Kala KA-15s-RLE Soprano Ukulele Review

My first year trainer always kept saying that practice makes perfect, and playing a ukulele requires perfection. I had quite the motivation to improve my playing skills, and to do this, I had to have a high quality instrument. After intense research and consultation, I went for the Kala Mahogany KA- 15S - RLE Soprano Ukulele.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Ukulele

When you are in the market looking for a good uke, you should consider some of the things that affect its performance. The reason behind this is that the market comprises of numerous brands with different technical details. An instrument that produces low quality sound is not ideal for your performance. You need a high quality ukulele that delivers great playability.

Here is what you need to consider:

  • The budget
  • The size 
  • What do you want? An acoustic or electro-acoustic
  • The number of strings
  • The tuning pegs

The Kala Mahogany KA- 15S - RLE 

The Kala Mahogany KA- 15S - RLE Soprano stands out as one of the best ukuleles in the market. This product is the ideal way to take laid-back tropical atmospheres anywhere. The Kala Mahogany KA- 15S – RLE features a well-designed soprano body and is of a soprano size that best fits beginner  players. This uke also features a rosewood fingerboard and bridge that is quality material. Another outstanding feature of the Kala KA- 15S - RLE is its mahogany tuners. Its tuning pegs also adopt the geared-style.

  • Produces a wonderful and mellow sound
  • Very affordable
  • Offers excellent quality
  • Good for beginner
  • Is not a suitable instrument for pro  players
  • May have some tuning and buzzing issues
  • Doesn’t come with a bag

Features and Benefits

Economically priced

Kala Mahogany KA- 15S - RLE

An outstanding thing about the Kala Mahogany KA- 15S - RLE  is that it is affordable. You do not need to dig deep into your pockets to purchase it. I bought mine at only $54.99, and in my opinion, this is the best price that you can get for a quality instrument.

The quality

The Kala Mahogany KA- 15S - RLE Soprano Ukulele’s quality is one of the reasons that make it appealing. This product features a mahogany body that is well designed, a rosewood fingerboard, and a bridge that optimize its quality. Nothing is as pleasant as an inexpensive and durable  with excellent sound quality.


As a beginner student, you need to have a ukulele that you can rely on to make your learning process easier. As a first year student, one of the first things I learnt about the ukle is that an unreliable instrument can make your learning process difficult. The Kala Mahogany KA- 15S - RLE  is an instrument that is well provide you with comfortable playability.


One of the most important things that you need to consider when purchasing s its tuning pegs, and the Kala Mahogany KA- 15S - RLE  has geared tuners. The geared tuners are the best because they tune the strings at a lesser ratio per rotation, which makes it easier for you to tune, and they help the ukulele stay in tune. This delivers excellent playability.

Ease of use

Many cheap and low-quality ukuleles in the market require you to put in a lot of effort to produce great sound quality. This makes playing your instrument more stressful. The Kala Mahogany KA- 15S - RLE  is unique and requires minimal effort to deliver the desired sound.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Besides the Kala Mahogany KA- 15S - RLE , there are other alternative ukuleles that you could consider purchasing. 

Kala MK – SS/GRN Makala Shark 

Kala MK – SS/GRN Makala Shark

The MK – SS/GRN Makala Shark Uke is one of the best entry-level ukuleles available. This product is an acoustic uke and it comes at an affordable price. Some of its remarkable features include the cf-vendor-kala and its multicolored finish, which comes in black, blue, green, and red.

How does it compare to the Kala  

  • It’s an acoustic uke
  • Cf-type-acoustic-uke
  • It costs $47.99

Hola! Music HM -21 Soprano 

Hola! Music HM -21 Soprano

I also recommend the Music HM -21 Soprano  because it is one of the best intermediate soprano ukuleles in the market. This ukulele’s bundle comprises of straps and picks, and a canvas tote bag. Some of its outstanding features include maple constructions on its top, back and sides that are painted in a variety of attractive colors. Its fingerboard and bridge are constructed of rosewood, and it features 12 silver nickel frets. This instrument is also equipped with white nylon strings, and silver-geared tuners.

How does it compare to the Kala 

  • It has 12 silver nickel frets
  • Fingerboard and bridge are rosewood
  • Comes with a canvas tote bag and straps & picks
  • White nylon strings
  • Costs $34.95

Donner Soprano DUS- 1

Donner Soprano DUS- 1

The Donner Soprano Ukulele Mahogany DUS- 1 is an excellent instrument that delivers excellent quality while still being available at a reasonable price. This product’s manufacturers offer you an incentive of free accessories that include a  set strap and a nylon string tuner.

How does it compare to the Kala 

  • Has a nylon string tuner
  • Features a ukulele set strap
  • Costs $53.00

Final Thoughts

Finding the right ukulele to practice and play with is quite a strenuous task considering that you will find many brands in the market that comes with diverse technical details. Nonetheless, there are instrument such as the Kala  KA- 15S - RLE  that offer excellent quality, value, and reliability.

Stephanie Su

Started learning music when she was four years old, Stephanie is a music teacher and a music therapist who is highly proficient in Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele. She likes to learn, teach, and share her music playing experiences.

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