Best Guitar Straps Review in 2018

While you can certainly play a guitar while sitting down, it’s not ideal for performance purposes. If you’re performing in front of a group of people, you’re going to want to stand up to increase your overall stage presence. But in order to stand up and play your guitar to the best of your abilities, you’re going to need a guitar strap. There are thousands of different guitar straps out there. This guide is designed to show you the very, very best.

What is a Guitar Strap?

A guitar strap is a fairly basic piece of equipment. To put it simply, it’s a strap that you attach to your guitar so that you can play your guitar while standing up. The strap’s two ends connect to the bottom and the top of the body of your guitar. Once the strap is connected, it is slung over your fretting shoulder.

Guitar straps for the most part are pretty similar. However, there are differences from guitar strap to guitar strap. Electric and acoustic guitars, for instance, make use of different types of guitar strap attachments. While electric guitars are equipped with two knobs for guitar straps to be fastened around, acoustic guitars are typically only equipped with one knob. This means that acoustic guitar straps must be tied or fastened around the guitar’s upper neck. However, both types of straps serve the same purpose: they allow you to stand up and play your guitar to the best of your abilities.

Benefits of Using a Guitar Strap

guitar straps

The primary benefit of a guitar strap is that it allows you to play your guitar while standing up. But even if you're not standing up, a guitar strap still offers a number of benefits. In addition to keeping your guitar locked in the correct position, a strap will also keep your body in perfect playing balance.

By stringing up your guitar from your fretting shoulder, you gain absolute control over your instrument. There’s no need to position your body awkwardly in order to accommodate your guitar. There’s no need to sacrifice fretting hand mobility to keep your guitar in your grasp. You can focus completely on the task at hand: playing your guitar as well as you are able to play it.

What to Consider When Choosing a Guitar Strap

When perusing guitar straps, there are a number of different things you must consider. These things will directly affect the guitar strap’s overall functionality and performance. They are attachment type, comfort, durability, and length adjustment.

Attachment Type

In general, guitar straps come with one of two different attachment types. One type of attachment makes use of holes on both ends of the strap. These holes are fastened around the strap knobs on the top and bottom of the body of the guitar. Typically, these types of straps are designed for electric guitars. Because most acoustic guitars do not possess a strap knob at the top of their bodies, they do not accommodate these types of of straps.

Acoustic guitars are generally accommodated by the second type of strap attachment. This type of attachment makes use of a hole on one end of the strap, and a tie on the other end of the strap. The hole end of the strap attaches to the strap knob at the bottom of the acoustic guitar’s body while the tie end is fastened around the neck of the acoustic guitar. There are some straps which possess attachments to accommodate both acoustic and electric guitars.


One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a guitar strap is the comfort it provides. If you’re using your guitar for performance purposes, you will probably have it strung over your back for 30 minutes to 2 hours. This can begin to take a bit of a toll on your shoulders and back. Some guitar straps have a tendency to dig into your shoulder, causing not just muscle ache, but a stinging sensation as well. You want to avoid these straps like the plague.

The most comfortable guitar straps are on the wide side. Wide straps distribute the guitar’s weight over more surface area, allowing your shoulder to take on less direct tension. If possible, find a strap with some additional padding. This will help the strap feel softer to the touch, increasing overall comfort.


As with all products you purchase, you want to make sure that your guitar strap is durable enough to withstand some wear and tear. If you’re a touring musician who regularly plays shows, your strap is going to take quite a bit of punishment. You don’t want to have to change straps all the time, so it’s important that you find one that’s of the highest quality.

Guitar straps are made out of a number of materials, from nylon, to leather, and more. While leather is typically the strongest and most durable material, nylon also does a great job of withstanding wear and tear. Polyester is also typically a pretty reliable material. Try to avoid straps that aren’t made of one of these three materials. They just don’t possess the capabilities to hold up over long periods of time.

Length Adjustment

Every guitar player is a different shape and size. Some have broad shoulders. Some are skinny. Some are tall. And some are short. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that your guitar strap is capable of adjusting in length. While some guitar players like to play their guitars from below their waists, others prefer it somewhere in the middle of their stomach.

Guitar straps adjust over different ranges of distances. Typically, you want to find something that can adjust between around 35 inches and 65 inches. This will give you plenty of leeway when adjusting your guitar height to your specific preferences.

Five Best Guitar Straps

Mr. Power Guitar Strap

Best Guitar Straps

If you’re looking for one of the most useful guitar straps on the market today, you should definitely check out the Mr. Power Guitar Strap. This strap is equipped with a leather piece which holds up to 3 different guitar picks. If you drop a pick, you can simply pull another one out and continue playing.

It’s made out of tough nylon that is both lightweight and capable of withstanding a great deal of wear and tear. With a width of 1.8 inches, it’s wide enough to distribute weight across your entire shoulder so that it doesn’t place too much stress on any one part of your body. An adjustable strap, it measures in at 36.5 inches when it’s completely tightened and 65 inches when it’s completely let loose.

Equipped with a dual style attachment, this strap can be used with both acoustic and electric guitars. The end of its straps are made out of durable, reinforced leather for maximum durability and strength. Overall, the Mr. Power Guitar Strap is a great strap regardless of what type of guitar player you are.

  • Equipped with a pick holder
  • Adjustable for guitar players of all sizes
  • Made out of durable nylon
  • A little thinner than some straps
  • Isn’t as durable as leather straps
  • Very plain aesthetic design

Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap

Best Guitar Straps

Perhaps you’re interested in a guitar strap with some style. If so, you might consider the Fender 2 Vintage Tweed Strap. Made out of tough, durable tweed, this strap is reminiscent of the early days of rock n’ roll.

Tweed is a slightly elastic material, so this strap has a lot of give on your shoulder. Measuring in at around 2 inches in width, it manages to distribute the weight of the guitar evenly across your body. An adjustable strap, it measures in at 44 inches when completely tightened, and 49 ½ inches when let completely loose.

Sporting a two hole attachment design, this strap is made solely for electric guitars with two strap knobs. With reinforced leather ends, it will hold up through years of wear and tear. If you’re an electric guitar player looking for durable, comfortable, and aesthetically-pleasing strap, this one is a great option.

  • Made out of aesthetically-pleasing tweed
  • Fits very comfortably
  • Reasonably priced
  • Isn’t as adjustable as some other guitar straps
  • Only works for electric guitars
  • May not support the heaviest of guitars

Anwenk Guitar Strap

Best Guitar Straps

This Anwenk guitar strap is designed principally for acoustic guitars. While it could conceivably be used for electric guitars, it might not thrive with them. It’s made out of a woven cotton fabric sporting a classic hootenanny design reminiscent of the 1960s folk era. While durable, it’s not as durable as straps made for electric guitars. However, when used with acoustic guitars, it will hold up very well over time. For added durability, it possesses leather reinforced ends. These are strong enough to hold any acoustic guitar you throw at them.

Measuring in at 2 inches in width, this strap does a terrific job of distributing weight evenly across your back and shoulders. It adjusts between 37.8 inches and 60 inches, making it appropriate for guitar players of all shapes and sizes.

One nice feature of this strap is that it possesses a pick pocket to hold up to three picks at one time. If you’re an acoustic guitar player who’s looking for a strap that’s attractive, comfortable, and functional, you need to check this one out.

  • Adjustable to fit guitar players of all sizes
  • Possesses a pick pocket
  • As comfortable as they come
  • Not ideal for electric guitars
  • Included picks are not of high quality
  • Not made in the U.S.A.

Dunlop D3814GY Celtic Grey Strap

Best Guitar Straps

The Dunlop D3814Y Celtic Grey Strap is a no nonsense guitar strap that quite simply gets the job done. Made out of tough, lightweight nylon, this strap is designed to withstand years of wear and tear.

Measuring in at 2 inches in width, this strap distributes weight comfortably across your entire shoulder, reducing tension on any one area. At its minimum, it extends to 38 inches in length. At its maximum, it extends to 65 inches in length. This makes it easily adjustable enough for guitar players of all shapes and sizes.

Equipped with two attachment holes, this strap is designed solely for electric guitars. Its attachment ends are made of reinforced leather, giving it extra durability and allowing it to hold guitars of all weights. If you’re looking for a solid guitar strap that will accommodate all gigging purposes, this is one of the guitar straps you need to take a look at.

  • Adjustable for guitar players of all sizes
  • Very durable
  • Fits very comfortably
  • Won’t accommodate the majority of acoustic guitars
  • A little stiff
  • Adjustment buckle has a tendency to interfere with shorter players

Ernie Ball Black Polypro Guitar Strap

Best Guitar Straps

If you’re looking for a solid guitar strap at a reasonable price, you need to consider the Ernie Ball Black Polypro Guitar Strap. Made out of polypropylene, it is equal parts durable and lightweight, capable of withstanding years and years of wear and tear. While it can be used for frequent gigging purposes, it’s better suited for guitar players who only play the occasional show.

With a width of around 2 inches, it distributes the guitar’s weight evenly across your back, ensuring that it doesn’t put too much strain on any one part of your shoulder. It’s ridiculously adjustable, expanding from 41 inches all the way to 72 inches. So, in essence, if you’re a hugely tall person, this would be a great strap for you.

It’s equipped with two attachment holes and no ties, making it appropriate solely for electric guitars. To give it added durability, its end attachments are made out of reinforced leather. This leather is plenty flexible, but also more than strong enough to hold guitars of all different weights.

  • As durable as they come
  • Strong enough to hold guitars of all weights
  • Very comfortable
  • Isn’t designed to accommodate acoustic guitars
  • Fairly plain aesthetic design
  • Not designed for frequent gigging


Playing the guitar in the comfort of your own home is fun. But at some point, you’re going to want to perform in front of others. In order to do this, you’re going to need to play your guitar while standing up. And in order to do this, you’re going to a guitar strap. While there are a number of great guitar straps on the market today, the best overall guitar strap is the Mr. Power Guitar Strap.

Capable of being adjusted to accommodate guitar players of all sizes, this strap possesses the attachments to connect to both electric and acoustic guitars. Comfortable, lightweight, and capable of thriving through years of heavy use, it’s great for serious gigging and random performing alike. To make it even better, it’s equipped with a useful pick holder, giving you everything you need to feel comfortable on stage at all times.

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