380 Intermediate Clarinet’s body is made of quality rosewood that favors a warmer and sustained sound and a fuller volume. It features a bigger diameter and heavier weight unlike other plastic clarinets. Purchasing this clarinet guarantees an intermediate clarinet player excellent intonation and control.

How it compares to the Mendini MCT – 30:

  • The body is also made of quality rosewood.
  • Has a pro deluxe plush-lined nylon covered lightweight case
  • It’s more pricey selling at $469.99

Legacy CL750 Intermediate Clarinet 

Legacy CL750 Intermediate Clarinet

The Legacy CL750 clarinet counts as one of the best beginner student clarinets in the market. This clarinet is quite affordable, and you can save up to 50 percent as compared to other brands. It features sterling silver plated keys and Italian made pads. The product is best suited for the high school player. Moreover, it comes setup, adjusted, and ready to play.

How it compare to the Mendini MCT – 30

  • Has Italian made pads
  • Features sterling silver plated keys
  • Relatively cheaper at $159.99.

Rossetti Intermediate Soprano Bb Clarinet 

Rossetti Intermediate Soprano Bb Clarinet

The Rossetti Intermediate Soprano BB Clarinet is also an excellent instrument for students. This instrument features a brush-finished ebonite body, is in key of Bb, and has power-forged nickel silver keys. Moreover, it features a nickel silver bell ring, traditional sculptured spatula keys, undercut tone holes, and 17 keys and 6 rings.

How it compare to the Mendini MCT – 30:

  • Power-forged nickel silver keys
  • Has a deluxe case
  • Brush-finished ebonite body
  • Fairly priced at between $159.00 and $179.95.

Final thoughts

Finding an intermediate clarinet that features excellent quality is quite a daunting task to most students. The Mendini MCT – 30 Intermediate Solid Rosewood B Flat clarinet is an excellent choice that features a rosewood body and quality pads to ensure that it produces quality sound. This clarinet is excellently designed to allow comfortable playability, it is durable, and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

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