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What Is the B7 Chord?

Chords and keys, notes and changes, all of these things can get a little muddled in your brain. Understanding music theory, though, is really important if you want it to be worth your salt as a piano player. One great way to learn music theory is by learning individual chords and how they relate to […]

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How to Play an E Minor 7th Piano Chord

The E minor 7 piano chord, also known as Em7, is versatile and widespread, ranging from American Pie to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Beautiful in its simple melancholy, the E minor 7 chord builds a seventh note off of a very strong, full-sounding chord. It’s a dash of color. This is why great musicians […]

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What is the G7 Chord?

If you’re learning the piano, you need to know dominant chords and their variants. The reason that you have to understand these chords is the fact that variants are typically transitions toward different chords. If you want to have any songwriting ability, you’ll need to know how chords change and move toward one another. An […]

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