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What Are Eighth Rest?

Imagine having a conversation with someone who never pauses to take a breath. The endless stream of words falling from their mouth would probably leave you confused and frankly, annoyed. The same principle applies to great pieces of music. Rests, or breaks in the sound, are essential to creating an excellent composition. Of course, not […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to the B Minor Scale

If you’re familiar with The Eagles’ most famous hit, “Hotel California,” you’re familiar with the key of B minor. Music in B minor can sound eerie or pensive. Use this key when you’re writing music that needs an ethereal tone. The B minor scale can seem tough at first, but if you use this beginner’s […]

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Top 10 High Quality Free Music Archives

It goes without saying that everyone likes to kick it with some sweet beats, and thanks to technology, you can play music wherever you are, whenever you want to. The problem is that listening to some tunes can get to be pretty expensive. In most cases, you either have to pay for each individual song […]

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The Ultimate Blues Scale Piano Playing Guide

Blues music has extensive roots in the culture of America. The exact beginning of this music genre is disputed, but many believe it began around the 1890s. One of the main features in blues music is a blues scale. This type of scale is actually used in many other types of music including jazz, pop, […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to the E Minor Scale

Maybe your grandparents have a piano. Maybe you saw The Pianist and wondered what it would be like to play the piano yourself. Maybe you’re a singer-songwriter, and like every self-respecting singer-songwriter, you need those two key instruments in your arsenal. Either way, the piano is one of those timeless instruments with a strong allure […]

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What to Know About the Whole Rest

In this lesson, we’ll look at one important element of sheet music – the whole rest. The whole rest (or semibreve as it’s known in Britain) is a period in which you shouldn’t play anything. That’s right, not a single note. It’s the longest rest available, hence it’s “whole”, as opposed to a half rest, […]

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