D Z Strad Model 200 Brazil Wood Cello Bow Review

Whether you’ve only been playing for a year or two or you’re a more advanced student with a number of years in your playing experience, when it comes time to think about choosing a new cello bow, there are certain things you will need to keep at the front of your mind.

Things to Consider Before Buying This Cello Bow

Bows that come with starter cello kits are not of the highest caliber. If you’re going to get serious about improving your skills, you may want to invest in something that will help you produce a better sound. Consider what you want and need in a bow before you make your purchase. The D Z Model 200 is a bow for beginners and those progressing further along in their abilities.

This bow would not be suitable for a more advanced player. They may want to consider bow sticks made of pernambuco wood, such as the Master Antique Pernambuco 4/4 cello bow.

The D Z Strad 200 Model

The D Z Strad 200 provides a quality cello bow of brazil wood. It is a well-balanced, lightweight bow that’s perfect for the beginning and intermediate cello student. The Strad 200 offers a high value at the low cost of $65.

  • Highly selective Mongolian horsehair
  • Bows are available in three-quarter or full-size
  • The stick is medium-to-strong range of stiffness
  • Horsehairs were not as dense as some customers expected
  • The stick is subject to breakage if handled carelessly
  • Not recommended beyond the intermediate level

Features and Benefits

The stick

D Z Strad Model 200 Brazil Wood Cello Bow

The bow stick is made of brazil wood. Many cellists prefer the traditional sound and feel of a wood stick as opposed to carbon fiber. The brazil wood gives the bow a lighter, balanced feeling. The D Z Strad 200 responds quickly to the cellist's bowing. The wood is durable and very cost-effective.

The bow frog

The frog is the part of the bow that you hold onto with your right hand. Its technical purpose is to cover the components that tighten and loosen the bow hair and keep one end of that hair in place. Contemporary bow frogs are almost exclusively made of ebony. It should feel smooth and comfortable to your grip.

Mongolian horsehair

The DZ Strad’s 200 Model is fitted with unbleached Mongolian horsehair. The hair used on the bows of stringed instruments comes from the tails of horses. Animals from northern climates are considered to produce the strongest hair that is able to grip the strings better.

Abalone Parisian eyes

There are circular motifs on the bow frog. They are made of abalone and are called Parisian eyes. Other bows may use a different design in the same spot. While it is aesthetically pleasing, more importantly, that small spot is where you place your little finger. This is a great tool for helping beginners remember how to hold their bow.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Otto Musica Artino Series Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

Otto Musica Artino Series Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

Otto Musica offers a solid black carbon fiber cello bow that is best suited for beginners. It is durable yet lightweight. The bow frog is made of ebony. The mountings are nickel with an unspecified grade of horsehair. If you have progressed beyond the beginner stage, this might not be your best choice in a new bow. The original price of $199 for the D Z Strad 200 has been drastically reduced to $65 when purchased through Amazon. This amounts to a $91 savings over the Otto Musica Artino's $108 price tag.

Compared to DZ Strad 200:

  • Price $108
  • Solid black carbon fiber bow stick
  • Natural Mongolian horsehair

Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Cello Bow

This Fiddlerman hand-made bow is constructed to give the cellist the feeling of playing with a high-end pernambuco wood bow though it is made of carbon fiber. It has a good bounce and light action as it’s being used. The Fiddlerman bow is trimmed with a copper-mounted ebony frog and uses quality Siberian horsehair. The D Z Strad 200 is made of 100% brazil wood. It is well balanced and gives a quick response.

Compared to DZ Strad 200:

  • Price $77.79
  • Hand-made carbon fiber bow stick
  • Strung with Siberian horsehair

Vio Music 980 Hybrid Carbon Fiber and Pernambuco Cello Bow

Vio Music 980 Hybrid Carbon Fiber and Pernambuco Cello Bow

The bow stick is made of a very strong combination of pernambuco wood and carbon fiber. The Vio Music 980 bow has natural Mongolian horsehair with a nickel/silver mount. This cello bow comes only in full-size. The ebony bow frog is decorated with an inlay of Parisian eyes. This hybrid bow could make a good bow for the beginner or intermediate player. It would be worth comparing it against the D Z Strad 200 before making your final decision.

Compared to DZ Strad 200:

  • Price $129.99
  • Hybrid carbon fiber with pernanbuco bow stick
  • Bow hair is natural Mongolian horsehair

Final Thoughts

The D Z Strad Model 200 is an excellent cello bow for the beginner to intermediate student. A carbon fiber bow might be more practical for a young child if they may have a tendency to drop the bow on a regular basis. However many professionals prefer the sound made by a bow stick of natural wood.

The strength and flexibility of the D Z Strad 200 can help the new cello student as they progress, acquiring new and more complicated skills as a cellist. If you are looking for more other types of bow go to our home page for more reviews and tips.

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