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Started learning music when she was four years old, Stephanie is a music teacher and a music therapist who is highly proficient in Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele. She likes to learn, teach, and share her music playing experiences.

Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set Review

Roland has long since been a trailblazer when it comes to electronic drum set, and with their TD-11K-S V-Compact series kit they continue to deliver high end percussion products. The TD-11K-S offers compact but durable construction and top notch performance, making for a great drumming experience.Things To Consider Before BuyingWhen it comes to electronic drum […]

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Barcus Berry Vibrato BAR-AEG Acoustic-Electric Violin Review

Acoustic-electric violins occupy an interesting space because they can perform in two different roles. They combine the warm, rich tone of a wooden violin with the ability to magnify, modify, and record the sound through an audio jack. The BAR-AEG from Barcus Barry is an intermediate electric violin worth a look.Things To Consider When Buying […]

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