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An electric violin offers all the thrills and excitement of playing a regular violin, but it's amplified and you can add processing and effects to your instrument. There are electric violins and hybrid violins. Often, it can be difficult to tell the difference, but a true electric violin won't produce any sound when played without an amplifier. Use this guide to find the best electric violin for your needs and enjoy an unfettered playing experience. While you can purchase electric violins that exceed $2,000, you can also get an exceptional instrument for the half the price.

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Best Electric Violin

A true electric violin can make it pleasurable to perform and provide you with years of use. While there are some acoustic-electric violins, it's important to understand that these are considered hybrid electrics. The benefit of an acoustic-electric is that it can be played without an amp, but you won't get the true electric sound if you go this route.


While a very practical consideration, the first thing you need to think about when purchasing an electric violin is the total amount you wish to pay. If you're a beginner and you're not certain you're going to continue playing, then it doesn't make sense to shell out for the most expensive electric violin on the market. Instead, consider getting a violin that is less expensive and has more "popular" features for creating distortion and other effects. The shape and build of the electric violin will also have a dramatic effect on your choice.

In general, you should avoid spending any less than $250 on a violin. At this entry-level price, you'll be able to get the equipment you need and a functional electric violin. It likely won't be a beautiful looking instrument, but you'll have an instrument that won't leave you feeling frustrated. An electric violin between $500 and $1,000 will get you a better-quality instrument that you could feel comfortable performing on. The violins that cost more than $1,000 are professional-tier violins that have higher-quality components.


A good electric violin will allow you to plug in some headphones and play without disturbing your neighbors or cohabitants. It will also make it possible for you to perform and record your violin by hooking it up to an amp or a computer. A professional violinist who wants to make recordings is going to want a good electric violin that works well with standard recording software. Since the violin is notoriously difficult to record properly, an electric violin simplifies the process. All you need to do is dial your electric violin into your computer software and begin recording.

One area where an electric violin may differ is in its use of frets. An acoustic violin has frets that help the performer anticipate where each note falls. On an electric violin, you might not have a textured fret to help you out in this way. For the beginner, this can be particularly troublesome. It's important to buy an electric violin that has frets if you're just starting out. This will help you feel your way around the neck of the violin and get a more in-tune sound.

Buying Criteria

When looking for an electric violin, it helps if you can address your goals and needs ahead of time. By setting some mandatory criteria, you won't be swayed into purchasing a violin that doesn't meet all your needs at the last minute. You've got a few criteria to consider. First, if you want a violin that allows you to listen with headphones, then make sure it has a headphone jack. If you want a performance violin intending for performing or recording, you'll need to spend at least $600 on a violin that can give a strong full-frequency output signal.

Also, consider whether you want an electric violin that only mimics an acoustic in name or one that sounds like an acoustic violin. There are some electric violins that have a more acoustic sound, but you're going to need to buy a very expensive electric violin if you truly want to mimic an acoustic violin. With the money you're paying, it's better to just get an acoustic violin if that's the sound you want. If you want a truly bright violin, consider an instrument that uses a Barbera Transducer pickup. For more natural sounding violins, look for a nice Yamaha or MSI violin.

If you're on the fence about buying an electric violin or an acoustic violin, here's a good review that shows an honest opinion:

Five Best Electric Violin

NS Design Violin Amberburst

Best Electric Violin

This much sought-after electric violin will provide most users with everything they need to enjoy private or public performances. The sound is exceptional and the instrument uses quality components to create an instrument that lasts. The solid maple body and neck give the violin a solid sound, and the figured maple top helps to add an air of elegance to this violin. Additionally, it comes with an ebony keyboard for a smooth, tactile feel.

The instrument includes fine tuners that automatically clamp the strings to make it easier than ever to tune and play. You'll also enjoy a polar directional piezo pickup system for an authentic sound. The device is passive, and you won't need to add a battery to the violin. A hard case is included with this instrument and there is also a shoulder rest so that you have the equipment you need to get started.

If you're looking for a violin that is able to produce a sound without amplification, this isn't the violin for you. It is fairly quiet without an amp, and there is no headphone jack to make it possible to listen without an amp. The electric violin is exceptional in its design, and it also plays remarkably well.

  • Design: An exciting and modern design makes this violin stand out
  • Sound: Excellent tone production when connected to a quality amp. Expect a colder more metallic sound compared to an acoustic violin
  • Components: Includes a shoulder rest that requires some experience to use correctly
  • Bow: The violin doesn't come with a bow, and it requires a specific bow for the best sound
  • Shoulder Rest: The shoulder rest does require some adjusting and practice to keep it from slipping
  • Case: While it comes with a hard case, the structure of the case feels cheap and not very solid

Barcus Berry Acoustic-Electric Violin

Best Electric Violin

You'll be screaming with this electric violin thanks in large part to its exceptional structural components. The violin is handcrafted in Romania, and it features a fully hand-carved spruce top with a maple back and sides. It looks very similar to an acoustic violin, but the dynamic color options give it away that it's an electric.

Once the violin is shipped to America, it's inspected by specialists in New York. If the violin passes inspection, it's sent to the market for sale. This gives the violin an extra layer of quality checking that isn't available on most other electric violin models. The instrument is exceptionally well-made and is designed to provide you with years of use.

The bow is made of fiberglass, which does have an impact on the performer's playing technique. Fiberglass bows tend to be less flexible. They are considered the cheapest bow you can purchase, but fiberglass does work acceptably for an electric violin. Ideally, you would later upgrade to a carbon fiber bow to gain more flexibility and a better overall technique.

The violin comes complete with a soft case and rosin to get you started. Overall, it's a great value for an electric violin and will provide you with an exceptional tone.

  • Craftsmanship: Every detail of the violin is masterfully controlled through the hand carved finish and design
  • Quality: The finish holds up well, and it will continue to shine years after purchase
  • Sound: As an acoustic-electric violin, it can be played without an amp if needed
  • Bow: The instrument comes with a low-quality fiberglass bow
  • Case: Cheap case won't protect the violin and may even harm essential components
  • Tuning: Tunes well, but some players report that the tuning pegs come loose easily

Bunnel EDGE Electric Violin

Best Electric Violin

From the moment you take this violin out of the box, you can tell that it's a quality violin designed for the inductee who wants a quality instrument to learn on. The violin is assembled and inspected by professional luthiers to ensure you get a quality instrument that is designed to exacting standards.

The violin is ready to play as soon as you open up the case. It's possible to listen to your playing with an amp or by connecting headphones to the instrument. The instrument comes complete with all of the power cables and other tools needed to get an exceptional sound out of the box.

When it comes to construction, it's made with a solid maple body, premium ebony fittings and a piezo-ceramic pickup. The instrument also comes with a genuine Brazilwood bow, rosin and a set of D'Addario Prelude strings. Accessories like a polishing cloth, mini-amp and case are also included in the package.

The great thing about this electric violin is that it literally comes with everything you need to get started. This instrument would make an excellent gift for a young player to get them started on a path toward musical mastery.

  • Components: High-grade components like Mother of pearl, ebony fittings and D'Addario strings offer an exceptional buy
  • Complete: Comes with everything you need to get started playing
  • Craftsmanship: Assembled by professional luthiers who inspect the product for any problems
  • Bow: The violin comes with a beginner-rated Brazilwood bow, but it still outperformers cheaper fiberglass bows
  • Finish: Not enough care is taken when applying the finish to the product
  • Tuning: The tuning pegs may slip if not tightened carefully, but a violin shop can remedy the issue

Cecilio Electric Violin Solid Wood

Best Electric Violin

Cecilio is a well-known acoustic violin maker and their line of electric violin options are also meticulously crafted. The CEVN-2BK model features many professional-level features at a low price. There are even options to buy a full-size, three-quarter size or half-size version of the violin to meet the needs of smaller customers.

This violin is an electric violin that is nearly completely silent without an amp. However, it does have a headphone jack that can be used. The violin can be powered by a 9-volt battery. It also comes with a Brazilwood bow that uses genuine Mongolian horsehair. A hand-carved maple wood body helps to round out the feature-set along with an ebony fingerboard.

The violin includes a chin rest that can be adjusted, and it arrives inside of a protective hard case. The strings on the violin are of good quality, but you can always replace them with higher-quality strings if they don't meet your needs. The pegs require some getting used to tightening. If you don't push in while twisting, the pegs will come loose.

This electric violin comes with all you need to get started, and you can even plug it directly into your computer if you want to begin recording right away. For its price, this is one of the most effective electric violins available.

  • Construction: Features a solid construction.
  • Extras: Comes with several accessories, including an auxillary cable, headphones, case, rosin and bow
  • Silent: The violin is silent enough when it's not amplified to play late at night without disturbing anybody
  • Bow: It comes with a Brazilwood bow. While this bow is not the worst bow you can get, it's not made from the best materials
  • Case: Contains a small compartment that is barely large enough for your rosin
  • Humidity: The case won't protect from humidity, so you need to keep the violin in a temperature-controlled area

D Z Strad Electric Violin

Best Electric Violin

The DZ Strad electric violin offers some premium components that are designed to last. The instrument includes five strings, which is not typical for a violin. However, the extra string is great for extending the range to create a thrilling and unexpected performance. The design is very modern with a framed cut-out that gives the violin a light weight.

The pegs are newly engineered to work more reliably than friction pegs. Many musicians complain that the pegs in a violin often slip. While this is partly an issue with not understanding how to properly tighten a peg, it can also happen with an inferior design. The new pegs and the fingerboard are both made from quality ebony.

Inside the case, you'll get a Brazilwood bow, some rosin and earbuds to allow you to listen without an amp. The case it comes with is stylish and solid, and you'll love the ability to store your accessories and music directly in the case. Overall, this is a very professional setup that is designed to give you an exceptional playing experience.

The carbon fiber tailpiece comes equipped with four tuners to make it easy for you to keep your instrument in tune. It's also designed to accommodate any number of shoulder rests, so you can use your own personal shoulder rest with this violin.

  • Professional: Provides a host of professional features that deliver an exceptional sound
  • Dependable: Contains high-quality parts that are designed to help you get the most out of your instrument
  • Accessories: Includes a quality case, bow, rosin, cable and earbuds
  • Strings: Some will find a fifth string a novel addition, but this is a non-traditional setup and may confuse traditional players
  • Bow: The Brazilwood bow is of decent quality, but a carbon fiber bow would provide a more effective playing experience
  • Rosin: Comes with light rosin, which may not provide enough grip for serious players


For the best value, the Bunnel Edge Electric violin offers an ideal option. This is a violin that is well-suited for players of all levels, and it is an affordable violin that comes with everything you need to get started. You'll enjoy a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose if you don't like the violin. It has a full complement of gear, and it even includes a mini-amp so you can get started right away. With many of the other electric violin options, you'll only get the violin and a case. The ability to order a high-quality instrument with everything you need to get started is simply incredible, and this violin will have you playing in no time.

The solid maple body on this violin is luxurious, and it will help to give the electric violin a stable sound. It's a handcrafted violin that meets all of the requirements of a quality electric violin. It uses D’Addario Prelude Strings, which are exactly what you would want for an electric violin. They feature a solid steel core, and when amplified this violin's timbre will amaze you. The violin is easy to bow, and you'll enjoy playing virtually any style of music with this versatile electric violin.

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