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What to Know About the Piano Keyboard Layout

If you’re new to the piano, chances are you have a lot of questions. And, at the start, most of these questions are going to revolve around navigating the piano keyboard. It might seem overwhelming when you’re faced with all those piano keys. And with no idea of what sound they make, or even why […]

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Your Guide to Piano Scales

Piano scales are the basis of any good piano practice regime. They allow your fingers to develop the muscle memory needed to be able to play up and down through the notes without having to think about it. And scales, or portions of them, appear in a huge number of classical piano pieces. Read on […]

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What to Know About the G Minor Chord

The ability to sit down and play any piece of music requires a strong foundation. That’s why musicians practice their scales and the chords that go with them. The g minor scale and the chords based on it are part of that foundation. Once you’ve mastered the g minor chord in all its inversions, you’re […]

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An Introduction to A Major Chords

Whether you’re looking to play songs by Ed Sheeran or Billy Ray Cyrus, you’re going to need to learn how to play A major chords [1]. Major chords are generally simple, so they’re great for beginners who are looking to learn how to play their favorite songs. The A major chord specifically is a key […]

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A Comprehensive Introduction to Piano Scales

Whether you’re sitting down at a piano bench for the first time or you can play Mozart with the best of them, all pianists agree on the importance of centrality of piano scales. Whether you’re playing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” or “Etude No. 36 in G sharp minor” every piano piece will include scales in […]

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An Introduction to the B Major Scale

Few concepts are as central to piano music as the scales, whether you’re playing the most basic piece or a Mozart sonata. But a common scale you may not have worked with yet is B major, which is a slightly more complex major scale. Here, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about the […]

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An Introduction to the A Major Scale

If you’re learning the piano, one of the most important skills to master is how to play scales. In the piano scales article, we have gone through A major scale to F major scale. In this article, we are going to review what a scale is and how to play the A major scale on […]

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