D Z Strad E201 4-string Electric Violin Outfit Review

When looking for a good electric violin, I wanted something to introduce me to start up a new kind of playing for the violin. However, I didn't know the good electric violins from the bad ones, and I needed to figure how to get a good one, so I took to looking at reviews.

*D Z Strad Violin Case

*Mini Rosin,

*Brazilwood Bow

*Ear Buds

*1/4" Jack

*9-Volt Battery

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Violin

First, know how much money you want to put down on a new electric violin because this narrows your search. The electric violin market has a more specific price range for quality at around $250 because it's a healthy middle price range for quality, and up to $600 will hand you the sound quality needed to compose vibrant and colorful pieces. Finally, when you pick up an electric violin, Scott Laird, a renowned strings educator, says to pay special attention to the tonal quality. If you dislike the tone of your electric violin, you will play it less.

The D Z Strad E201

The D Z Strad 4-string Electric Violin Outfit E201 offers plenty of suggestions on how to work through issues that may arise. For example, if the bridge gets jostled to where the looseness doesn't transfer the vibration to the strings as well. Nevertheless, we still have a proper and professional setup. The violin looks appealing to the eyes, and at the same time, it features a cushioned shoulder rest that lets you play in comfort. Just a quick glance at the case reveals real workmanship and a solid-built violin.

  • Customer service delightful if you experience trouble
  • More affordable choice than Yamaha
  • Close attention to detail
  • Higher price than some of the other choices
  • Amp failed to produce amplified sound in some cases
  • Brazilwood bow adds between $50 to $200, and they're mostly suitable for beginners to lower intermediate

Features and Benefits

Four Fine Tuners

D Z Strad E201 4-string Electric Violin Outfit

One of the excellent features included in the D Z Strad 4-string Electric Violin Outfit is the four fine tuners for each string. The fine tuners are great because you want to play in tune. After you have made use of the ebony pegs, sometimes the difference between in-tune and a screechy violin is small. That's why the fine tuners exist. You can make slight adjustments to the tone, which make the pitch fuller and richer—most importantly, it sets the violin in tune.

Cable with 1/4" Jack and Earbuds

Because the electric violin can sing to the corners of every room and beyond, ear buds have become indispensable to keep your neighbors from furiously banging on your door. In addition, it means you can practice for as long as you want without interruption. You can play until two in the morning if you want.

Proper and Professional Setup

If you have ever bought a violin from a bad brand, then you understand how the setup can bring you up or down. Without the right setup, you can get frustrated and throw in the towel early, but this can also be especially important for the beginner. When you first start playing, you want the best setup to make it easier for you to get started with playing. You also get a pair of headphones with this violin so that even if you have roommates, you don't have to disturb them while you practice.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



In terms of price, the Bunnel NEXT Electric Violin Outfit and the Bunnel NEXT Forte Electric Violin Outfit have the same price at $349.49. They differ, however, in terms of looks. For example, the Marigold has a wood finish while the Forte has a solid carved maple body. If you look at the NS Design WAV, that has a rock maple bridge and an adjustable playing height. Here's a side-by-side comparison among the three.

NS Design WAV 4 Electric Violin Black

NS Design WAV 4 Electric Violin Black

The advantage of the NS Design WAV 4 is how you can hear the sound clearly and when you make mistakes. The original amplifier doesn't have a headphone jack, but you can buy a guitar one that works just as well. When played, this instrument produces a clean sound. Some electric violins weigh too much and sit uncomfortably on the shoulders, but this one sits well. It's a good choice.

Compared to DZ Strad:

  • Price —$599
  • Lightweight and interior carved for comfort
  • Natural sound, volume and tone controls
  • Reserve power easy to play

Bunnel NEXT Forte Electric Violin Outfit

Bunnel NEXT Forte Electric Violin Outfit

Known as one of the highest rated violins on Amazon, when they give it that title, you know it must be good. The Bunnel NEXT Forte Electric Violin is one of the only stringed instruments backed with a lifetime warranty, and you have a 45-day money-back guarantee. This violin requires no assembly. It has been handcrafted from a solid maple body. This outfit includes everything you will need.

Compared to DZ Strad:

  • Price—$349.49
  • Highest rated violins on Amazon
  • Strong and responsive bow
  • Handcrafted with a maple body

Bunnel NEXT Electric Violin Outfit Marigold

Bunnel NEXT Electric Violin Outfit Marigold

The Bunnel NEXT Forte Electric Violin features a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. In addition, a 9-volt battery comes included, and you have control sliders for volume and tone. This electric violin includes a one-year warranty on all its accessories. Why does this make a good choice? The low price and solid maple body showcase the ideal product.

Compared to DZ Strad:

  • Price—$349.49
  • Only stringed instrument backed by a lifetime warranty
  • D'Addario Prelude strings,
  • Piezo ceramic pickup

Final Thoughts

If you have not done so, we strongly encourage you to check out some of the alternatives. Perhaps the $600 price tag of the D Z Strad 4-string Electric Violin Outfit E201 costs too much for you, in which case the Bunnel NEXT Electric Violin Outfit Marigold or the Bunnel NEXT Forte Electric Violin Outfit will make more sense. If you want a violin with a more interesting shape, the NS Design WAV 4 Electric Violin distinguishes itself from the rest.

As some reviewers have said, the D Z Strad has better sound quality than the Yamaha. It costs a little more than some of the other choices, but the sound quality and pitch are rich with vivid sound. For other electric violin brands and style just click the link.

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