Larsen Viola String Set Medium Gauge Review

A few years ago, I decided to upgrade my viola with new strings. I almost gave up my search for better viola strings since those I tried could not deliver the sound that I desired. Finally, I settled on Larsen up to 16.5 medium gauge viola strings, which I have scrutinized below.

Things to Consider before Buying Viola Strings

The market offers three types of viola strings, and all of them have their merits and demerits. The three categories include gut strings that have rich overtones, steel core strings with a stable pitch, and synthetic core strings that offer a consistent tone. The best type of strings depends on your preference. Besides finding the best type, you also need to shop around for strings with the right gauge. Thick strings deliver a high volume while thin ones offer a bright sound 

The Larsen  Medium Gauge Viola Strings Set

These medium gauge strings are designed by Larsen Strings, a manufacturer of quality strings. The full string set contains viola string A that is made of a solid steel core with aluminum winding.

Strings C, D, and G are designed from a multifilament nylon core wound with a silver or aluminum flat wire. I like the set's string mix- up because they deliver a stable and precise pitch and they are durable. The string set is intended for violas with a length of up to 16.5 inches long.

  • They offer a bright and powerful tone
  • Larsen’s medium gauge viola string set delivers a higher pitch.
  • The strings stabilize immediately after installation
  • They deliver fewer overtones than gut core strings
  • The strings may not be an ideal option for more experienced violists
  • The string set is quite expensive.

Features and Benefits


Larsen  Medium Gauge Viola Strings Set

Viola strings’ rate of wear and tear depends on the material used to make the strings. For instance, gut core strings wear out quickly, while synthetic core and steel core strings can resist the wear and tear from regular bowing for a more extended period. Based on this reason, I can say that Larsen's 16.5 inch medium gauge strings protect you from the hassle of having to replace strings after every short use.

The strings are ideal for outdoor music playing

Unlike gut core strings, Larsen steel and synthetic core string’s responsiveness can withstand humidity and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, if you intend to play your viola while outdoor or in an indoor setting with unfavorable temperature and humidity changes, then I would suggest that you get these strings for your viola.

Tone production

Larsen’s medium gauge viola string set comes with one steel core string which offers a precise and stable pitch, and three synthetic core strings that deliver a warm sound. I like this mix up of strings as they would present you with an opportunity to explore various musical styles like chamber music, classical, orchestra, and string quartet.


Larsen’s medium gauge viola strings are sold at a higher price than most medium gauge viola strings. Despite the high price, this set has several features that you would not find on cheap competitors. Therefore, this would be an ideal option if you would not mind spending some extra cash to get excellent quality viola strings.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Some of the options that you would consider as alternatives to Larsen medium gauge viola string set are Thomastik Dominant medium gauge viola string, Jargar Jar- 4792 medium gauge string set, and Pirastro Obligato 16.5 inch medium gauge string set.

Thomastik Dominant Medium Gauge

Thomastik Dominant Medium Gauge

Thomastik's 16.5-inch medium string set's string A and D are made from a synthetic core wound with aluminum, while the G and C strings are made from a synthetic core wound with silver.

The highly flexible nylon strings have a solid pitch, and their warm tone is almost similar to that provided by natural gut core strings. Thomastik's dominant medium gauge viola string set costs $84.50.

Comparison with Larsen medium gauge viola strings

  • Thomastik’s Dominant string set is cheaper than Larsen’s medium gauge string set.
  • Both string sets last longer than gut core strings.
  • Thomastik’s Dominant strings are made of a synthetic material while Larsen’s string A is made of a steel core.

Pirastro Obligato Medium Gauge 

Pirastro Obligato Medium Gauge

Pirastro Obligato's string set comes with an aluminum core string A with a steel winding, synthetic core string D with an aluminum winding, synthetic core string G with silver winding, and a synthetic core string G with a Tungsten- silver winding. The medium gauge synthetic string delivers more subtle tonal effects than steel core strings. It costs $98.99.

Comparison with Larsen medium gauge viola strings

  • Pirastro Obligato is cheaper than Larsen’s medium gauge viola strings
  • Both string sets are durable
  • Both stabilize immediately after installation.

Jargar Jar- 4792 Medium Gauge Strings Set

Jargar Jar- 4792 medium gauge string set

Jar- 4792’s full set comes with chrome steel/ steel A, D, G, and C strings. Unlike synthetic and gut cores, the steel core strings deliver a stable pitch, clear sounds, and absorbing overtones. Furthermore, the steel core strings are sturdy and suitable for beginner violas. The 16.5-inch string set costs $48.70.

Comparison with Larsen medium gauge viola strings

  • Jargar Jar- 4792 medium gauge string set is affordable
  • Jargar Jar- 4792 medium gauge string set is ideal for beginners’ viola while Larsen’s string set is suitable for advanced level violas.
  • Both stabilize quickly after installation.

Final Thoughts

From the above review, I would argue that Larsen medium gauge viola string set is designed for the step up and professional violists. The strings are sturdy, and they produce a stable pitch. Moreover, the strings are resistant to humidity and temperature changes, and they stabilize quickly after installation. If you are interested in trying out other viola strings, you can check it out here.

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