Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar Review

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar is a good choice if you're looking for something more along the lines of a beginner to intermediate guitar. This marks another contribution to the famous design line that started with Epiphone and legendary guitarist Les Paul back in the early 1940s. It's safe for novice players, offers high-quality performance, and it comes with an affordable price tag.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Guitar

As we mentioned, it's important to have a guitar you can learn without struggling. For electric specifically, keep in mind that they produce louder sounds, various effects, and have a simple learning curve (more about electric guitars here).

However, they aren't for everyone. They can't be carried everywhere, so if you're looking for a grab-and-go, then you may want an acoustic guitar.

Before buying an electric guitar, think about:

  • Budget
  • Music tastes
  • Additional equipment

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar

With the Epiphone Les Paul Standard, you can enjoy similar performance found in the classic Gibson without spending $1000+. This can be useful if you're managing a budget, and it's also entry-level friendly so it's a good starter guitar.

To paint a clearer picture for you, we'll do a quick rundown of the pros/cons:

  • Budget & beginner-friendly
  • Easy-adjust tone/volume knobs
  • Good sustain
  • High action
  • Unlevel frets
  • A bit heavy

Features & Benefits

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar Review

Let's dive a little further to uncover more about what the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar has to offer you.


It's a good blend of Epiphone features and the classic build seen in the Gibson. The Standard has a mahogany body treated with a maple top. Paired with the hand-set mahogany neck, you're able to get a greater resonance.

The neck is tapered slim to give off the familiar Gibson appearance and feel. It's sturdy with good control. The rosewood fretboard contributes faster action. However, the frets can be unleveled, which can cause too high action.

To complete the classic look, the Les Paul Standard features a good binding between the D-shaped neck and the body as well as the trapezoid inlays. The body does have a good weight to it. Some of you may feel comfortable with it, especially intermediate players. For those of you who are beginners, it can wear on you after awhile.

Electronics & Hardware

A defining aspect of this guitar is its Alnico Classic humbucker pickups. These deliver warm, rich tones. For the tone and volume control, there are two knobs each that are handled with ease. This can factor into a more relaxed playing session.

When it comes to hardware, Les Paul Standard has the locking Tune-O-Matic bridge and StopBar tailpiece. Everything is auto-locked so you don't need tools when changing strings. This also helps provide more sustain.


With the humbuckers, you get good, clear sound with much-needed warmth. This guitar is also nicely versatile. If you're dabbling in more than one genre, the Les Paul Standard is a handy instrument.

You can get good bite, leaning more toward classic rock or metal. With the right amp, those sounds can further resonate. At the same time, you can soft for a blues-like melody. Although the Standard lacks the full tonal range of a Gibson, it doesn't keep it from producing quality sounds.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



If, for whatever reason, you can't go for the Epiphone Les Paul Standard, then there are a few electric guitars out there that work as good alternatives:

Silvertone Classic 1478

Silvertone Classic 1478

Still out for that nostalgia feel? The Silvertone Classic 1478 is a good option. It's based on the original with modern upgrades added to improve performance. This features a solid mahogany body and maple top, much like the Les Paul Standard. You'll still get those richer tones.

One of the biggest differences is shape. The Silvertone 1478 has a modern C-shaped neck rather than the Les Paul Standard's D-shaped. This C-shape is upgraded from the classic design to make it more comfortable and consistent. In terms of price, it's close in range to the Les Paul Standard, but a bit more expensive.

Compared to the Les Paul Standard:
  • More comfortable to play
  • Higher price range
  • Not as much action

Yamaha Pacifica311

Yamaha Pacifica311

This electric guitar is all about versatility. It's something found in Les Paul Standard as well, but the Yamaha takes it a step further. You'll able to achieve a wide range of tones, a go-to guitar if you're interested in diversifying your play style.

In terms of the body and neck, it's a Strat-style design with a double-cutaway shape, offsetting it from the Les Paul Standard. The body is Alder while the neck is maple, contributing to fast, yet comfortable playing. The price range is around the same as other alternatives and the Les Paul Standard, albeit a little cheaper.

Compared to the Les Paul Standard:
  • Strat-style body for easier playing
  • Cheaper price range
  • Less power yet with more versatility

Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster

Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster

For something that's good for beginners and your wallet, this Squier pays homage to the iconic Fender Telecaster. It's made from solid wood with a maple neck; this may not provide as much resonance as the Les Paul Standard, but you can still get some good sound from it.

The C-shaped neck can contour to your hand for a comfortable performance. It also has two Single-Coil Tele pickups to give it that classic Fender sound. This can be an ideal choice if you're just beginning and can't afford a more expensive guitar. It's perhaps one of the cheapest listed here.

Compared to the Les Paul Standard:
  • Cheapest product on the list
  • Contours to your hand
  • Less resonance

For those of you looking for something near the Les Paul Standard price range that's good for beginners while not cutting quality performance. If you've tried out any of these alternatives, let us know how you felt about them.

Final Thoughts

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar is the guitar when you're looking for high-quality performance without breaking the bank. You get a design similar to the classic Gibson, yet with Epiphone's personal style thrown in. The hardware and electronics allow for a versatile playing that can mesh with anyone's style. You can also check our best intermediate guitar guide to see what other guitars we suggests. 

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