Azumi AZ3 Flute Offset G Review

When, my kid completed his beginner level of playing flutes, I got into the stores looking for an intermediate flute with a smooth sound production, brilliant tone, and a construction that is less vulnerable to damage. After days of research, I settled on Azumi AZ3 flute offset G, which I have scrutinized to enlighten you.

Thing to Consider Before Buying an Intermediate Flute

An intermediate flute with an offset G offers a more natural hand position, and it is less vulnerable to damage as compared to their counterparts with an inline G. Even so, choosing the right flute can be a hard task for an inexperienced buyer.

If you are facing this challenge, I suggest that you ask a music teacher or a professional flutist to recommend one. Besides asking for recommendations, you should aim at buying one that is economical, and dependable.

Presenting Azumi AZ3 Flute Offset G

Azumi AZ3 flute with offset G is marketed as a perfect fit for enthusiastic students who wish to gain the necessary experience required to use a professional flute. It features a sterling silver Z- professional cut head joint with a quick response and full, rich tone.

Azumi AZ3’s elegant and refined design gives it a professional look, and its improved key strength can withstand the normal wear occurring from regular use. It comes with a case for storage and transportation, and essential cleaning items required to maintain it.

  • The sterling silver construction can last for a reasonable time
  • Effortless to play in tune
  • It delivers an excellent tone
  • This step- up flute’s professional features give you the experience required to play professional flutes
  • Pricier than most intermediate level flutes
  • Need to upgrade to a professional flute since this one is intended for middle-level students.
  • You can only receive a warranty if you buy it directly from the manufacturer.

Features and Benefits

Superb sound production

Azumi AZ3 Flute Offset G

Azumi AZ3’s unique Altus- Bennett scale provides an excellent intonation, and professionally tuned and balanced harmonics. In addition to the Altus- Bennett scale, this flute with an offset G features the distinctive Z- cut head joint that offers a quick response and rich tone. These features sum up to deliver a superb tone that you can hardly find in competitor models.

Built to last

Azumi AZ3 flute is designed from sterling silver, a sturdy material used to construct professional models. Besides the sturdy construction, this intermediate flute features an improved key strength that can survive the wear resulting from regular playing.

Student-friendly design

Azumi AZ3 intermediate flute comes with a plethora of student-friendly features that facilitate easy playability and convenient handling. Some of these features include the open holes between A, G, F, E, and D keys. The open hole is a standard for most intermediate flutes since it enforces a better hand position, and it provides more alternate fingerings for advanced tone production.

Moreover, this flute features an offset G that promotes a natural hand positioning for students with small hands. Other useful features on this flute include the split E mechanism that enhances the responsiveness of the high E and the C# trill key that supports an easy tremolo and trill fingering.


Azumi AZ3 flute is pricier than most intermediate flutes sold in stores out there. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, you should shop around for a cheaper intermediate flute.








Value for the Money


User Satisfaction



Glory Silver Plated Intermediate Open/Closed Flute With Offset G

Glory Silver Plated Intermediate 17keys, Open/closed Hole C Flute with B Foot Joint ,Offset G, with Case,cleaning Rod, Cloth, Joint Grease, and Gloves

Glory’s intermediate flute with an offset G comes in 21 color finishes to choose from. It is constructed from cupronickel, a durable alloy that can survive the wear from regular use for a reasonable time. Moreover, the alloy supports the production of an excellent tone.

Some of the useful features that make up this intermediate level flute are the durable silver plated keys and body, offset G key for comfortable hand positioning, and the open hole 17keys design for more alternate fingering. It costs $ 169.99.

Comparison with Azu​mi AZ3

  • Glory’s intermediate flute is cheaper than Azumi AZ3
  • Both come with a bonus case for storage and transportation
  • Glory’s intermediate flute comes with accessories to clean and maintain it.

Pearl 665RBE1RB Quantz Series Flute

The Pearl 665RBE1RB is another alternative that you would consider as an alternative to Azumi AZ3 flute. This intermediate flute is constructed from sterling silver headjoint and silver clad keys to defy the normal wear from regular use for an extended time. Its offset G, B- footjoint, and open hole design makes it an exceptionally reliable mechanism for student and amateur flutists. It costs $1,233.

Comparison with Azumi AZ3 flute

  • Both come with a bonus French style case and cleaning accessories
  • Just like Azumi n AZ3, Pearl 665RBE1RB is constructed to last
  • They are priced nearly the same

Gemeinhardt Model 30B flute

Gemeinhardt Model 3OB Flute, Open Hole, Offset G, B-Foot, Silver Plated

Gemeinhardt’s model 30B flute is designed from a silver plated body with French style keys to defy normal wear for a reasonable time. Regarding design, this intermediate level flute features an embouchure hole and proportioned tone holes which deliver an even response.

Into the bargain, this flute for intermediate level flutists' superior key mechanism delivers an outstanding playability, while the offset G key provides a natural hand positioning. It costs $672.04.

Comparison with Azumi AZ3 flute

  • It is cheaper than Azumi AZ3 flute
  • Both are built to last
  • Both flutes come with a storage case

Final Thoughts

Azumi AZ3 flute offset G is specially designed for flutists at their intermediate level. It features an offset G key for comfortable handling, and it is made of sterling silver to last long. Also, this flute features a unique Altus- Bennett scale which provides an excellent intonation and even harmonics. To check the criteria for the best intermediate flute, visit the link.

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