Best Intermediate Flute Review in 2018

The flute is one of those instruments where it's important to have a good instrument that is particular to your level of playing. As the beginner develops to the point where they have mastered basic technique, it's time to increase the difficulty of the music and proceed to a flute capable of playing more advanced music. Beginning flutes often don't have the same features as intermediate flute, so it's important to get a new instrument when the time is right.

Value Section


best intermediate flute

The array of intermediate flute options available to you is staggering. Expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. If you're serious about playing the flute professionally, then you'll want to hold out to get the best flute your money can buy. Purchasing a flute is a difficult decision, and you shouldn't take the upgrade and see approach if you know you want to continue playing. The best advice is to get the best flute you can afford and make sure you purchase a flute that has been evaluated by your teacher to avoid any problems. Since the intermediate flute means your technique has advanced, you'll also want to try out the flute you're going to buy. If you can't find an online dealer who will let you try out several flutes, then you'll want to go to a local music store to test any flute before you buy.


The benefits of getting an intermediate flute are numerous for the player who has advanced beyond the limitations of a beginner flute. An intermediate flute makes it possible to play more advanced literature, and it provides a new challenge for the player who wants to player higher, faster and with newfound flexibility. Beginner flutes make it easy to get a sound, but the price is a decrease in your agility. For a flute to be truly agile, it has to be constructed in a way that only a seasoned and skilled flutist can play properly. If you can't afford a couple thousand for a new flute right now, then put the money aside until you can. Purchase a new headjoint for your current instrument to increase its life and breathe new air into your performances.

Buying Criteria

There are a few essentials that the intermediate flute must provide. It's essential that the intermediate flute contains a silver headjoint and body. This will ensure that you have an instrument with a warm tone. The most important feature of an intermediate flute is the headjoint since it accounts for the majority of the flute's tone. Ironically, higher-quality beginner flutes will have silver headjoints and silver nickel bodies. This means you can't simply replace the headjoint on those flutes to get an improved sound.

Another feature that is important is the design of the keys. With an intermediate flute, you want a flute with open holes on the keys. Finally, get a flute that includes a B joint and split E mechanism. These features make it possible to play with better intonation in the higher register and it extends the range in the lower register.


When it comes to playing on an intermediate flute, there are a few camps of thought on the design the instrument should take. Some players insist that you must purchase a flute with an inline design. There are also those who insist that you must choose a flute with open holes. Both of these issues deserve some consideration so that you can make the right decision for you.

While most professional flutes will also use an inline design, you should choose the design that is most comfortable to you. Functionally, it doesn't matter if you're playing on an offset or inline flute. The offset flute was designed to make it easier for players with smaller hands. If you have small hands, it makes sense to continue playing with an offset flute.

Open holes force the player to use a proper hand position, and they also make more advanced techniques like quarter-tones and harmonics possible. Get an instrument with open holes, and purchase some hole covers if you have trouble playing with the open hole design. Practice a few minutes per day with the covers removed, and eventually, you will be able to play on this advanced design.


In most cases, you can save significantly by purchasing your intermediate flute online. Since most intermediate flutes aren't handcrafted, you don't lose anything by going online to get your flute. With professional flutes, you may find small differences in manufacturing that truly makes a difference. With an intermediate flute, this is not the case and it shouldn't be a reason to spend more on a flute. A music store can be useful to test the flute, but buying online removes the pressure and makes it possible for you to make the decision that's right for you. Unfortunately, a music store will typically try to push the model they can't get rid of onto you. Avoid the stress and look for an instrument online.

If you're ready for some advanced flute techniques, here are some of the things you should aspire to play on your new intermediate flute.

Five Best Intermediate Flute

Yamaha YFL382

Best Intermediate Flute

Yamaha's YFL382 intermediate flute is one of the better intermediate flute options available. It's affordable, it comes with everything you need to begin playing and a few supplies to help you get started. The flute comes with a silver-plated finish all-around, and a gold-plated lip-plate to help you get a mellow sound. Silver plating helps the flute project, but gold plating will help to smooth out the sound and it's also more comfortable to play on.

The flute comes with a B-joint, which is an essential component for any flute that is designed to replace a beginner flute. This flute will serve well into the advanced stages of playing, and the student will find it a suitable instrument to play all throughout college. The instrument has exceptional intonation throughout the range, and it features open holes to get the student away from playing with closed holes.

The instrument comes with a full complement of accessories. It includes a flute case, polishing cloth and cover to enable you to protect your instrument from the very first day. The instrument looks absolutely stunning, and it will be an interesting conversation piece for your next recital or performance. T

  • Construction: Suitable for the intermediate and advanced player
  • Open Holes: The keys feature open holes, which is an essential option for the serious flutist
  • Case: Comes with a sturdy case that is designed to protect the flute.
  • Options: The model comes in various styles and materials, make sure to buy the gold lip-plate with a silver plated inline finish
  • Quality: The flute is a good low-level intermediate flute, but the student may wish to pay more for a better-quality option
  • Body: The body uses a nickel silver playing, which increases the quality of other components but reduces the overall tone

Yamaha YFL421

Best Intermediate Flute

The Yamaha YFL421 is a few steps up from the YFL382, but it also costs twice as much. So, is the item worth the cost? It comes with a host of features that are truly professional, and you'll enjoy the exceptional design and playability. It's also more durable and consists of higher quality materials. This is an option for those who don't want to move to an open hole design. In many ways, this is a less expensive version of some of the company's professional-level flutes.

The instrument uses sterling silver for the metal, which is not the ideal option for the student who wants a more professional design. The silver design makes this flute exude a more brilliant tone that will provide a professional and exceptional sound. The instrument also features an undercut design, and it has a beveled lip plate for smoother attacks, response and intonation.

The keywork is really what sets this instrument apart. When you first pick up this instrument, you'll notice the smooth and quiet action of the keys. This in an important feature of a high-quality flute, and this flute will provide you with a pure tone that is free from some of the additional limitations that other flutes have.

  • Sterling Silver: Body, head and foot use sterling silver for an exceptional sound
  • Keys: The keys feature a plateau closed-hole design for the player who desires a closed-hole intermediate flute
  • Durability: This is a durable instrument that will offers professional features at an intermediate price
  • Design: Closed hole design might be unnacceptable for an advanced player
  • Joint: Doesn't include a B attachment
  • Features: Not enough enhancements to warrant purchasing this flute over similarly priced models

Azumi AZ3 Offset

Best Intermediate Flute

This flute offers a mid-range professional flute option at an affordable intermediate price. The intonation is exceptional throughout the range, and it features sterling silver construction throughout. The most enticing feature of this product is the headjoint that is inspired by professional flutes. It features a Z-cut style that enables the student to experience a quick response and full tone throughout the three registers of the flute.

The flute comes with pointed key arms that help to give it a professional look and feel. The keys are greatly improved over similarly priced models, and the key pads are designed in such a way that they will wear evenly with use. The flute plays in tune effortlessly, and it uses the Altus/Bennett scale to ensure a rich tone and good intonation throughout the range. The instrument will serve as a top-line instrument for any intermediate flute player, and it sits just below the professional line of flutes produced by the world's top brands.

The instrument offers an open keyhole design. It also includes a B footjoint to play the lowest notes in the literature. The instrument uses an inline design to prepare the student for more advanced models, and it has an optional C-sharp trill key to make playing that awkward trill easier. It also comes complete with a case and cleaning products to take care of the instrument from the outset.

  • Materials: Sterling silver design puts this instrument on par with professional flutes
  • Intonation: Exceptional intonation that rivals the most professional flutes
  • Responsive: The Z-cut design makes this an exceptionally responsive flute
  • Design: An amazing design, but it might stick out in a typical orchestra
  • Plating: Lack of a gold lip-plate may push away some players, but a custom headjoint can always be used
  • Accessories: Not many accessories are included since the player is expected to have their own

Pearl 765RBE1RB Quantz Series

Best Intermediate Flute

The Quantz series offers an exceptional line of flutes that are inspired by the best master flute makers. This intermediate flute offers an unparalleled design that is coveted by intermediate and advanced flutists alike. The 765 model is the pinnacle of this series, and it features a sterling silver headjoint, body and food joint. Additionally, it has silver keys and an open hole design to meet the needs of the advancing musician.

The instrument keeps the beginning-level offset design, but this is a benefit for those who have small hands as well. The instrument allows the student to play on an affordable instrument that offers an efficient and dependable mechanism at the intermediate level. The flutes also feature French pointed arms, a pinless mechanism and the bar is made from a single core.

If you want an instrument that is full-featured by a highly respected brand, the Pearl Quantz series is the ideal option for you. It comes with a B footjoint, a split E mechanism and a French style case and a cover. This flute is on the more expensive side, but it is an exceptional instrument that will allow the performer to play well into college and the professional realm.

  • Design: Innovative design that uses premium materials
  • Features: Important features include a B footjoint and split E mechanism
  • Inspired: French-style case and design leave this instrument with a sophisticated look
  • Offset: The offset G may be something that an intermediate player wants to get away from
  • Cost: It's on the higher end of the cost spectrum for an intermediate flute
  • Accessories: The flute comes with limited accessories, but the French-style case more than makes up for this

Pearl Vignore 695 Dolce

Best Intermediate Flute

The name says it all, and this flute is as sweet as implied by the dolce moniker. The flute offers everything an intermediate student could hope for in a suprisingly affordable and attractive design. This flute comes with a 0.925 silver headjoint, a #K gold lip plate and pointed cup arms that are normally only found on custom-made flutes. In fact, most people will likely assume you have a custom-made flute due to the exclusive design of the instrument.

The flute offers a C-sharp trill key and a D-sharp roller to allow you to perform those more difficult passages. The intonation is clean and clear across the range, and the keys move like butter as you play through highly technical passages in your most challenging pieces. This flute will last a long time thanks to its high-quality design, and you will enjoy an exceptional experience and long musical career with this flute supporting you.

The flute doesn't come with many accessories, but this shouldn't pose a problem for most people who already play. You'll need a new brush and cloth since the one the instrument comes with doesn't work well with the flute. Additionally, the open-hole design may provide an issue for some beginning flute players who have not yet learned to play the open holes.

  • Gold: Lip plate is 3K gold, which gives a smoother feel and reducing fatigue
  • Features: Come with several extra keys to help the student play advanced music
  • Materials: High-quality silver helps the instrument give a beautiful tone
  • Cost: It's on the high-end for an intermediate flute and the cost may not be justified
  • Keys: The open holes may pose difficult for a beginning player who wants to move up
  • Quality: Exceptional instrument, but this instrument borders on professional making it unnecessary for an intermediate flute player


When it time to purchase an intermediate flute, the instrument you choose needs to have solid intonation throughout and the advanced features needed to play more complex music. Many of the intermediate flutes available will focus on creating instruments that appeal to the emotion of the buyer without providing a truly improved instrument. The Azumi AZ3 flute provides an exceptional intonation throughout the register without any of the extra features that make this flute overly expensive. When it comes time to purchase a professional flute, you'll be glad you saved a couple hundred dollars. The intermediate flute purchase isn't the time to go all out, which makes the Azumi the perfect fit.

It includes everything an intermediate flute should have with nothing that isn't needed. You'll get an exceptionally quick response, near perfect intonation throughout the registers and a flawless key action that will help you improve your technique. As an intermediate player, you don't need a gold lip plate, accessories or custom features. This flute is practical, enjoyable to play and will make you sound significantly better.

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