Fiddlerman 4/4 Carbon Fiber Violin Bow Review

Do you dance and twirl with the joyful flow of a carefully played violin? Do you enjoy the slow and powerful compositions that only a violin can produce? If you are a violinist or a beginner, you will be much happier using a good bow. Many things exemplify a good VIOLIN BOW and below are given some for your consideration.

Considerations before Purchasing a Violin Bow 

Bows are an integral part of playing the violin. A Stradivarius with a terrible bow will cause your heart ache. When purchasing one, a few questions should come to your mind. Is the arch of quality design, how is the action, and the rebound? Will the bow be affected by temperature or humidity? Does the stick provide excellent resonance and balance? How was the string made? Each of these questions drastically impacts the ability of the bow to perform at your expectations.

The Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow 4/4

Fiddlerman is known for high-quality, handmade carbon fiber bows. They decorate their products in appealing ways and use real horsehair in their bows. This bow is weighted perfectly and can be used to play for hours without any bouncing or tension. It is affordable and nigh unbreakable. It is beautifully constructed and uses Real Siberian horsehair. Fiddlerman improved the vibration transfer with quality ebony frog, made sure this bow overcame temperature and humidity and placed a professional quality arch on it. If you are looking for a great bow for a fair price, you should read more about this one.

  • Carbon fiber is more suited to heavy performances our outdoor venues
  • Weight is evenly distributed, making this feel lighter than it is
  • Excellent customer service from Fiddleman to troubleshoot bow issues
  • Loses hair faster than other bows priced similarly
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Will need to switch to dark rosin for best sound

Features & Benefits

Superbly Designed

Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow 4/4

The design is top notch, and Fiddlerman put effort into it. For most players, it is well balanced, and the sound it creates is lovely. You will be impressed and will not have any worry with this bow. The hair is adjustable and will actually become tight when tightened.

Exceptional Quality

It is simple to find a bow with subpar parts and strings made of fake hair. The most prestigious violin will sound horrid if the bow has a synthetic substitute. This bow will last for years and survive in any climate. If you are still using a stock or a sub-$200 bow, you will hear the improvement.


It is very difficult to break this violin bow. Humidity and tempurature do not affect it, which allows it to last for a very long time. It is pleasantly weighted, so you will not risk damaging it with unfocused playing. It is wrapped in cowhide leather to further increase the durability.


This bow is a great value. It is affordable and smooth. It is similar to more expensive bows in quality and design. It rests comfortably in your hand and glides across the violin effortlessly. If you are a beginner, the Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow 4/4 will make learning much easier, as it minimizes screeching and bouncing that would occur with an inferior bow. It is well worth the small price.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Glasser X-Series Carbon Fiber X-Bow with Horsehair 4/4

Another high-quality bow, the Glasser will not let you down. While it is priced slightly high for a beginner, it performs on par with more expensive, $200 and above, bows. While the balance is right, it is slightly inferior to the Fiddlerman. However, if you are a beginner, you probably will not be able to tell the difference. It is on the lighter side, which has both advantages, such as when playing fast music, and disadvantages, such as playing slow music. While it only has 23 Amazon reviews, it is given 4.4 out of 5 stars. This bow will work well for everyone, from beginners to experts.

Comparison to the Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow 4/4:

  • The price is higher
  • It is uglier
  • The quality is slightly lower
  • While the horse hair is good, it is not Siberian

Crescent 4/4 Full Size Well Balanced Round Brazil Wood Mongolian Horsehair Violin Bow

Crescent 4/4 Full Size Well Balanced Round Brazil Wood Mongolian Horsehair Violin Bow

A bow created for beginners, the Crescent is cheap too. It is so inexpensive, for bows, that you can lose it and just get another. It has the added benefit of being a #1 best seller on Amazon, even though the rating is 3.8 out of 5 stars. The Crescent is not a bow to keep for years, and you will quickly outgrow it.

Comparison to the Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow 4/4:

  • Much cheaper
  • Great reduction in quality
  • Lower Amazon rating
  • You probably will not use it for too long

CodaBow Diamond NX Carbon Fiber 4/4 Violin Bow

CodaBow Diamond NX Carbon Fiber 4/4 Violin Bow

As the most expensive, clocking in at $387, bow on the list, the CodaBow dazzles, and wows. It has an even weight distribution and produces melodies consistently without screeches or bounces. Created by studying master violinists and their needs, CodaBow combined current technology with the old know-how to create this masterpiece. You may decide to keep it by your side when you sleep to keep it safe.

Comparison to the Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow 4/4:

  • It is considerably more expensive
  • The sound is warmer
  • You may find it better weighted
  • Geared towards experts

Final Thoughts

The Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow 4/4 delights and stupefies. Quality wise, it far outpaces others in the same price range. It is a great bow for all skill levels and will grow with you. It produces such a difference and is such a joy in playing that you will quickly throw away your other beginner bows. Bows are easy to create incorrectly, and Fiddlerman made sure to provide a fantastic product at a confusingly low price point. If you are still looking for a better bow check it here

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Started learning music when she was four years old, Stephanie is a music teacher and a music therapist who is highly proficient in Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele. She likes to learn, teach, and share her music playing experiences.

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