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An Introduction to B Major Scale

From sweet girls named Caroline and girls that are not our lovers to rainy November days and those about to rock — our favorite music of any time has used B major chords. How did artists and groups wrangle this key to create the classics we love to belt out in the car? Keep reading […]

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What to Know About D Major Chords

Songs in the key of D Major are quite popular. From Mozart’s violin concerto in D major to The Eagles’ Hotel California, the chords in the key of D major are pleasing to every ear [1]. It’s a good idea to be familiar with this key, since it’s so versatile and attractive. Keep reading to […]

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What is a Quarter Rest?

A beginner’s music class can feel a lot like a math class because there are so many fractions. You’ve got to worry about things like 4/4 time, whole notes, half notes, and more. One especially puzzling term is “quarter rest.” If you just tried to picture a coin taking a nap, think again. That’s not […]

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