What to Know About the B Flat Minor Chord

Ever heard what it feels like to be all alone?

Well, Tchaikovsky wrote his Symphony No. 4 in the key of B flat minor with exactly that purpose in mind [1].

While B flat minor chords may be best known for sounding rather ominous or depressing, they are still essential chords to include in your musical arsenal.

Here’s your comprehensive guide to B flat minor chords.

B Flat Minor Chord

If you’re acquainted with music at all by this point, you know that B flat minor chords are simply the list of chords derived from the B flat minor scale [2].

This means, they are the chords played in the key of B flat minor.

B Flat Minor Scale

This “dark” key, or B flat minor scale, consists of the following notes in this order:

  • Bb (read B- flat)
  • C
  • Db (read D- flat)
  • Eb (read E- Flat)
  • F
  • Gb (read G- flat)
  • Ab (read A- flat)

The key signature you will see associated with B flat minor chords has five flats.

In natural minor keys like B flat minor, notes in the chords follow a certain pattern. That pattern is: minor, diminished major, minor, minor, major, major.


Below you will see the B flat minor chords listed in order, as they are derived from the B flat major scale:

  • i- B flat minor, B flat minor seventh; written: Bbmin, Bbmin7
  • iidim- C diminished, C minor seventh flat five; written: Cdim, Cm7b5
  • III- D flat major, D flat major seventh; written: Dbmaj, Dbmaj7
  • iv- E flat minor, E flat minor seventh; written: Ebmin, Ebmin7
  • v- F minor, F minor seventh; written: Fmin, Fmin7
  • VI- G flat major, G flat major seventh; written: Gbmaj, Gbmaj7
  • VII- A flat major, A flat dominant seventh; written: Abmaj, Ab7

Chord Progressions

Many times in music, you will see certain chord progressions that occur again and again.

To help you out further, here is a list of the most common chord progressions from the B flat minor scale.

Use the chord list above and the corresponding roman numerals to read the chord progressions below:

  • i – VI- VII
  • i – iv -VII
  • i – iv – v
  • i – VI – III – VII
  • ii – v – i

Triad Chord Progressions

In the key of B flat minor, notes of all the chords can also be found in what are called triads.

Basically, triads are a set of three tones, or notes, that can be placed vertically on the bars in thirds. For B flat minor these notes are:

  • Bb, Db, F
  • C, Eb, Gb
  • Db, F, Ab
  • Eb, Gb, Bb
  • F, Ab, C
  • Gb, Bb, Db
  • Ab, C, Eb

Notice any pattern in these triads?

There is one letter-note between each. For example, the first triad goes, Bb, (skip C), Db, (skip Eb), F.

With this pattern in mind, you can easily predict what the fourth note in each chord would be if you wished to play four-note chords instead of triads. Simply add in the fourth note in the pattern, and wah-lah!

Continued Learning

Congratulations, you’ve now got all the basic information to master the B flat minor chords!

Still, don’t allow your hunger for musical learning to be satiated at this point. Check out our blog to continue learning.

Stephanie Su

Started learning music when she was four years old, Stephanie is a music teacher and a music therapist who is highly proficient in Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele. She likes to learn, teach, and share her music playing experiences.

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