Etude ETR-100 Series Student Bb Trumpet Review

When I was a band student, I faced an uphill task when shopping for an excellent beginner trumpet. Most of those I purchased could hardly withstand regular use, and some did not produce quality sound. My problem came to an end when I acquired Etude ETR- 100 student trumpet, which I have scrutinized below to enlighten you.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Beginner Trumpet

With so many beginner trumpets sold out there, you can hardly differentiate the best from the rest by appearance. However, if you want a real beginner trumpet, I would suggest that you shop around for one with a smaller bore as it facilitates easier sound production.

Besides bore size, you also need to invest in a trumpet designed from a sturdy material that can withstand regular use as well as constant cleaning and lubrication. Such materials include nickel and brass.

Presenting Etude ETR-100 Series Student Bb Trumpet

Etude ETR- 100 students Bb is a stylish trumpet with lots of beginner-friendly features. Some of them include the reasonably sized bore that facilitates easy sound production and excellent projection.

Apart from the reasonably sized bore, this trumpet features an ergonomic design to facilitate a hassle-free handling and a comfortable grip even by young and inexperienced students. I like this feature because it makes you stay focused on producing a proper intonation.

  • Its lacquer finish gives it a professional look
  • Constructed from brass to last long
  • Adjustable third valve finger ring facilitates easy handling
  • Comes with an ABS plastic case
  • You will need an upgrade when you advance to the next level
  • Some users complain that the keys are cheaply made
  • Valves need regular lubrication as they tend to stick

Features and Benefits

1. Construction

Etude ETR-100 Series Student Bb Trumpet

Etude ETR- 100 series student Bb trumpet’s frame is designed from brass. Most trumpet manufacturers prefer brass because it is highly durable, light in weight, and corrosion resistance. The brass frame is coated with a lacquer finish to lift the trumpet's cosmetic value as well as offer an additional layer of protection against the element. The trumpet’s valves are also made of durable stainless steel.

2. Sound quality

Etude ETR- 100 series student Bb Trumpet’s bore measures 0.46 inches. The generously sized bore facilitates easy tone production as well as an excellent intonation. Based on this feature, I would say that this trumpet will let you learn to form accurate notes.

3. Ergonomic design

The obvious downside associated with most beginner trumpets is that they are quite cumbersome to play for long training sessions. Unlike those hard to use trumpets, Etude’s trumpet features beginner-friendly features an adjustable third valve finger ring that you can adjust to your comfort, and a first- valve thumb saddle where you rest your thumb while playing the trumpet. The two features support a comfortable hand positioning.

4. Price

Most student trumpets are known to sacrifice quality for low price. However this is not the case for Etude ETR- 100 student Bb trumpet since it is durable, rich in features and yet sold at a fair price. Although, you can still find cheaper beginner flutes with a plethora of student friendly features.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Mendini MTT- L Trumpet

Mendini MTT- L Trumpet

Mendini’s MTT- L trumpet comes in multiple colors. Some of the beginner-friendly features on this trumpet include a 7C mouthpiece, a valve slide thumb saddle, 0.46-inch bore, and a 3rd valve slide with an adjustable ring. Moreover, the trumpet features smooth action valves, and white faux mother of pearl inlaid buttons.

The trumpet’s standard kit contains a case, a pair of gloves, valve oil, and a soft polishing cloth. It costs $ 116.99.

Comparison with Etude ETR- 100 students Bb Trumpet

  • They are both intended for beginners.
  • Is quite affordable
  • With one year warranty 

Jean-Paul TR- 330 student trumpet

Jean-Paul TR- 330 student trumpet

Jean Paul's student trumpet is constructed from brass to serve you for long. Its gold lacquer finish gives it a stylish look as well as protecting the frame from elements. Like most student trumpets, this type features a thumb saddle and an adjustable ring. These features give you a comfortable grip while training. Its package contains a 7C mouthpiece, a polishing cloth, carry case, a pair of gloves, and valve oil. It costs $199.95.

How it compares with Etude ETR-100 student trumpet

  • A little bit in higher in price
  • Comes with more accessories.
  • Both are beginner friendly.
  • They are stylish.
  • Both are durable.

Hawk WD- T314- RD Bb Trumpet

Hawk WD- T314- RD Bb Trumpet

Hawk Bb trumpet comes in multiple color finishes to let you choose a trumpet with your favorite color. Some of the top features on this beginner trumpet include the thumb saddle, an adjustable ring, and a 0.46-inch bore. Like its competitors above, Hawk's student trumpet is designed from brass. It comes with a bonus case, and its price is $177.00.

Comparison with Etude ETR- 100 student trumpet

  • Both are constructed from brass.
  • They have a carry case
  • More Expensive
  • Hawk trumpet comes in many colors to choose from

Final Thoughts

Etude ETR- 100 student trumpet is a student-friendly trumpet with easy and quality sound production. In addition to the smooth tone production, this trumpet is ergonomically designed to support comfortable hand positioning, it’s built from brass to last long, and its lacquer finish gives it a professional look. For more best trumpet for beginner, you can visit this link.

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