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Your Guide to Piano Scales

Piano scales are the basis of any good piano practice regime. They allow your fingers to develop the muscle memory needed to be able to play up and down through the notes without having to think about it. And scales, or portions of them, appear in a huge number of classical piano pieces. Read on […]

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An Introduction to Treble Clef

As you know, one notates music by using a staff. Back in the late 9th century, the notation for the Gregorian Chant musical scribes first recorded clefs with “neumes,” or basic dashes or dots above lyrics. They indicated a relative change in pitch. During the 10th century, scribes added a horizontal line to show a […]

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An Introduction to Music Note Names

Comprehensive Guide to Music Note and Symbols Staff Stave or staves is the plural of staff. Staff is the group of lines and four spaces each line represent various musical pitches. There are two types of staff treble staff and the bass staff. Suitable music symbols are placed on the staff lines according to their […]

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