Fiddlerman FCFB-VLA Carbon Fiber Viola Bow Review

In my first year as a viola student, I was confused about the best viola bow to purchase so that I could improve my viola skills. I did my research, but I still could not settle on the bow to buy. So, I consulted my instructor with a list of my preferred violas; he suggested that I check out the Fiddlerman FCFB – VLA Carbon Fiber Viola Bow. Here is what I found out about the instrument.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Viola Bow

The quality of your bow makes all the difference when you are playing a viola. As such, it is imperative that before you go out shopping for a viola bow, you should ensure that you have consulted an expert in the field and done a comprehensive research.

Here are the things you should consider before buying a viola bow:

  • Know your budget
  • Understand the viola bow market
  • Ensure the bow is in perfect condition
  • Check the weight
  • Look at the playing quality
  • A certificate of authenticity

The Fiddlerman FCFB – VLA Carbon Fiber Viola Bow

This handcrafted viola bow uses unbleached quality Siberian horsehair. It is resilient, and it offers excellent quality. Just like other intermediate viola bows, this is also a carbon fiber bow manufactured to replicate the weight and curve of the more expensive Pernambuco wood bow. It also features a nicely decorated copper mounted ebony frog and a nice arch with good bounce and action, which makes it easy to control.

Undoubtedly, I fell for this viola bow, and the reviews that I have come across online indicate that the FCFB – VLA comes highly recommended, and I presume this is because of its high quality. Moreover, this bow is preferred over the presto viola bows.

  • Very durable
  • It does not warp
  • It doesn’t expand
  • Easy to control
  • Economically priced
  • Not good for pro violists
  • Once it breaks where the frog is attached, it becomes unusable
  • Only lasts for a couple of months

Features and Benefits

Hand crafted and reliable

Fiddlerman FCFB – VLA Carbon Fiber Viola Bow

This carbon fiber viola bow is handcrafted and in my experience, handmade instruments are much more reliable compared to those manufactured by machine. This is because manufacturers put more care on handmade instruments. Any novice player can rely on the Fiddlerman’s viola to produce excellent sound. Moreover, a handcrafted viola bow is easier to carry out maintenance and repairs on.


The Fiddlerman FCFB – VLA Carbon Fiber Viola Bow counts as one of the most durable bows in the market. The longevity of an instrument is very important because it reduces your financial burden. If you buy a low quality viola bow, it will not last long, and you will have to hit the shops once more to purchase another one.


This viola bow’s durability is also promoted by the high-quality carbon fiber, which allows the right weight distribution. A bow that has a good weight distribution is bound to last longer compared to a bow that is made of low quality material.

Well priced

Price is not only crucial when you are buying a viola bow, but you also have to check whether its quality match up with its value. The Fiddlerman FCFB – VLA Carbon Fiber Viola Bow is quite affordable and is of excellent quality.


This viola bow’s quality can be compared to that of an expensive Pernambuco wood bow but it sells at a low price. Carbon fiber bows are also less pricy than other types, and the FCFB – VLA’s high-quality matches up to its price.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Besides the Fiddlerman FCFB – VLA Carbon Fiber Viola Bow, there are other alternative viola bows that you could consider getting. Some of the alternatives include:

J. LaSalle LB-10V Viola Bow

J. LaSalle LB-10V Viola Bow

The J. LaSalle LB- 10V viola bow is an alternative to Fiddlerman’s FCFB- VLA. The manufacturers ensure that uniform quality is achieved in every J. LaSalle that is produced for sale. The J. LaSalle viola bow is designed to meet high-quality standards, and it is built to last long. Before a J. LaSalle bow is put into the market, the manufacturers ensure that it is graded for physical beauty and quality, and then it is tested for stiffness.

How does it compare to the Fiddlerman 

  • Is a round, resilient Brazilwood stick
  • Also uses unbleached horsehair
  • A half-mounted rosewood frog with silver-plated button
  • Costs $ 26.83

SKY Viola Bow 

SKY Viola Bow

The SKY viola bow features a high-quality Brazil wood octagonal stick viola and is just like the FCFB – VLA. It is also handcrafted and it features an oil varnished finish. This bow makes a bright sound and it feels soft on the fingers. This straight and well-balanced bow is also lightweight and easy to carry.

How does it compare to the Fiddlerman 

  • Brazil wood octagonal stick
  • Is also hand-crafted with an oil varnished finish
  • Lightweight and very durable
  • Costs $19.99

D Z Strad Model 200 Viola Bow 

D Z Strad Model 200 Viola Bow

This is a nice viola bow that is perfectly crafted to feature Mongolian horsehair, and it comes in a range of sizes. The D Z Strand Model 200 Viola bow is handcrafted and its manufacturers pay attention to detail to ensure that it is well balanced and resistant to warping.

How does it compare to the Fiddlerman 

  • Stick is top Brazil wood
  • Unbleached Mongolian grade AA horse hair
  • Costs $49.00

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to enhance your viola skills, you need a good viola bow, and none does it better than the Fiddlerman FCFB – VLA Carbon Fiber Viola Bow. This worthy investment guarantees high quality, durability, and the right balance to allow easy control. To help you select the best viola bow, you can visit our homepage for more guides and reviews.

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