Jupiter Plateau Offset G Flute 511S Review

Aspiring musicians will love learning to play the flute. It’s simple to learn, but can still provide a challenge as players become more advanced. As both a band and orchestra instrument, flute players can find a lot of different groups to play with. Because of the hand size requirements, it is recommended that children learning to play the flute be at least ten to eleven years old. Jupiter flutes are a solid beginner instrument. The Jupiter Plateau Offset G Silver-Plated Flute 511S will serve as a great beginner flute to intermediate instrument.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Flute

Beginner players should be very careful in choosing a flute that is designed for a student player. Advanced and beginner flutes have several very different key features, and beginner players will have a rough time using advanced instruments. It’s also important that the flute be of a high quality. Trying to learn on a poor quality instrument will lead to loads of frustration down the line. Flutes need to be repairable as well as economical.

The Jupiter Plateau Offset G Silver-Plated Flute 511S

This instrument is a solid beginner flute that can be used by both adults and children over ten years old. It makes a good beginner option because of the offset G key and the plateau keys, which are classic beginner options to make learning easy. The foot joint is also a C, so it is missing the extra key that is usually on the advanced instruments. Silver plating over the nickel body is a nice touch to add a little bit of the sound benefits of silver without the cost of solid silver.

A case, silver polishing cloth, and cleaning rod is included with the instrument. The case is a hard-molded plastic to prevent chipping, denting, or bending of instruments if they are dropped. A plastic cleaning rod is a nice tool to make sure that moisture is removed from the instrument after playing.

  • Offset G
  • Plateau keys
  • Well-known, dependable brand
  • Silver plating, not solid silver
  • Beginner instrument that will need to be replaced as player advances
  • C foot instead of B foot

Features and Benefits

Plateau Keys

Jupiter Plateau Offset G Flute 511S

Plateau keys are also known as closed hole keys, and it is often found in beginner and intermediate models. Open holed (French style) flutes have holes in the tops of most of the keys. Although French style flutes are often considered to have a better sound, they are not appropriate for beginner player or those with small hands. In these cases, fingers usually can’t cover the key hole all the way and notes do not sound properly. This can, understandably, be very frustrating for new players.

Offset G

A very important feature of beginner flutes is the offset G. The G key is the one that the left ring finger is placed on. As a short finger, this is a very difficult key to reach for most people. The offset G model flutes have the G key moved towards the finger, making it easier to reach. Many advanced model instruments will have an inline G that is a little tougher to get to. A large majority of beginner and young players will find the offset G to be a valuable feature, but some do prefer the inline if they have longer fingers in general. Potential buyers will want to hold flutes of both styles to choose what fits best for them.

Silver Plating

The flute community considers silver to be the best sounding material for flutes. Most beginner instruments are made of nickel or brass. This one happens to be made of nickel, but it is plated with silver. The silver plating gives the instrument a little bit of the sound benefits of silver as well as the look of the glimmering metal that can be polished.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Armstrong 104 Student Flute

Armstrong 104 Student Flute

For generations, the Armstrong 104 has been one of the most trusted and longest kept flutes. Like the Jupiter, the 104 has plateau keys and an offset G, making it very easy for students to use. The smooth and stable tone of the 104 is due to the nickel and brass body as well as the unique cut of the embouchure hole. As a long running instrument, there are many people with 104s that are ten to twenty years old and still playing. That goes to show that the 104 is a solidly dependable instrument that will last for years. 

Compared to the Jupiter 511S:

  • Is priced similarly
  • Includes case and cleaning rod
  • Also dependable
  • Also a very well known brand
  • Plateau keys, offset G

Gemeinhardt Model 3 Student Flute

Gemeinhardt Model 3 Student Flute

Gemeinhardt is another power player in the flute manufacturing industry. This student and intermediate flute features an offset G and French style keys. Some beginner players, especially older ones or those with longer fingers, will find that the open French style keys will prepare them well for advancing to professional flutes later on. The brass and silver-plated body offers smooth tone, and the Gemeinhardt name ensure solid durability and quality. 

Compared to the Jupiter 511s:

  • Is priced similarly
  • Also includes case and cleaning rod
  • Also has offset G
  • French style open keys
  • Also silver plated

Yamaha YFL-222 Standard Flute

Yamaha YFL-222 Standard Flute

Yamaha is another major manufacturer in musical instruments. This standard flute is a very popular student model. The plateau keys and offset G make it an appropriate learning flute for beginners. Yamaha is known for having solid and durably constructed flutes. The body is made of silver plated nickel for a full and reliable sound. The keys are styled with French points for a more stylish appearance. 

Compared to the Jupiter 511s:

  • Is more expensive
  • Also includes case and cleaning rod
  • Also has offset G and plateau keys
  • French point styled keys
  • Also silver plated nickel

​Final Toughts

Jupiter is a well-known and respected manufacturer of musical instruments, and this Jupiter flute is no exception to that. Beginners both young and old will find this flute a solid instrument to learn on because of the dependability and key configuration. Read our top 5 best beginner flute for more selection of your choice.

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