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An Introduction to Treble Clef

As you know, one notates music by using a staff. Back in the late 9th century, the notation for the Gregorian Chant musical scribes first recorded clefs with “neumes,” or basic dashes or dots above lyrics. They indicated a relative change in pitch. During the 10th century, scribes added a horizontal line to show a […]

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An Introduction to the Grand Staff

A true understanding of music can take years. And plenty of people manage to know just enough to get by in musical environments. Perhaps they sight read well, or have coveted perfect pitch. Either way, they’ve managed to get by with only a basic knowledge of musical concepts. But if you want to take your […]

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An Introduction to Bass Clef

Where there’s melody, there has to be rhythm. Other than drums, the main rhythm instrument is the bass. Bass is the line between melody and rhythm — which follows the melodic chords while holding up the rhythm. If you play the piano, you don’t need a second instrument to hold up the rhythm. Pianists need […]

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An Introduction to Ledger Lines

If the term ‘ledger lines’ isn’t ringing any bells for you, then read on, here’s all you need to know. For starters, music couldn’t be written down without them. That means all the music you know and love, everything from Beethoven’s “9th Symphony” to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”, all started life making use of ledger lines. […]

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