Bundy BAS-300 Student Alto Saxophone Review

The alto saxophone is a very common instrument in concert bands and its wide range of notes played makes it an excellent choice for beginning music players. In this post I will explain why you should add this beginner saxophone to your list of considerations and what alternatives are out there for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Beginner Saxophone

You should first make sure that the saxophone is in the specific pitch you desire and suited to the type of music you want to play. Also consider the rods of the saxophone as they support and facilitate all the movement that comes with playing the instrument. Another key consideration is the pads that cover the holes of the saxophone. They are typically made from leather and will often have brass or other metal discs called resonators on them. If they are of low quality they will not completely cover the holes of the instrument and you will have great difficulty in playing the saxophone.

The Bundy BAS-300 Student Alto Saxophone

The Bundy BAS-300 is designed specifically for beginning and intermediate students. If you are an advanced or professional player, this is not the saxophone for you. The entire instrument is made with yellow brass and coated in yellow lacquer which will reduce the amount of cleaning you may need to do. The saxophone is constructed with right and left hand thumb hooks for easy handling, and the key pads are made with leather and covered with plastic resonators to allow for quick response and solid sound projection while keeping the price on this instrument low. Finally, the instrument features a stronger bell attachment which increases its durability.

  • Designed specifically for beginners
  • Lacquer finish results in easy maintenance
  • Leather pads with plastic resonators reduces cost
  • Beginning instrument that will need to be replaced as the player develops
  • No longer manufactured by Selmer but by a Chinese manufacturer instead
  • Lacquer finish will make it more susceptible to scratching

Features & Benefits


Bundy BAS-300 Student Alto Saxophone

The BAS-300 is made with a reinforced bell attachment which increases its durability and resistance to dents. This saxophone comes with stainless steel right and left adjustment screws which are more durable and can withstand multiple adjustments. Finally, the saxophone is crafted with left and right hand thumb hooks which allow for increased stability while holding the instrument.


Most beginner’s saxophones are used by children and it can be difficult to teach a child proper care and maintenance. The BAS-300 is made with a lacquer finish that requires less maintenance and cleaning. Also, the key holes are covered by leather pads with plastic resonators which make for quick and easy response to the touch while still being capable of withstanding extended play.

No Fluff Included

This saxophone comes with just the instrument and the case. You will have to purchase the mouthpiece separately, but this allows you to choose the size of mouthpiece you want to play with. Also, the beginner can chose features such as reed types and brands, cleaning kits and a host of other accessories to care for and play the instrument with. This choice can be nice because it allows you to customize the care of your instrument.


The BAS-300 does not have a low quality feel or appearance. Lacquer finish is often regarded as lower quality, however Bundy has done a very nice job making the saxophone appear of higher quality. Additionally, the saxophone is made with a reinforced bell attachment which increases its durability and means the instrument will last you longer. Finally, leather keyhole covers with plastic resonators mean the instrument will be able to withstand extended play as you develop your skills.


Users of the BAS-300 are overall satisfied with the instruments appearance, value and durability. This saxophone could be a great choice for you since it sounds and appears professional and allows you the option to customize your accessories.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L

Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L

Mendini’s are produced by Cecilio and are very reputable due to their high quality models for the beginner. All Mendini musical instruments are tested two times prior to sale to ensure they meet the highest standards of Cecilio. The saxophone includes a mouthpiece, a pair of gloves, cleaning cloth and rod, a neck strap, cork grease and a box of 10 reeds in size 2.5, along with the hard case to protect the instrument. 

Compared to the Bundy BAS-​300:

  • Much lower price
  • Includes more accessories
  • Top rated reviews on Amazon
  • Higher quality construction

Yamaha YAS-280

Yamaha YAS-280

The Yamaha YAS-280 is a higher end beginner saxophone that is manufactured by a company well-known for their quality musical instruments. The YAS-280 is a new design for the Yamaha alto saxophone and boasts improvements in durability for each receiver piece of the instrument, improved connections between components, and upgraded rods which improve the response in the keys of the instrument.

Compared to the Bundy BAS-300:

  • Pricier than the BAS-300
  • Includes basic maintenance kit
  • Backed by Yamaha reputation and 3-year warranty

Jean Paul USA AS-400

Jean Paul USA AS-400

Jean Paul USA is another well-known, U.S. based instrument manufacturer and they have created this alto saxophone specifically for beginning players. Each AS-400 is tested two times prior to sale and is manufactured with a hand-crafted bell attachment for added durability and resilience against denting. The included carrying case has back-pack straps to allow for easy transporting, and this saxophone includes a mouthpiece, ligature, cap, set of reeds, a neck strap, and cork grease, polishing cloth and swab cleaner for maintenance.

Compared to the Bundy BAS-300:

  • Lower price
  • Amazon choice for great beginner Alto Saxophone
  • Highly rated for value and construction
  • Includes additional accessories

Final Thoughts

The saxophone is a great choice for anyone looking to learn how to play and Bundy is a great fit for anyone starting out and looking to save money. As with any product it’s a good idea to compare products and find the one that offers the best value and experience for the money you invest.

Stephanie Su

Started learning music when she was four years old, Stephanie is a music teacher and a music therapist who is highly proficient in Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele. She likes to learn, teach, and share her music playing experiences.

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