Best Electronic Drum Set Review in 2018

Tearing down an acoustic drum set and rebuilding it every time that you have a gig can be an annoying process. An electronic drum set is one way that you can simplify this process. However, if you have never played on an electronic drum set, then knowing the features and the benefits that this instrument offers a musician is going to be important when you are considering your purchase options. This guide is designed to help you find an electronic drum set with ease. Let's begin by taking a look at how an electronic drum set works.


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Alesis DM6 USB Kit

How do Electronic Drum Sets Work?

An electric drum set is designed with a drum module that you can adjust as well as several pads that you can strike like you would a traditional drum. When you hit the pads, a signal is sent to the module to produce the sound that you are telling it to create. Rhythms can be preprogrammed into the system for you to play along. Each set includes a few different types of drums and cymbals that you can play just like an acoustic drum set.

What to Look for in a Drum Module

Best Electronic Drum Set

Since the drum module is the brains behind the music that you are creating, it needs to have certain features. The modules that come with most of the electronic drum sets on the market have a variety of features. You want to make sure that the one that you select has a great sound. There cannot be any delay between the time you hit the drum and the sound that you hear through your headphones. Having a delay can make you fall behind on the beat, which will make your music sound off.

Almost all of the drum modules available have percussion options that you can choose. Different types of drums, bells, and other effects are typically available, but only higher end drum kits allow you to download sound variations that you can use in your music, which is great for techno and electronic music. In addition, make sure that there are enough preset options for your musical needs and style.

Top Advantages

There are a lot of advantages to playing an electronic drum set. Firstly, the sound options allow you to create a lot of different sound profiles that you would not be able to create on an acoustic set. You can even add or take away specific effects with the touch of a button, which means that if you want to add a specific sound to your chorus, you can easily do so.

Electronic drum kits have also become more popular, and as technology increases, the price of these drum sets are actually much cheaper than purchasing an acoustic drum set. In addition, they make a lot less noise, so your neighbors will have no reason to complain. Simply plug in your headphones and enjoy your music. You can also plug them into an amp if you want to share your sound with those around you.

Pre-Purchase Considerations


You need a drum set that is sturdy enough to take a lot of intense drumming sessions. Some drummers really get into their music, and the last thing that you need is for one of the drums to break during a gig.


If you are purchasing electronic drums to help keep the noise level to a minimum, then test out the amount of sound the kit makes acoustically. Most kits have a volume control that allows you to easily adjust your sound.

Feel of the Pads

Not all of the pads on electronic drum sets are made the same. Some are designed with mesh tops, while others are rubber, so make sure that they are comfortable to play on before you make a purchase.

Size of the Kit

Make sure that the drum set that you purchase can fit in the space that you set aside for your drums. Some of these drum sets are full sized, while others are designed to be more compact so that they can fit into a smaller space with ease. If you are going to need to move the drum kit on occasion, you may want a smaller set.


Since this drum set is electronic, you will need to have enough inputs and outputs to accommodate any external music sources and equipment that you may need. Also, check to see what software is compatible with the drum set because there are a number of applications that you can use to add more unique sounds to your music.


An electronic drum set can be a bit of an investment, so make sure to consider options that are within your price range. Some electronic drum sets cost a few hundred dollars, but they can reach up to a few thousand.

Setting Up

If you have never used an electronic drum set, you may need to adjust a bit when setting up the kit. The first thing that you want to adjust is the height of your throne or seat. If you are uncomfortable while you are playing, you will not be able to play as well. Make sure that your knees are never above your hips. When it comes to pedal position, the knees need to be below your shins.

Insofar as the drums, the snare should be positioned between your legs and the rest of the kit should fall into place. Make sure that your cymbals are secure, and that you are comfortable hitting all of the components of the set. Check out this demonstration that shows you how to properly set up an electronic drum set.

Best Electronic Drum Set Reviews

Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set

Best Electronic Drum Set

The first drum set on this list is the Roland TD-11K-S. It is one of the best professional level drum kits that you can get for a relatively low price. I love how lightweight and compact this unit is. It comes with a hi-hat combination, a kick pad, and the toms and the snares are covered with a mesh V-pad that sounds great.

The sound that this set creates is amazing; in fact, all of the cymbals and kick pads are designed to sound and feel as acoustically accurate as possible. There are 25 drum kit sounds and 90 different tones that you can choose from, which means you will always have access to unique music.

I really like coach mode on this drum set. It allows you to check your time with the built-in metronome as you play the rhythm, and it even gives you a score. You can set the metronome to stop after a few beats; after a while, the beat will drop back in to make sure you are still in time with the music.

  • It is easy to adjust drum set to your needs
  • The pads feel good when you hit them
  • The drum module is user –friendly and easy to navigate through the settings
  • There is no bass kick or sticks included with this kit
  • This electronic drum set is a bit on the expensive side
  • The hi-hat is not sensitive, so you have to hit it with a bit of force to create sound

Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set

Best Electronic Drum Set

The Alesis Nitro Kit is another great electronic drum set that you may want to consider. It comes with eight pieces, which include three toms, a snare, a kick drum, and three cymbals. I really like the fact that this drum set comes with 60 preset songs that you can learn to play along with, which makes it great for a beginner. If you don't want to make use of the 40 preset kits, then you can easily customize your own sound with the 385 options that the module has to offer.

The set is designed to be durable, so it was designed with aluminum posts that will not bend or buckle when you start to go wild on the drums. The pads are made from very responsive rubber that is comfortable to play on. In addition, there is also a built-in metronome and recorder on the module that makes it easier to get ready for a gig.

  • You get a log of bang for your buck with this unit; in fact, it comes with everything that you need to play
  • This is an extremely durable drum set that can take a lot of abuse
  • The mesh heads on the drums are very quiet
  • The cymbals can be a bit loud, but it is still much quieter than an acoustic drum set
  • The bass drum is a bit bouncy, which can be a hindrance for some
  • The sound is a bit quiet, so it needs to be amplified when you are using headphones

Yamaha DTX400K Customizable Electronic Drum Set

Best Electronic Drum Set

The next electronic drum kit on our list is created by Yamaha, which is a company that has created quality musical instruments for over a century. This set comes with a snare, three toms, a hi-hat, two cymbals, a kick pad, sticks, a throne, and a pair of headphones.

The module that comes with this kit comes with a total of 297 sounds. 169 of those sounds are drums, 127 are other percussion instruments, and the rest are other instrument sounds that you may enjoy using. If you need more sound options, you can extend your library with your computer or a MIDI controller. In addition, there are also ten presets that you can use, or if the settings do not vibe with your style, then you can easily customize the configuration. One of the functions that I really like about his kit is the fact that you can plug up to your MP3 player and play with the music. There are also 12 different training modes that you can make use of.

  • This is a very sturdy drum set that is built to last
  • This is a very quiet drum set
  • It comes with everything that you need to start, which makes it perfect for a beginner
  • The app for this drum set is only available on iPhone
  • The pedal for the bass drum is not as stable as it could be
  • This drum set only comes with ten preset options

Alesis DM6 USB Kit Eight-Piece Compact Beginner Electronic Drum Set

Best Electronic Drum Set

The nest electronic drum set on this list is another Alesis. It is a compact kit that comes with eight pads, which include a snare, three toms, a kick pad, and three cymbals. It even comes with a bass pedal and a pair of sticks so that you will be ready to play as soon as the kit is set up.

The module that is included with this kit is easy to operate. The unit contains 108 voices that include drums, percussions, bells, and even some random sounds. There are ten presets that already exist in the module, and then there are five more that you can make use of as well for your customizations.

I like the idea of connecting my MP3 player to the kit to play along with my favorite bands. You will easily be able to hear your drumming as well as the track that you are playing with. If you enjoy video games, you will be happy to know that this drum kit is compatible with Rock Band.

  • The mesh drum heads are very quiet
  • There are a lot of options for customization on this unit
  • The drum set is very easy to set up and move when needed
  • The sound is not very loud without an amplifier, especially the snare
  • The pads are not very sensitive, which is a feature that some advanced drummers may like
  • There are a lot of strange electronic sounds in the voice list that only works with certain music

Roland TD1KV V-Drum Compact Electronic Drum Kit

Best Electronic Drum Set

The final electronic drum kit on this list is one that features a compact design, which is ideal for small studios and apartments. Since it has a relatively small footprint, it can save a lot of space when compared to an acoustic setup.

The kit comes with a mesh head snare drum, three toms, and three cymbals. The module comes with 15 presets that range from standard drum tones to other percussion instruments. There are even 15 songs included in the settings that you can easily play along with as well. If you have trouble keeping time, a built-in metronome is also part of this electronic drum set.

This drum kit has a great sound, it is not professional drum kit quality, but it is perfect for beginners and those who simply need to practice at home. There is a built-in coaching system on the kit, and if you have beats or music on your MP3 player, you can hook it up to the module and play along.

  • The mesh snare feels natural to play on
  • The compact kit is perfect for a small room
  • The module is simple to set up and easy to use
  • There are not many options to customize
  • It only has 15 preset kits, so you may be limited a bit with sound options
  • This drum set does not come with sticks or a throne, so make sure that you have your own

Final Thoughts

As a drummer, you will want to have an electronic drum kit that fits your style of playing and your musical needs, but you also need something that is going to fit into your living space. All of the drum kits that are reviewed in this guide are high-quality options that will give you the playability that you need.

If I had to recommend one specific drum set, then the Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set would be my choice. It has all of the components of an acoustic kit, the sound is amazing, and there are a good bit of sound options that you can customize. If this kit is too expensive or it does not meet your needs, then at least this guide will help lead you towards the right electronic drum set for you.

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