Legacy SS750 Student Soprano Saxophone Review

Wind instruments, when played right, produce great sounds. But I find it challenging to choose a beginner saxophone that will offer outstanding performance, while giving superior tone and intonation when you are new to the world of music. The Legacy SS750 Student Soprano Saxophone is one of the beginner saxes you will come across when searching for a quality sax for students and professionals.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Saxophone

There is a horde of saxes on the market, making it a challenge to choose one that will fit you as a beginner. You will need a unit that:

  • Produces great sounds
  • Has a great appearance
  • Is designed with great geometry for comfortable use
  • Comes with extra features
  • Has a manual guide
  • Is offered with all needed accessories

The Legacy SS750 is the ideal sax for beginners and intermediates. While professionals might want a more advanced sax, this sax still offers a wide range of features, letting you control its use. Granted, the unit can still be used by professionals.

The Legacy SS750 Student Soprano Saxophone

The Legacy SS750 is an entry level instrument designed for those who want the best value for money. It sports standard keys and valves, letting you play with ease and presenting a great learning curve. The sax features high grade pads and a variety of extra features. To get you started, you are offered a number of accessories including a reed neckstrap, mouthpiece cap and cork balm. To be honest, we all love instruments that come ready to use.

This sax is designed in a vintage style taper bore that enhances its sound quality for professional playing. Even better it allows you to play different sounds. However, it is missing an assembly guide; a problem you can solve easy with a simple Google search.

  • It is offered with pre-installed reed, making it ready to use a few minutes after unpacking it
  • Seeing that it is designed for starters, it is offered at a great price
  • With purchase, you get a horde of accessories to get you started
  • The design of the sax allows it to produce great sounds for a beginner model
  • This is a small sax and those with long fingers might find it uncomfortable to use
  • The cloth case offered with this unit might not last for long
  • The finish will scratch with time

Features and Benefits

Designed for Great Sounds

Legacy SS750 Student Soprano Saxophone

Legacy instruments are designed in one of the world's largest factories. According to the manufacturer, these instruments have been tested to ensure that the tone and intonation meet the needs of every player. This has been corroborated by users in reviews. This sax is offered with interchangeable curved and straight necks, letting you choose what feels convenient for you.

Multiple Keys

The SS750 features High F# key, High F, G#, Low C# settings and tilting Bb spatula, letting you play different sounds as you wish. Even better, it sports adjustable felt bumpers on Low Bb, C, B and D#. These bumpers make it easy for beginners to choose the keys they need with ease.

Great Appearance

Even as a budget sax, this unit is outstanding in appearance. It is offered in a shiny gold finish, which will hold on for a couple of years. The vintage style taper bore, besides enhancing the quality of sounds, gives the unit a professional appearance.

Comfortable Geometry For Easy Playing

The placement of each part of the sax is professionally done to better the overall look of the unit. Being a compact saxophone, you will love how well it fits on your hands and the ease of control. Even better, the geometry of the unit allows you to change keys with great ease.

All Accessories You Need

I always feel elated when I save money on accessories. With the Legacy SS750 Student Soprano Saxophone. You will get a soft case, a standard mouthpiece, ligature, cap, cork grease, reed and neckstrap. Though the case is soft, it is still high quality to last you a few years.

Easy Assembly

Connecting each of these accessories is easy, so you can get started in no time. The unit is offered at a great price accompanied by a two-year warranty.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone

Jean Paul USA AS400 Student Alto Saxophone

This is a standard sized beginner saxophone. Like the SS750, it is offered with a reed and a variety of other accessories to get you started. However, it is relatively pricey. Jean Paul saxes are known to deliver great sounds and are very durable. The unit comes with a reinforced clothing case, muck like the SS750, only it is covered in a hard plastic material.

It features body colored keys and allows you to play the same keys as the SS750. However, while the SS750 is soprano, this is an alto student sax. It misses a neckstrap, and its lacquer finish fades with time.

Comparison to the Legacy SS750

  • Offered with enough accessories just like the SS750
  • It is more expensive
  • It is an alto while the SS750 is a soprano
  • Their finishes are the same quality

Yamaha YAS-280 Student Alto Sax

Yamaha YAS-280 Student Alto Sax

This is another alto beginner sax. It is a quality product offered to last long. Yamaha offers lifetime warranty on this product. Like the SS750, it is designed with all great features to fit a total beginner. Its finish is long lasting and scratch resistant.

It features mother of pearl inlaid keys that will seldom get dirty. These keys will glow when you shine them for the stage. However, unlike the SS750, you will be offered less accessories. Though its quality is great, it is offered at almost thrice the price of the SS750.

Comparison to Legacy SS750

  • This is an alto sax unlike the soprano SS750
  • Less accessories offered
  • Relatively more expensive
  • Offered with a better quality finish

Kaizer Reliable 1000 Series Student Tenor Saxophone

Kaizer Reliable 1000 Series Student Tenor Saxophone

This is another student sax. The tenor sax sports a silver finish. It is an ideal choice for beginners who need a sax that stands out. The silver finish is dipped, unlike other finishes that are plated, ensuring it remains scratch resistant.

You will be offered a massive care kit and other needed accessories just like the SS750. The price of this unit is a little higher than that of SS750, but relatively lower compared to other alternatives. It is easy to play and features a great geometry.

Comparison to Legacy SS750

  • Offered with silver finish compared to SS750 gold
  • They are relatively the same size
  • This is a tenor sax while SS750 is a soprano sax
  • Price a little higher
  • Offered with accessories just like the SS750

Final Thoughts

There are many beginner saxophones, but the Legacy SS750 presents a great learning curve letting you get started within a few days. It is a great beginner sax thanks to its price, ergonomic build with guides and offered accessories. For more information for beginner saxophone, you can visit our homepage.

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