Bundy BTR-300 Series Student Bb Trumpet Review

Trumpets are powerful. They have affected the outcome of battles, have been credited with magical powers, and were buried with kings. While they may not impart magical powers, these days they produce magical tunes. If you are beginning your instrumental experience, a Beginner Trumpet may bring you the joy you seek.

Considerations before Purchasing a Beginner Trumpet

Trumpets have a few parts that need your evaluation. The bell is where sound emanates and comes in various sizes and materials. A smaller bell will have a sharper sound, whereas larger bells produce a mellower sound. Brass and gold lacquered bells create mellow sounds, whereas silver bells brighten the sound.

The valves and mouthpiece also influence your trumpeter career. The keys, known as valves or pistons, will make your fingers either glad or sad. Crafted in differing sizes and materials, the mouthpiece affects airflow. A good mouthpiece will increase tonality and length of play.

The Bundy BTR-300 Series Student Bb Beginner Trumpet

Composed of a 4.8" yellow brass bell, the BTR-300 creates flowing, mellow tunes that will caress your ears. Designed for durability, you can be rough on this trumpet without affecting the sound. Trumpets designed for higher skill levels can be difficult for a beginner to play, due to the airflow requirements. Crafted with a larger bore, the airflow will not tax your lungs heavily. This allows you to play comfortably for extended periods. The valves feel good to the touch, and they move with fluidity. The Bundy includes a decent 7C mouthpiece and a hardshell case.

  • Pleasant, melodious sound
  • Easy on the lungs
  • Durable
  • Responsive to your fingers
  • Expensive
  • No storage for sheet music
  • Heavy case

Features & Benefits


Bundy BTR-300 Series Student Bb Trumpet

The trumpet comes with a great, hard case that will protect your trumpet for years. However, the storage space is minimal, and you will have trouble storing sheet music in it. The included 7C mouthpiece is decent, and it is typical for a beginner instrument.


Bundy has been producing musical instruments for many years. The quality is good, and the melodiousness is correct. The keys slide easily without sticking. A thumb saddle on the first valve gives the trumpet a more comfortable feel. It helps relieve hand, shoulder, and arm tension. The adjustable ring on the third valve brings extra balance to the instrument, and it allows you to play for greater durations of time.


Bundy created this trumpet with durability in mind. It will take drops and dings and continue to play.


The trumpet is a good value. The price is slightly high, but the quality is worth it. The toughness allows you to drop it multiple times and be rough with it. The case will protect is for years, and the trumpet can be used for many years. It will follow you into the intermediate skill level.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet 

LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet

A great alternative, the LJ Hutchen Trumpet includes a nice, plush case and standard 7C mouthpiece. This trumpet is different from most student trumpets, as the valves are stainless steel. Stainless steel allows the trumpet to last longer and resist corrosion. The quality is exceptional, and it sounds wondrous. It is cheaper than many other student trumpets. It is heavier than most student trumpets, and this can be a problem for those with less strength. The mouthpiece is not very good and an upgrade will increase the quality of sound. Overall, you will be happy with the LJ Hutchen.

Comparison to the Bundy BTR-300 Series:

  • Less expensive
  • Greater weight
  • Nicer Case
  • Similar mouthpiece

Yamaha Trumpet Bb YTR 2330S Standard 

Yamaha Trumpet Bb YTR 2330S Standard

The Yamaha has the best quality out of the group. Of course, the price is higher. The design allows you to play this trumpet until the expert skill level, and it performs well at the student level. The increased quality is due to Yamaha using similar processes and manufacturing techniques in the creation of higher-end models. The tone is vibrant and consistent. You will find that the comfortability of the YTR 2330S is simply divine. You can play this for an extended time without tiring. The mouthpiece is nicer than most student models, and you will enjoy the reduced airflow requirements. It is very responsive and fun to play. If you plan on playing for years and increasing your skill level, this trumpet is a perfect fit.

Comparison to the Bundy BTR-300 Series:

  • Costs more
  • Nicer sound
  • Increased longevity
  • Superior quality

Le'Var BTRLV100 Student Trumpet

Le'Var BTRLV100 Student Trumpet

The Le'Var is a cheap and easy solution for a beginner. While the quality is lower than other trumpets, the price makes that okay. If you are rough on instruments or end up losing them, this is the perfect starter trumpet. You can easily buy another whenever something goes wrong. If you plan to play for an extended period, there are better trumpet choices. However, if you are a beginner that is testing the trumpeter waters, this one is a good alternative to more expensive models.

Comparison to the Bundy BTR-300 Series:

  • Much cheaper
  • Diminished quality
  • Lightweight
  • Twice as heavy

Final Thoughts

If you want to continue to play past the beginner skill level, the Bundy BTR-3050 trumpet will suit you well. The price is good for the quality, and you can use it for many years. It will continue to play responsively and sound lively. The trumpet will not tax your lungs heavily, and it allows you to strengthen them to prepare for the advanced levels. You will enjoy this trumpet for years to come. You can read our full review for best trumpet for beginners here.

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