Best Guitar Humidifiers Review in 2018

You may or may not be aware that humidity can be a guitar's greatest enemy. When a guitar comes face to face with an environment that is either too dry or too damp, its wood can become warped and the instrument can be ruined.Guitar humidifiers work to protect your guitar from the environment and prevent damage to your instrument.

Why Use a Guitar Humidifier

When guitars are being built they are made in a factory that is completely controlled and optimized when it comes to humidity. They are then sent to music stores that also have controlled, ideal environments. But finally, when someone takes that guitar off of the wall and takes it home, that's when the real trouble begins. Our homes are not usually optimized for a guitar's wellbeing.

Leaving your guitar in an extra damp or extra dry environment can cause damage and may cause the wood of the guitar to crack. It can also lead to fret buzzing and other issues.

Best Guitar Humidifiers

Many people fail to give humidity a real thought after buying a guitar, even if they have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on it. Nevertheless, humidity is a very real concern that you need to be mindful of if you want to keep your guitar in pristine condition and health.

Who Needs a Guitar Humidifier

While a humidifier may not be necessary for all guitarists, there are some people who are going to need one more than others. Guitar humidifiers are especially necessary for solid wood guitars or guitars that have a solid top with laminated sides.

These guitars are especially susceptible to bad weather and dryness issues. They are very susceptible to the humidity of the rooms that they are kept in. A humidifier is a necessity for these solid wood and solid top guitars.

With that in mind, people in some regions will need guitar humidifiers more than others. People who live in dry, desert environments will definitely need a humidifier to keep their guitar secure.

Additionally, if you live in an area that has extremely cold winters and you use a heater during these months, a humidifier will be a necessity for you as well.

How to Choose a Guitar Humidifiers

There are different things that you should look for in a guitar humidifier and some things that will vary. Not all guitar humidifiers are made equally.

There are a few main types of guitar humidifiers that you can choose. The two main types are soundhole humidifiers and guitar case humidifiers.

A sound hole humidifier will cover the guitar's soundhole or sit comfortably under the strings. A guitar case humidifier will sit in the case of your guitar, usually near the headstock.

A room humidifier can also be an option and may be a better choice if you choose to keep your guitar on the wall.

However, it's recommended to not keep your guitar on the wall at all times. The absolute best place to keep your guitar is in a hardshell case.

A sound hole humidifier or a guitar case humidifier will be the better choice for most guitars.

Tips for Using a Guitar Humidifiers

When using a guitar humidifier there are a few things that you'll want to keep in mind to get the best possible benefit. The truth is, you could risk harming your guitar if you don't use the humidifier properly.

Dryness is bad for your guitar, but excessive dampness can be harmful as well. If the guitar humidifier you choose uses a sponge you'll want to make sure it is damp enough to get the job done, but not dripping wet.

If it is dripping wet, the wood of your guitar could be damaged. You likely won't need to dampen the sponge every single day. Usually, every week or so will be fine.

Additionally, you'll want to know your environment and adjust accordingly. Monitor your humidifier closely to make sure that you're keeping everything well maintained.

If you live in a particularly dry environment you may notice that the sponge drys out sooner than expected. Figure out the specific needs of your environment and go from there.

Five Best Guitar Humidifiers

We considered many options for this list of guitar humidifiers, but we selected the very best for our list of the top five. Here are a few of the other options we considered before settling on our final list:

Dampit Guitar Humidifier

Best Guitar Humidifiers

This product is well known as a humidifying solution for the guitar and is perhaps the most time tested product on this list. It has been around for a while.

The Dampit is a small snake-like hose that you insert into the soundhole of your guitar. To use it, you will simply wet the Dampit tube and then put it into your guitar and leave it there. The Dampit will allow your guitar to stay in the ideal range of 45%-55% relative humidity.

Unlike some other humidifier products, the Dampit is great because you can leave it in your guitar while you're playing and there is no need to take it out in order to use your instrument. There is no noticeable tonal difference when playing your instrument with the Dampit remaining in your soundhole.

The Dampit is also long-lasting and you won't need to replace it regularly like other humidifier products. Dampits also include a soundhole cover to help keep the moisture in.

Some drawbacks to the Dampit, however, is that you will need to do some maintenance in order to get it to work for you. You will need to re-wet the Dampit regularly.

It's also quite possible to potentially use too much water and damage your guitar. Make sure to not make the tube too damp or let it lay flat at the bottom of your instrument. It shouldn't be too much of a problem to use the Dampit correctly with a little effort, however. Just make sure that you read the instructions carefully and you should be fine.

  • No need to remove when ready to play
  • Can measure the humidity in a room
  • Long lasting and time-tested
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Easy to use too much water
  • Potential to damage guitar if used incorrectly

Planet Waves Humidipak D'Addario

Best Guitar Humidifiers

This product, the Planet Waves Humidipak, was made by Planet Waves in collaboration with Humidipak and provides a humidification option that is unique compared to the other products on this list.

The Planet Waves Humidipak is a humidification system which can manage humidity in two ways. The Humidipak can both release and absorb moisture. It also keeps your guitar at the perfect relative humidity level for wooden instruments, 45%.

The Humidipak is a breeze to set up and start using. With the system, you will place the 2 included packets in the double pouch, and let it hang down into the sound hole between the D and G strings. The third packet will go under the guitar's headstock while in its case.

The Humidpak system prevents you from having to deal with sponges and water as with other humidifiers on this list.

The Humidipak packet will last any time between 2-6 months, so you will need to replace the packets every so often in order to keep the humidity of your guitar under control. You will be able to tell that it is time to get a new Humidipak once the packet becomes firm.

Unfortunately, in order to use the Humidipak system, you'll need to store the guitar in its case to get the full humidification effect. Also, unlike some other humidification options, the Planet Waves Humidipak doesn't include any kind of device for measuring your guitar's Humidity levels.

  • Easy to use and setup
  • No dealing with sponges, water, etc
  • Two-way humidity control, can either release or absorb moisture
  • Hard case needed for full effect
  • Doesn't include any device for measuring humidity
  • Will need to discard and replace every 2-6 months

Oasis OH-6 Guitar Case Humidifier

Best Guitar Humidifiers

This humidifier is perfect for guitarists who keep their guitar in the case at all times. The Oasis Humidifier does a great job at keeping your guitar at an ideal humidity level and includes several great extras that make this humidifier extra easy to use and maintain compared to other products.

For one thing, it is incredibly easy to tell when the Oasis is in need of more water. The Oasis will automatically collapse when more water is needed, so you will be able to tell right away that it is time to refill it.

It is a very easy humidifier to set up and easily clips to your case using a metal clip and magnetic strip that is included.

There are some drawbacks to the Oasis, however. The Oasis is prone to dry out pretty quickly so you will need to stay on top of it and be sure to refill the water pretty often. If it remains dry for too long and shrivels up, it can be difficult to get it going again.

Of course, this is a humidifier model that is ideal for case storage of your guitar, so if you prefer to have your guitar out on a stand or on the wall you may want to look for another option.

Overall though, the Oasis Guitar Case Humidifier is one of the best choices out there.

  • Easily displays when more water is needed, by automatically collapsing
  • Includes a metal clip and magnetic strip which helps you to store safely and securely in your guitar case
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Dries out relatively quickly, and needs a refill often
  • Difficult to refresh if it dries out completely due to lack of water
  • This model is meant only for guitars that are often stored in the case

Kyser Lifeguard Humidifier

Best Guitar Humidifiers

A bit of a noticeable plastic smell at first

The Kyser Lifeguard Humidifier is a humidifying solution that snaps snugly into the soundhole of your guitar. This design is ideal for keeping in moisture and also looks pretty cool compared to other humidifiers. This design also helps to evenly distribute the moisture in the guitar.

The Kyser Lifeguard Humidifier can also remove excess moisture from your guitar as well and can easily absorb any excess moisture it finds.

This kind of humidifier is ideal for users who like to keep their guitar on a guitar stand or on the wall, rather than in a guitar case. It comes in several version depending on your instrument and has a design for acoustic guitars and classical guitars.

To use the Kyser you will submerge the entire humidifier into water. This will wet the sponge that is inside. You will need to be sure to dry the outside of the humidifier out in order to not cause damage to your instrument.

The design is pretty good, but there are some drawbacks. It may have the tendency to trap water with its sandwich-style sponge.

The design isn't perfect for soundholes that are a bit out the ordinary, however, so keep this in mind if your guitar is a bit different than the norm. It also has a bit of a plastic smell at first, but this seems to wear off with a little time.

Overall, however, the Kyser Lifeguard is a great choice for users who want a good humidifier and prefer to leave their guitar outside of their case often.

  • Good for keeping your guitar outside of its case
  • Snug fit on the guitar's soundhole
  • Models for Acoustic guitar and Classical guita
  • Not ideal for oddly shaped soundholes
  • Design not ideal, may trap water
  • A bit of a noticeable plastic smell at first

The Humitar by Music Nomad

Best Guitar Humidifiers

Spreads D and G strings apart, which may lead to the need for a tune-up before playing

The Humitar is similar to other models and fits between the D and G strings of your guitar. But unlike other options, The Humitar keeps a very low profile. Others may have some problems when closing the guitar case over them, but with The Humitar it will be much easier since it sits much lower down.

In addition to this extra clearance, The Humitar is a great option because of its included synthetic sponge. The synthetic sponge can hold 10x more water than a regular sponge but it is also anti-drip and does a great job holding in moisture.

Because of this synthetic sponge, it is also much lower maintenance than some other options. It will last much longer before needing to re-wet the sponge again. There is also no need to buy any replacement packs with this humidifier, as it will last a long time all on its own.

While The Humitar has a lot of great features, there are some drawbacks. The main drawback is that it is recommended to only use distilled water with The Humitar. Many people won't have this lying around the house.

It also can be a bit fidgety when fitting the humidifier into the soundhole, although this is true of many alternatives as well.

Overall, The Humitar is a great low-maintenance option that many people will love and a great addition to this list.

  • Low profile size when placed between the strings
  • Long-lasting one time purchase
  • Uses a synthetic anti-drip sponge which holds more water than a normal sponge
  • Can be tricky when fitting into the soundhole
  • Recommended to use with only distilled water
  • Spreads D and G strings apart, which may lead to the need for a tune-up before playing


Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the best guitar humidifiers on the market today and understand why a humidifier can be such a crucial purchase if you own a solid body or solid top guitar.

All of the options above are great choices for keeping your guitar in great condition and optimizing your guitar's humidity. However, if we had to pick one that stands out above the rest we would go with The Humitar by MusicNomad.

The Humitar is a great choice in many ways but we love it because it is a low-maintenance, low-profile option that gets the job done well. Its synthetic anti-drip sponge really seals the deal. It's also a great bonus that you won't need to buy any replacement packs with this humidifier.

While many people neglect to get a guitar humidifier, it really is necessary to maintain a quality guitar and avoid those nasty cracks, warping issues, and other types of damage that occur.

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