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How to Play a D7 Chord on the Piano

The D7 chord, or to give its full name, the D Dominant 7th chord, is a variation on the regular D chord. This means it has the same root position as D Major (the ‘happy-sounding’ D chord), which as you have probably guessed, is the note ‘D’. But while it’s based on the D Major […]

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What to Know About the B Flat Minor Chord

Ever heard what it feels like to be all alone? Well, Tchaikovsky wrote his Symphony No. 4 in the key of B flat minor with exactly that purpose in mind. While B flat minor chords may be best known for sounding rather ominous or depressing, they are still essential chords to include in your musical […]

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What to Know About the A Flat Minor Chord

Whether you’re a beginning pianist, guitarist, or another type of musician, the A flat minor chord will be essential for you to master. Don’t be overwhelmed by the variety of scales and chords you may be feeling compelled to learn right now. We’ll help you get started with this complete introduction to all you need […]

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What Is the B7 Chord?

Chords and keys, notes and changes, all of these things can get a little muddled in your brain. Understanding music theory, though, is really important if you want it to be worth your salt as a piano player. One great way to learn music theory is by learning individual chords and how they relate to […]

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What are Quarter Notes and How to Play Them

If you’re trying to master music, understanding how the quarter note works is critical to your success. If you’re not familiar with this note, that’s okay — we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about quarter notes. Let’s get started! What Exactly Are Quarter Notes? Quarter notes, also called crotchets, are […]

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What Are Eighth Rests?

Imagine having a conversation with someone who never pauses to take a breath. The endless stream of words falling from their mouth would probably leave you confused and frankly, annoyed. The same principle applies to great pieces of music. Rests, or breaks in the sound, are essential to creating an excellent composition. Of course, not […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to the B Minor Scale

If you’re familiar with The Eagles’ most famous hit, “Hotel California,” you’re familiar with the key of B minor. Music in B minor can sound eerie or pensive. Use this key when you’re writing music that needs an ethereal tone. The B minor scale can seem tough at first, but if you use this beginner’s […]

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