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How to Play Guitar: The Basics

Learning how to play guitar is a rewarding venture. For one, playing guitar helps lower stress. For another, learning how to play guitar and practicing it keeps your mind active. It forces you to exercise your brain, sharpening your focus and attention to detail. Not to mention, playing guitar just looks cool. But that doesn’t […]

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The Benefits Of Learning To Read Music

Learning to read music can help you to play an instrument better but the benefits don’t stop there! You will become a better musician who is willing to take creative risks and make unique music because of it. This helps you to become a more confident performer, which is rewarding for you and your audience. […]

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Top Benefits of Playing In a Band

Are you looking for a musical challenge? Would you like to combine your musical talents with others? Joining a band is one way to improve your skills, learn a ton about music, and even gain some new fans. Here are 5 reasons why playing in a band can make you a better musician: 1. Playing […]

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How Adult Music Lessons Can Help Your Brain

It’s never too late to learn a new skill. Exercising your mind by exploring new areas of interest, especially ones that are mentally challenging, is a great way to stay sharp. In fact, researchers and scientists say that older adults who engage in activities that engage and stimulate the brain don’t just have fun. They actually […]

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