Gammon Percussion Full Size Drum Set Review

I nearly gave up my drumming hobby in the initial days of my career when my first drum set with poor sound quality made me doubt my capability. However, I realized the fault when a friend suggested the Gammon Percussion's five piece drum set with a reasonable sound quality and price.

Things to Consider When Buying 

Every adult hobbyist would love to invest in a durable full-size drum set with decent sound quality. Nonetheless, this is almost impossible due to the numberless drum sets to choose from. Some of the considerations that can help you purchase an excellent set fr of drum from the rest include:

• Get a set that can withstand several blows for long.

• Look for one with a versatile hardware

• Taste for sound quality before you buy.

The Gammon Percussion 

As advertised, Gammon Percussion is the bestselling set of drums that comes in black and blue colors to let you pick your favorite color. The complete drum set contains cymbals, drumsticks, stool heads, full-size wood drums, chain driven pedals, and other hardware.

Moreover, the drum set comes with a detailed user manual in the form of a DVD that guides you through the assembly process. I would recommend it to beginners. Pros will have to upgrade the drum set with professional accessories or purchase the pearl roadshow five piece drum set.

  • Its parts are versatile and easy to assemble
  • You can upgrade the drum set by purchasing professional drum heads and cymbals
  • The drum set is reasonably priced
  • The throne is a bit wobbly
  • Its sound quality is not the best in the market.
  • The drum set is not intended for pro hobbyists

Features and Benefits

1. It comes as a five piece real wood drum set

Gammon Percussion Full Size Drum Set

Gammon Percussion is a five-piece drum with the bass drum, the snare drum, the floor tom and two mounted toms. For this reason, this set would be an excellent feature if you are looking for a beginner set of drums that will help you gain the experience of handling many drums. Besides, the five-piece drums are constructed from real wood to withstand the wear and tear from regular use.

2. Sound quality

To my opinion, Gammon Percussion full-size complete adult five-piece drum set has an excellent sound quality for beginners. In fact, this might be the only drum set with a good sound quality when compared to competitors of its class.

3. The drum sets longevity

Ideally, a drum set’s lifespan depends on how long you use it, and the quality of its parts. A good drum set should last for an estimated period of one year before it starts to wear out. Based on the factors, it is evident that Gammon Percussion is a durable drum set since the drums are made of a real sturdy wood, and its stand is made of steel. The two materials are versatile enough to withstand normal use for as long as one or more years.

4. Cosmetic value

Another great reason for recommending Gammon Percussion is their great visual appeal. It comes in black and blue color finishes letting you pick your most favorite color. Color psychologists say that blue color evokes creativity while the black color promotes an aggressive mood. Therefore, if you are buying a set of drum for somebody, I recommend that you consult him or her first since color can attract or deflect the drummer’s attention.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Cecilio Complete Full Size 5-Piece Adult Drum Set

Cecilio Complete Full Size 5-Piece Adult Drum Set

Cecilio’s 5-piece adult set of drum comes in black, green, blue, silver, wine red and bright red colors. These color variations give you the freedom to purchase a drum set with your most favorite color. It costs $229.99. I would commend the drum set to adults and teens at the beginner level.

How it compares with Gammon Percussion:

  • It comes with all accessories and hardware required to set it up and play it.
  • Comes with a user manual
  • It is easy to assemble.

Best Choice 5-Piece Complete Adult Drum Set

Best Choice 5-Piece Complete Adult Drum Set

Best choice's 5-piece is available in black and silver colors to choose from. It is constructed from solid wood and metal to last for several years. However, its sound quality is lower than that of the Gammon Percussion. It costs $199.94, and I would recommend it for adults at the beginner's level.

How it compares with Gammon Percussion:

  • It comes as a complete set.
  •  Assembly instructions are provided to guide you.
  • It is easy to assemble.

Pearl Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set

Pearl Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set

The pearl roadshow comes in charcoal metallic, jet-black, wine red, and bronze metallic colors to choose from. It is designed from nine ply poplar shells and double braced hardware to last long. The drum set is an expensive alternative that costs 432.91, and it is intended for adult hobbyists at the beginner's level.

How it compares with Gammon Percussion:

  • The set has everything you need to assemble and play it.
  • Assembly instructions are provided to guide you.

Final Thoughts

Gammon Percussion 5 piece drum is an affordable and versatile option for beginners who want to improve their drumming skill. I recommend the drum set because it has an excellent sound quality and the 5-piece drums provide you with the experience of handling many drums. Want to see more? Check out our review of different brand of drum set

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